Tina Pinson – Real Life Romance – Part 1 of 2

Shannon here: Historical romance author, Tina Pinson shares how she met her husband. She’s giving away two of her books to two winners. Winners have three choices: In the Manor of the Ghost, Touched by Mercy, or her soon to be released: When Shadows Fall. Every time you comment on any post dated April  25 – 27, your name goes in the drawing. Deadline: May 4th, 11:59 pm central time. Here’s Tina:

First I wanted to tell Shannon thank you so much for letting me visit your site, and allowing me to stir up memories.

When Danny met Tina… 

When I first met my husband, Danny, at youth group in 1976, I thought he was an arrogant jerk. Nice looking, but a jerk nonetheless. Strangely, for the most part he was quiet, but it seemed like every time he opened his mouth, which in truth was rare, he had something derogatory to say. Maybe I wouldn’t have noticed so much if I wasn’t the president of the youth group council and he was disagreeing with my ideas.

While other girls in the group sought his attention, I wanted to kick his rear. Even though he tried to be nice, I was happy to leave things that way.

Then the group took a winter trip to Woodbine, a church camp located in the mountains in Colorado.

Camp Woodbine had Suicide Hill. A steep inner tube run. To make it more fun, there was a shelf about midway where the tube would bump and send you flying in mid air and there was a stream at the bottom filled with winter bare bushes where the tube path cut through. Miss the path and hit the stream. So fun.

After trudging up the hill with my friend, Chrissy. Pulling ourselves, and a semi-truck tube up the hill using the rope, Chrissy chickened out and decided she didn’t want to go down. I stood looking out over the vast expanse and down that long hill where the run narrowed as it passed over that small stream and saw myself crashing and burning in the bushes, I wondered if I truly wanted to take the run or scoot down on the my hindquarters. I certainly didn’t want to go down that hill alone. That would be suicide…

About then, Danny reached the top again and everyone told me I should ride down with him. I didn’t want to, but I didn’t want to look like a ninny or a chicken. I could deal with him for the time it took to get down that run.

So I climbed on board with him, at first I tried to hold onto the tube only then was forced to cling on to him for dear life or biff it. I just hoped I didn’t hold too tight or scream too loudly.

We made it down to the bottom without pitching into the stream, laughing and talking about how fun it was. (Although I had to admit once was enough for me.) He headed for another run and I headed for a smaller run, and soon after, the lodge, ready to call it a day on tubing.

And that was that with Danny. I returned to dealing with him as before.

Until I crawled into the back of my sister’s car for the trip home that is.

There were four of us sardined into the back seat. Chrissy sat pretty much on her boyfriend’s lap by the back window. I sat crushed in the middle between them and Danny.

Close, yes, but I could deal with it. It was only a couple hours back to Denver.

That couple hours went on forever.

Chrissy and her boyfriend started hugging up and kissing some, I sidled away and my knee knocked Danny’s. I could feel my face heat. Every time I looked up, Danny seemed to smile down at me and I, of course, wanted to shrivel up and die.

I’m not quite sure how we got onto the subject, but shortly there after, the conversation turned to how old everyone was. And my sister piped up to tell everyone how I was fifteen and would be going on sixteen in two months. Then to my utter embarrassment, she added that I had never been kissed.

Danny slipped his hand over the back of the seat and looked down at me again.

“Sweet sixteen and never been kissed, huh?” he said softly. “I’ll have to come for your birthday and take care of that.”

I think I swallowed my tongue, can’t be sure. Boy, it was warm in that car. I couldn’t begin to look at him. I also had a strange yearning to strangle my sister and everyone else in the car who seemed to find my plight funny.

Danny said nothing more about it when we got home and dropped everyone off. We saw each other in youth group and while his smile seemed softer and he didn’t quite hit me as so derogatory in his tone, he didn’t say anything about the drive down the mountain. Although he did seem to watch me just a bit more. Part of me was grateful he didn’t bring ‘The Kiss’ up. Another part wondered if a boy would ever find me interesting enough to ask out. I seriously doubted that Danny would hold to his promise to come kiss me for my birthday. Why would he want to?

My birthday arrived just as it did every year, and since it was my sixteenth and a special day, my parents took me out for dinner. I came home to find Danny had stopped by to give me that birthday kiss.

He returned later, but he stilled didn’t get that kiss for another six weeks. We were married nearly 3 years later and have been married for 32 years.

And that is how I met my husband.

About Tina: Tina Pinson resides in Mesa, Arizona with her husband of thirty plus years, Danny. They are blessed to have three sons, and five grandchildren with one on the way.

Tina started her first novel in elementary school. Her love of writing has caused her to seek creative outlets be it writing poetry, songs, or stories. In the Manor of the Ghost and Touched By Mercy were published through Desert Breeze Publishers.

When Shadows Fall, Shadowed Dreams, and To Catch a Shadow the first three installments of the Shadow Series about the civil war and the Oregon Trail, will be available through Desert Breeze May2012, November 2012 and June 2012 respectively. Learn more at: http://www.tinapinson.com/, Twitter:@Tina_Pinson, and http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=754617103.

Purchase books: Touched By Mercy – http://tiny.cc/0rgkm, In the Manor of the Ghost http://tiny.cc/we4ul, When Shadows Fall  http://tinyurl.com/d93p77

Come back April 27 for Danny and Tina’s kiss.

28 Responses to “Tina Pinson – Real Life Romance – Part 1 of 2”

  • shelia hall says:

    Sounds like a good book to curl up with!

  • angela says:

    Sounds like good books. I would love to win one. Thanks for the chance.

  • Tina Pinson says:

    Sheila and Angela appreciate your stopping by.

  • Jillian says:

    What a sweet story and it sounds like he was trying to get your attention from the beginning by aggravating you! Congrats on a long term marriage!

  • Jessica Farber says:

    Which sister blew your cover in this story? Im guessing your eldest but really hoping its your second eldest! Love you!

  • Tina Pinson says:

    Thanks Jillian, maybe he was trying to get my attention from the beginning, of course back then… I couldn’t see it that way. Maybe I had the horrible attitude? NAH

  • Tina Pinson says:

    Hey, Jess.

    Sorry, but that second sister was in another car with someone else you know fairly well, working on her own romance I believe. You’ll have to ask her exactly what she was up to. It was the oldest of my older sisters who had to bring it up and embarrass me til I turned as red as her car.

    thanks for coming by.
    Love you too.

  • What a sweet story. Thanks for sharing. Guess it has worked out well!

  • Tina Pinson says:

    Thank you, Jane. I would say it worked out. thirty two years, three boys, and five grand children plus one on the way… but it always takes getting past that first meeting.

  • Delores says:

    Enjoyed. It reminds me that when boys teased me my mom used to say it was because they liked me.

  • Tina Pinson says:

    thank you, Delores. that’s exactly what I keep telling my granddaughter. I guess if he’d have stuck my pigtails in ink I would have known for sure. LOL

  • janis lane says:

    fun story. Good luck with your novel.

  • Linda says:

    LOL, wow, I’ve heard of some ways to meet, but I think love blossoming on an inner-tube is a first for me. Great post!

  • Tina Pinson says:

    Thank you, Janis.

  • Tina Pinson says:


    I suppose tubing has the same concept as a scary movie, scared him right into my arms.

  • Ladette says:

    sounds great. would love to win!

  • Tina Pinson says:


    thank you for stopping by. Your lovely name, has certainly been added to the list for the chance to win.

  • Loved it! Blush-worthy story. 🙂


  • Tina Pinson says:


    Glad you liked it. I know I blushed. thanks for visiting.

  • What a great story – I had similar thoughts about my husband when we met and it’s our 29th wedding anniversary on Monday!

  • Tina Pinson says:

    Congratulations, Angela.

    And wishes for many more.
    It is quite amazing how one’s mind changes about their feelings for someone. I don’t think my hubby is too bad now. Of course it’s taken me a bit to train him. 🙂

  • Carolyn Herigstad says:

    Great Memories…. Love was definitely in the air that year.

    I think it’s awesome that you have this wonderful ability to capture them in your writing. Thanks for bring them back for me.

  • Tina Pinson says:

    What a lovely surprise. Yes, love was in the air, and some inquiring minds still want to know what you were up to? LOL

    I am so glad that you stopped by and glad that we have the opportunity to share these memories.

  • danielle vaughn says:

    Hmmm, I married my first kiss too! 🙂

  • Tina Pinson says:

    Hey, Dani, I had to smile. I was just thinking … I hope you got more than the lips.
    Thanks for visiting.

  • Amber Reenteria says:

    Always great to hear a true love story in the family! Loved every word of it! Can wait to hear it in person whenever I come visit! Love you Aunt Tina, thanks for sharing your story with us.

  • Tina Pinson says:

    Amber, sweets,

    Good to hear from you. Are you sure you want to hear it in person when you visit, BTW yay. Or would like to hear another tale? Thanks so much for coming by.

  • Bobbie Jean Page says:

    Hi Tina, So glad to see your story on Facebook.Glad to hear from Danny and You.Enjoyed reading about how you and Danny met.Congradulations on your new books.hope to see you again some day. Love aunt Bobbie jean

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