Vannetta Chapman – Real Life Romance – Part 1 of 3

Shannon here: Amish romance author, Vannetta Chapman shares her comical first date with her husband. Comment on any post dated March 24 – 28 to enter the drawing for winners choice of Murder Simply Brewed or the novella collection, Where the Healing Blooms, print or e-book, U.S. only. 3 books for 3 winners. Deadline: April 5th, 11:59 pm central time. Here’s Vannetta:

Vannetta Chapman & hubbyMurder Simply Brewed by Vannetta ChapmanAn Amish Garden novella collection

Bob and I had been friends for a few weeks when he asked me out to the movies. I wasn’t sure I should say yes – after all we were JUST friends, but I weakened and agreed. Bob is an open-the-door-for-you kind of guy, which was something I hadn’t encountered in quite a while. He’s also a big sports fan.

That afternoon his college team had played an important game that went into multiple overtimes. I thought our “date” was never going to start! (Now I understand that a Texas Aggie alumni would never turn a game off during the middle of the action.)

We finally set out on our date, and it was awkward at best. I didn’t want to be involved with someone, and Bob was nervous as a cat at the vet’s. What a pair we must have made!

Though we lived in apartments that were in 2 adjacent buildings, Bob insisted on walking me to the door. I was afraid he was going to kiss me, so I said a quick goodnight and slammed the door. Bob always laughs when he tells this story—he claims I almost hit his nose!

Several weeks later, Bob did kiss me. By then, my defenses had crumbled, and I had admitted to the possibility that I was falling in love. But we still laugh about that first date!

I enjoyed putting some of this sort of detail in Amber and Tate’s relationship in Murder Simply Brewed. Sometimes folks know right away when they meet the person they’ll marry. But that isn’t always the way it happens. Sometimes we have to work around those slammed doors to see what God has in store.

About Vannetta: Vannetta Chapman writes inspirational fiction full of grace. Her novel, Falling to Pieces, was a 2012 ACFW Carol Award winner for best mystery. She writes Amish mysteries for Zondervan, Amish romances for Harvest House and Amish novellas for Abingdon and Zondervan. All of her books have been Christian Book Distributor bestsellers. Chapman lives in the Texashill country with her husband.

About the book – Where Healing Blooms (in An Amish Garden collection): Emma discovers a run-away teen in her barn, and the bishop asks her to provide a haven for a woman and her two children. Then her mother-in-law reveals a secret about her garden. Will Emma choose loneliness or learn to accept God’s gifts?

About the book – Murder Simply Brewed (romantic mystery): When the coffee shop manager is murdered in Middlebury’s Amish Artisan Village, two women from different walks of life must join together to solve the mystery.

Spring has arrived in Middlebury, Indiana, and Amber Wright is optimistic about the growing profit from her collection of Amish shops—until she receives a call that Ethan Gray is dead. Hurrying over to A Simple Blend, she finds a solitary hole in the front window and the store manager lying next to the espresso machine, dead from an apparent heart attack. All the money is still in his register.

When Amber hires a young Amish woman, Hannah Troyer, to take over the shop’s duties, the two women become fast friends—as well as amateur sleuths. The police believe Gray’s death is a by-product of vandalism, but Amber and Hannah aren’t convinced.

Clues that don’t add up, a neighbor who is pulled into the midst of the investigation, a town with secrets to hide, and a blossoming romance—all will combine to push Amber and Hannah into unfamiliar roles in order to solve a mystery that will once again reveal the depth of God’s grace.

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26 Responses to “Vannetta Chapman – Real Life Romance – Part 1 of 3”

  • Lisa Collins says:

    Sounds like my first date with my husband…LOL…It is still on my #1 spot of worst dates ever. We laugh about it now, but oh man it was terrible. 🙂

  • shelia hall says:

    sound like my first date with my now ex-husband!

  • angela chesnut says:

    would love to win.

  • Melanie Backus says:

    What a first date, Poor Bob! It is evident that the action of the first date (nearly taking out his nose) didn’t scare him off. Love is wonderful!

  • mary ellen ashenfeder says:

    Cute article. So glad that things worked out for the two of you. You never know where love will find you — friendship is a good start.

  • These both sound like great books, thank you for hosting this contest and your story about yourself.


  • Shirley Blanchard says:

    I would love to win this giveaway, thanks for the chance, love hearing about first dates, with my husband he stood me up and went out with some one else and i saw them almost ruined it, but we will be together 48 years in May

  • Katie J. says:

    I’d love to win. I love reading Amish fiction stories and both books look great.

  • Maryann says:

    I loved reading about the first date. Amish fiction is my favorite genre to read and I would love to read these books.

  • Karen G says:

    NIce article. Loved reading this. Would love to read you newest book.

  • Poor Bob, indeed. 🙂
    I do think that real life makes great fiction!

  • Paula says:

    So glad it worked out!! Would love to win!

  • Nancy Horn says:

    I love reading, and, Vannetta, I enjoy everything you write! Then I pass my paperbacks on to a library in a nursing home to be enjoyed by the residents~~`

  • Linda says:

    Thanks for sharing a fun story. I would love to win one of your books. They are a joy to read.

  • Jerri Reynolds says:

    I so enjoy your books. Love to win one.

  • Jerri Reynolds says:

    I have the Amish Garden. Now to get Murder Simply Brewed!

  • Jerri Reynolds says:

    I have the Amish Garden. Now to get Murder Simply Brewed! Sure would like to win.

  • Betty Powell says:

    Would be great to win either book! Love reading your books!

  • Jennie T says:

    What a cute 1st date. My husband and I were best friends. Then one day he kissed me I was scared. But God was telling me to trust him. We had our ups and down but having your best friend there when going threw them is great. And it’s great being married to my best friend for over 14 yrs:-)

  • Emma says:

    I am looking forward to reading Murder Simply Brewed and An Amish Garden. Thank you for the opportunity to win.Have a wonderful weekend.I enjoy reading your books.

  • Bonnie says:

    would love to win your book

  • Susan Fletcher says:

    Good post. Would love to win!

  • Judy B says:

    Oh my goodness Vannetta, you and Bobby’s first date was so similar to my hubby and mine. Actually I only agreed to go out with him as a friend and nothing more. My husband had passed away months earlier and I told people I was never getting married again. Hubby and I just celebrated 10 years of married life in January! No kissing on the first, second, third, fourth date…..I just wasn’t ready for a serious relationship. When I was…we married within a couple of months.

    I’ve met Bobby and he is a sweetheart, just like you Vannetta. You so belong together!

    I can’t wait to read Murder Simply Brewed and An Amish Garden.

    Judy B

  • Kate Kleinert says:

    My husband was a huge football fan and had season tickets for the Eagles. I came from a family of all girls and knew nothing about football. I went to the library to try to find a book that would teach me enough to get by. It did’t work!

  • Ronda Ferry says:

    First dates sure can be diffacult but got to start somewhere.

  • Brenda Hilderman says:

    I love how you tell a story. Thank you for sharing your stories with us.

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