Stuart Vaughn Stockton & Tiffany Amber Stockton – Romantic Interview – Part 3 of 3

Shannon here: Stuart & Tiffany share more insight into their happy marriage with romantic interview questions. Remember to leave a comment for a chance to win Stuart’s science fiction book, Starfire or Tiffany’s historical romance, Liberty’s Promise. Deadline: August 28, 8:00 PM Central. Here’s Stuart & Tiffany:

Stu’s Interview:  
    1.    What’s the most romantic thing your spouse has ever done for you?
It’s incredibly simple, but I just love it when Tiff spontaneously reaches over and scratches my back. Maybe I’m part cat or something, but it’s something she does that makes me feel loved.
    2.    How soon after meeting your spouse did you know he/she was the one?
It took me a few years to accept the notion. I think it finally clicked with me that Tiff was who I would marry when we parted ways at the airport after my first visit to see her out East five months before we got married. It was maybe our second or third kiss, but all I could see was her beautiful face, framed by light. Maybe that’s some cliché thing, but I have a very distinct memory of that moment.
    3.   Where did you and your spouse go for your honeymoon?
For our Honeymoon we were able to use a timeshare that Tiffany’s family owns in Massanutten, Virginia. It is a beautiful little resort with some nice hiking trails and a fun, indoor water-park. We were able to spend a week at the resort and had a lot of fun at the water park and mini-golfing! We even had a marathon of watching the extended versions of the Lord of the Rings movies! This also was the place of one of the funniest memories of our marriage. On one of our last nights there we went out to one of the nice restaurants located at the resort. But as I slipped into our booth, my shirt caught on the edge of the table and POP! almost all of the buttons on my shirt went flying! And there wasn’t a safety-pin to be found!

Tiff’s Interview:

    1.   What’s the most romantic thing your spouse has ever done for you?
Before the honeymoon, Stu had purchased a package of little items like tea light candles and rose petals and scented candles. I stepped into the room one evening and seeing the candles lit, both on the dressers and around the hot tub, with rose petals of white and red scattered all over the floor, bed, and every surface. And the various scents made the room smell amazing! Yep, I melted.
   2.   Where is the most romantic place you and your spouse have ever been?
Right now, this would be Yellowstone National Park. That area sports such a divergent landscape. It’s amazing. But the waterfalls and the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone are stunning! And the lake near the Fishing Bridge would have been gorgeous, had it not been frozen and covered in snow…even in May! We’ve already said we’ll have to go back in the summer months of July or August to see the park when it’s not snowing.
   3.   Who is most romantic, you or your spouse?
This might come as a surprise, considering I write historical romance, but I’d have to say Stu is more romantic. In both thought and gesture. He is amazing at those little things that make me smile or show me he’s been thinking about me and aware of my needs. I’m always doing little things for him too, and perhaps it’s all in the interpretation, but my actions tend to lean more toward the practical. One funny thing we each do for the other at night is fill the contact lens cases and put toothpaste on our toothbrushes. Whoever is first to go in there fills the lens case and adds paste to the toothbrush of the other. Something simple, but meaningful.
About Stuart: Stuart Vaughn Stockton is an award-winning science fiction author. His first novel, Starfire released in 2009, published by Marcher Lord Press. Stuart was born in the small Kansas town of Plainville, and he is fond of saying he’s the strangest thing to ever come out of Plainville. Stuart’s exploration into world creation began in Jr. High, when he drew a dinosaur riding a pogo-stick. From there characters, creatures and languages blossomed into the worlds of Galactic Lore, the mythos in which Stuart’s first novel, Starfire is set. Starfire first gained notoriety when it was featured in suspense author, Brandilyn Collin’s Kanner Lake series. These four books show the character Ted “S-man” Dawson writing Starfire and highlight sections of the plot and snippets of the Saurian language. Starfire released to great critical acclaim and won first place in the 2010 Epic Awards Science Fiction category. Stuart currently lives in Colorado Springs, where he works at a local publishing company during the day, and ventures into alien worlds by night. He also co-owns Eagle Designs, with his wife Tiffany, who is also an author.
Thank you Stu & Tiff for sharing your sweet love story.
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13 Responses to “Stuart Vaughn Stockton & Tiffany Amber Stockton – Romantic Interview – Part 3 of 3”

  • Kimberli Campbell says:

    I think it’s great that the two of you share a passion for writing. I might have missed this in your earlier interviews, but do you two critique/read each others stories or do you keep them separate? Thank you for sharing your special moments with us. Blessings – Kimberli

  • Rosemary says:

    Hope i win the book to add to my collection. That would be great.

  • Stuart says:

    Hi Kimberli,

    We don’t critique each other’s work on a regular basis, but we do seek out each other’s help when we’re uncertain of how a scene is working, or need help with making sure our characters are acting believable.

  • Kimberli, so glad you stopped by. As Stu said, we don’t actually critique each other’s work often, but for me, it’s because I don’t feel I have a strong grasp of his genre to adequately offer a critique. And although I’ve read Stu’s entire first novel, he has yet to complete one of mine. *winks* Maybe someday.

    Rosemary, appreciate the comment. Good luck in the drawing.

  • stvannatter says:

    I appreciate Stu and Tiff for sharing their romance on the blog this week. My husband is currently reading my book. It’s taking him forever. Somehow, he just doesn’t get into romance. When he reads for pleasure, which is rare since he’s a bi-vocational pastor, he reads science fiction.

  • GABixler says:

    A writing duet…reminds me of Jonathan and Fay Kellerman…Do you see you two ever merging together to write a book?

    Enjoyed your interview/sharing!


  • Well, Shannon…he should read Stu’s book. Straight sci-fi in all its glory!

    And Glenda, Stu and I have played around with the idea of writing a book together, but it would likely end up being a children’s book down the line. With our adult styles so far apart, it would be hard to combine our efforts on adult fiction. Who knows what the future holds, though. We’re open to God’s leading.

  • Kimberli says:

    Thank you, Stuart and Tiffany. One last question, please. Hopefully this is not too personal. If so, I apologize. Since you two write different genres, when it comes to promoting your books/traveling, do you try to plan your signings/events in the same city? Thanks again!

  • stvannatter says:

    I was actually thinking my hubby would like Stu’s book. But he so rarely reads. He’s a full time dental tech (makes crowns) and a part time pastor. But there is no such thing as a part time pastor, so he basically has two full time jobs and we have an eight year old. Not much time for reading. I was thinking I might pick it up for him sometime and maybe he could carve out time. He loves the Lord of the Rings. We recently had a family LOTR movie marathon. I was confused, but it was entertaining.

  • Kimberli, we usually try to plan our events in the same city if it works out, but there are times when the signings are genre-specific or focused on certain topics. In that case, one of us either goes alone, or the other tags along for support. We always carry our bookmarks and business cards with us, though, just in case we run into someone at the event who might be interested…even if we’re not there to sign.

    And Shannon, your hubby can’t even start reading it if it’s not there. So, go ahead and get it for him, then once he gets into it, perhaps he’ll start making time to read. 🙂 Just never know. And if he ends up really liking it, Stu will be happy to autograph it for him.

  • Kimberli says:

    Thanks, Tiffany and Stuart. I enjoyed your interview. Blessings to you both. Thanks, Shannon, for giving the interview.

  • Tiff,

    I was actually thinking about picking it up for him. Maybe at the ACFW conference. Hoping you’ll both be there. Thanks for being on my blog. I think my readers really enjoyed learning about a writing duo.

    This weeks drawing winners:

    Shirley Strait – Liberty’s Promise
    Michelle Chapman – Starfire

    I’ve sent you both an e-mail. If it gets hung in your spam filter, please contact me: stvauthor at yahoo dot com.

  • Rosemary says:

    would love to win. I hope to win this book to add to my collection. So please pick meeeeee.

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