Staci Stallings – The Story Behind the Story – Part 1 of 1

Contemporary author, Staci Stallings shares the inspiration for her novel, Cowboy plus a free e-book download for everybody. Comment to get your name in this weeks drawings. Drawing deadline: Dec 15th, 11:59 pm central time. Here’s Staci:

A Cinderella Romance: The Story Behind Cowboy

Ah, romance.

Just thinking about it relaxes me, inspires me, and makes me feel good all over.

Cinderella was my first romance book when I was like four.  My grandma read it to me (and probably had it memorized!). We would read before nap time every day, and I bet at least three times a week my #1 choice was Cinderella.  I loved how the fairy godmother made this girl who thought she was nothing beautiful–not so much just on the outside, but how she revealed the beauty that was already there.

I guess I never got over that story because all these years later I’m still telling Cinderella stories. That’s probably why this quote from a reviewer of “Cowboy” is so special to me:  “In some ways it’s a reverse romance: though the `Cinderella’ of Cowboy does struggle daily to make ends meet waiting tables at a rundown diner at the edge of town, and her Prince Charming comes riding into town not on a white horse but on a tour bus.”

HAHA! I did not start out to write Cinderella, but in a way somehow she got in there anyway!

The romance in “Cowboy” is very sweet, not syrupy, but just genuine. Beth doesn’t get into this relationship in search of a Prince Charming.  In fact, she doesn’t even realize she’s IN the relationship until it’s already happened.  In her mind she’s just offering a gentle hand to a weary traveler who looks on the verge of giving up. Interestingly, I think Ashton sees Beth on the outside as Cinderella prior to the ball–in this rundown diner, apron on, and no glass slipper to be found.

However, what he sees most, just like the Prince did, is her inner beauty, her gentleness, her belief in hope and joy and love.  That’s what attracts Ashton and what keeps attracting him over their phone calls as he travels from one city to the other trying to keep up the “Prince” facade while he fights not to completely fall apart inside.  And in those phone calls, Beth just continues to hold out that hand, to beckon him back, to be the voice of hope and love, gently giving him a reason not to give up.

Until inevitably, he falls in love with her.  Unfortunately, he wasn’t honest with her from the beginning and now, how does he tell her he’s the Prince not just her prince?

And what happens when Cinderella doesn’t know she’s fallen in love with the Prince?  What happens when she thinks he’s just some random guy off the street?

Well, I’m not going to tell you that!  You’re going to have to read it for yourself and fall in love all over again!  Enjoy, all you hopeless romantics!

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