Tina Pinson – Real Life Romance & Fictional Excerpt – Part 1 of 1

Shannon here: Historical romance author, Tina Pinson shares a humorous slice a life and an excerpt from her latest release, Shadowed Dreams. Comment on any post dated Nov 26 – 30 to get your name in the drawing for an e-book download. Deadline: Dec 8th, 11:59 pm central time. Here’s Tina:

I’ve shared how I met my husband before and our first kiss. But I thought I’d share a funny story on the way to romance and spill the beans about how my husband asked for my sister’s hand in marriage. 

That’s right. My sister.

Danny, my husband to be, and Perry, my brother in law to be, were sitting on the back porch discussing marriage. Nervous about the step from going together to marriage, Perry wondered about the best way to ask my father to marry my sister. Danny gave him ideas, but Perry still seemed confused and unsure.

So Danny got the bright idea to show him how it was done. He would go in and ask my father and Perry could follow his lead. 

Danny went in, sat down and said, “Vernon, can we talk.”

My dad agreed and Danny continued. “You know I’ve been dating your daughter for some time, and I’ve grown to really love her. I would like to ask you for the honor of your daughter’s hand in marriage.”

It went something like that.

My father consented to let Danny marry his daughter.

Danny thanked him and came back to Perry who’d been watching from an outer room.

“See how easy it is,” Danny assured Perry.

Perry still wasn’t quite sure. “It will fine. Just ask him,” Danny encouraged.

And Perry took a deep breath and with hesitant steps went into the living room to ask my father.

“Vernon.” I think his voice might have squeaked slightly here. He probably cleared his throat. “Ah Vernon. May I talk to you?”

My father looked up and smiled. “Sure.”

Perry took his seat. “Vernon, I’ve been dating your daughter for some time now, and I’ve grown to love her and… well… I would like to ask you for the honor of your daughter’s hand in marriage.”

My father’s smile faded. “No.”

“No.” Perry was crestfallen. “But I love your daughter. I…”

“No,” my father said clearly with a shake of his head.

“Why not?” Perry asked.

My father got a sly little grin. “Well, because Danny already asked to marry her and I said yes.”

Shadowed Dreams Excerpt: 

“I promise.”

“Good!” His blue eyes stayed locked on her for moment.
She put her hand to her fluttering heart. What was he thinking? Did he want to kiss her again? She sighed just thinking about it. She couldn’t allow it even though she wanted him to kiss her. Her body swayed in his direction.

He let her chin go instead. “We should get some rest. We leave pretty early.”

Rebekah nodded in agreement. She started to ready herself for bed and stopped when she thought about the sleeping arrangements. Panic rose in her.

The suite had two bedrooms. Caroline was in one room. Andrew slept on the small bed in this room. Only one larger bed was empty. Matthew had already removed his boots, panicking her further.

“Where are you sleeping?” Her heart thundered with fear.

He looked up at her. If she didn’t know better, he was embarrassed. Maybe he didn’t want to sleep with her either. Strangely, that bothered her. Ninny. He shouldn’t sleep with you. He… She should explain. Tell him why she was so frightened.

“If you don’t mind, I thought I’d sleep in here with you. With my wife.”

While it relieved her he was going to sleep with her, it scared her at the same time. She stood quickly. “But I…” She wanted to protest. She didn’t have to.

“I remember our bargain, and I’ll keep my promise. I’ll be the perfect gentleman. I’d sleep on the couch, but it’s rather small, and I need a good night’s sleep. Besides, it’d look better if I slept here. We are supposed to be married.”

Rebekah was being silly, and she knew it. It was true. The couch was too small as was Andrew’s bed. And Matthew couldn’t very well sleep with Caroline. She wouldn’t allow it. Maybe she could sleep with Caroline? No, she was his wife. He had a right to share her bed at least. If she went to sleep with Caroline, her cousin would inundate her with questions. Questions she had no desire to answer.

“All right,” Rebekah hesitated. “You promise?”

Matthew removed his shirt, stretched slightly, and laid out on the bed. Rebekah wondered if she shouldn’t divert her eyes. “I promise.” He crossed his heart, and patted the empty space beside him.

Trying not to look at the strapping muscles or the dark silk hair on the firm chest of the half-naked man reclining on the bed, Rebekah crossed the room. Amazed herself she didn’t trip. She considered rolling a blanket for a wall between them, but quickly got under the covers and turned her back to him.

Matthew lifted himself up on one arm, and looked down at her. “Is that what you’re sleeping in?” His voice held the hint of play.

“Ah… yes… ah, I’m quite comfortable.” She stammered and didn’t look at him. “You?”

“I’m fine.” He leaned in. His lips close to her ear. “However, I’d be happier if you’d remove your… shoes.” He laid back. She was certain he was grinning like a polecat.

“Oh my!” She hadn’t realized. He must think her quite the fool. She shot up, quickly removed her shoes, and laid back down. “Sorry.”

“It’s fine.” He leaned over her again. “Rebekah?”

Her heart raced. Now what did he want? There was no way she was removing the dress. “Yes, Matthew?”

The bed moved again as his body shifted. He was so close she felt his warm breath softly touched her neck.

“Would it bother you if I kissed my wife goodnight?”

“I… ah… guess not.” She felt like a bigger fool. She rolled a little until his face was just above hers and then closed her eyes.

He laid whisper-soft kisses on each of her cheeks. Then tenderly kissed her lips. A short, sweet kiss.

“Goodnight, Rebekah,” he whispered. He pulled back from her, blew out the lamp beside him and laid back.

“Goodnight.” The frown she felt went clean to her soul with the disappointment his kiss hadn’t lasted longer. She was disgusted with herself because she was disappointed, and that she’d even considered his kiss in such a manner. Why… she was nothing but a brazen woman. He deserved better and that was that. She fell asleep reminding herself of the reason Matthew should never care for her.

About Tina: Tina Pinson resides in Mesa, Arizona with her husband of thirty plus years, Danny. They are blessed to have three sons, and six grandchildren with another on the way.

Tina started her writing in elementary school. Her love of writing has caused her to seek creative outlets be it writing poetry, songs, or stories. Her WWII story Trail of the Sandpiper won third place in the Genesis in 2003.  In the Manor of the Ghost and Touched By Mercy and When Shadows Fall Book 1 in the Shadows Series are available through Desert Breeze Publishers.

To Catch a Shadow the next installment of the Shadow Series about the civil war and the Oregon Trail, will be available, June 2013. To Carry her Cross will be available January 2013 and Then There was Grace a Sept 9/11 type story will be available Sept. 2013 and Christmas in Shades of Gray an offbeat Dickens type tale releases December 2013.

About the book – Shadowed Dreams: Matthew has braved the war and near death with one thought in mind… Rebekah. He won her hand in marriage, and now he has a few short months to make her see how much he loves her. How much he needs her. Given the wall she’s put up between them, he prays he’ll have enough time. 

After fleeing the war, Rebekah is determined to go west to Oregon, only to be turned down when she tries to join the train. Matthew’s proposal of marriage, in name only to help her west, becomes the miracle she needs. Loving him as she does, she dreads the idea of letting him go once they reach Oregon, but how can she ask him to stay with her, to love her? How could he love her once he’s found out her secret? She must guard her heart and his. Learn more:  http://www.tinapinson.com/, Twitter:@Tina_Pinson, and http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=754617103.

Purchase my books at: Desert Breeze Bookstore – When Shadows Fall, Touched By Mercy, In the Manor of the Ghost, Shadowed Dreams. Amazon: Touched By Mercy, In the Manor of the Ghost, When Shadows Fall, Shadowed Dreams. Barnes & Noble: Touched By Mercy, In the Manor of the Ghost, When Shadows Fall, Shadowed Dreams. Christian Books Distributors: Touched By Mercy, In the Manor of the Ghost, When Shadows Fall.

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  • Funny story and great excerpt. I didn’t expect the forgotten shoes. Good job.

  • mary hagen says:

    I loved it. So funny. Nice to start the morning with a laugh.

  • shelia hall says:

    This is so funny!would love to win your book!

  • Tina Pinson says:

    Hi, Gloria,

    We still tease my bil about that sometimes, one of those priceless moments you can’t forget. My husband has actually called me on laying down with my shoes on.

    thank you so much for coming by.

    have a lovely day.

  • Tina Pinson says:

    Hello, Mary,

    I just wrote another post about another Mary. Called “Mary Christmas” How great to be able to give you a smile today.



  • Tina Pinson says:

    Hi, Sheila,

    and welcome. Glad you enjoyed the excerpt, consider yourself entered for the book.

    have a great day.

  • angela says:

    would love to win.

  • Shaunna says:

    Your dad sounds like mine, except my dad would have done it differently by asking both young men to duel it out to prove who love the daughter more. Of course he knew which young man was dating which daughter, but his eyes would have danced with the harmless fun since the dueling would have involved doing some less than enjoyable task on the ranch!

  • Tina Pinson says:

    Hi, Angela,

    you’re name is in the draw, keep your fingers crossed. Well that might be hard to get anything done if you do, so just think happy thoughts.

    thank for your comment

    blessings Tina

  • Tina Pinson says:


    Your dad sounds like he’d be a hoot.

    No duels, just that twinkle in his eye that said he was having fun. My father was also good at taking a Christmas gift and telling you exactly what was in the box. We tried to wrap the gifts in odd ways just to trip him up.

    Thanks for sharing.


  • Kat Church says:

    That was quite a funny story… LOL
    And I just love a good Historical romance…..

  • Jes says:

    Enjoyed the excerpt! Thanks for sharing it!

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