Sherry Kyle – Romantic Real Life & Character Interview – Part 1 of 1

Shannon here: Sherry Kyle shares insight into her real life romance & a chance to win a copy of her devotional for fiction lovers, 21 Days of Love: Stories that Celebrate Treasured Relationships. Comment or answer the question at the end of the post to enter the drawing. We need at least 10 comments for this giveaway. Deadline: March 12th, 11:59 pm central time. Here’s Sherry:

Sherry Kyle and hubby Carmel

Sherry Kyle author photoSherry Kyle cover

  • Where is the most romantic place you and your spouse have ever been?

Carmel-by-the-Sea, California is a place my husband and I frequent for wedding anniversaries. It’s a quaint beach town just south of Monterey with cozy cottages and white sandy beaches. It helps that it’s only 40 minutes from our house, perfect for weekend getaways. We enjoy visiting Cobblestone Inn, an English bed-and-breakfast. A couple of years ago on our 25th wedding anniversary, the staff upgraded our room to the special wedding suite and gifted us with a bottle of champagne. Very romantic! I wrote about this special little town in my historical novel, Watercolor Dreams.

  • Do you and your spouse have a favorite romantic restaurant?

There is a wonderful, romantic Italian restaurant in Capitola, California called Bella Roma. My husband and I have dined there on special occasions, such as a birthday or to celebrate a new book contract. The ambiance is warm and the authentic Italian food is delicious. I wrote about Claire and Blake visiting this restaurant in my contemporary novel, Delivered with Love.

  • What simple gesture does your spouse do that melts you every time?

Okay, don’t laugh! The simple gesture my spouse does that melts my heart is that he makes the coffee every morning. He even brings me a cup on the mornings he meets his men’s group for breakfast. So sweet! In my contemporary novel, The Heart Stone, Nick loves coffee and he and Jessica share a cup or two throughout the book. To me, there is something special about handing someone something hot to drink.

  • Who is most romantic, your hero or your heroine?

In my short story, “Love Deeply,” Heather, my heroine, thinks she is most romantic by cooking her husband his favorite dinner on Valentine’s Day despite their difficult marriage. She discovers, however, that Matthew is definitely more romantic! 🙂

  • Who said, “I love you” first, your hero or your heroine?

My heroine said, “I love you” first. Here’s a glimpse:

I looked into Matthew’s deep blue eyes, as warm as the ocean. “I loved every minute of my afternoon. And I love you!”

“I love you too.” He gave me a tender kiss that promised many more to come.

  • What does your story, “Love Deeply,” show us about love?

Relationships take a lot of work. Sometimes we do and say things we regret, and instead of asking for forgiveness and moving on, we push down our hurts and keep them to ourselves, allowing them to build over time. As soon as the next stressful situation pops up, we explode.

As I wrote this story, 1 Peter 4:8 came to mind. It says, “Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.” Matthew had forgiven Heather for her part in their strained marriage. Now it was her turn to forgive. 

We can build strong marriages and weather the harshest storms if we invite God to help us.

About Sherry: Sherry Kyle is the author of books for tween girls, including a Gold Mom’s Choice Award winner, and new releases The Girl’s Guide to Life and Love, Lexi: Letters to God. She also writes novels for women set along the coast of California where she makes her home with her college sweetheart and their four children. When she’s not writing, Sherry spends her time reading, having coffee with friends, and decorating her beach home. You can visit her at, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

About the Devotional – 21 Days of Love: Stories that Celebrate Treasured Relationships: 21 Days of Love is book 3 in the Fiction Lover’s Devotional series–collections of short fictional stories followed by brief Life Applications, each chapter written by a different author.

Love can be found in many treasured relationships: boyfriend-girlfriend, husband-wife, parent-child … with a special friend, teacher, or pet … in the kindness of a stranger. We even have a national holiday to celebrate love.

The greatest love ever known is God’s abundant love for us, His children. And He often demonstrates that perfect love through imperfect people.

This book offers engaging, inspirational short fiction stories written by new, intermediate, and well-known authors including Cindy Woodsmall, Susan May Warren, Sherry Kyle, Renae Brumbaugh, and more.

Question for Readers: What simple gesture do you like to do to show others you love them?

Come back March 3rd for Cynthia Hickey!

11 Responses to “Sherry Kyle – Romantic Real Life & Character Interview – Part 1 of 1”

  • Shelia Hall says:

    give them a hug or fix a special treat for them!

  • Melissa Henderson says:

    One simple gesture that I like to do to show others that I love them is to mail a card( yes, snail mail) to the person. I know that I love to receive mail and sometimes, just a simple card saying “Hello, I am thinking of you. I love you.” is the most important thing they receive for that day. 🙂

  • Jennifer Hibdon says:

    I love to cook for others. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing loved ones eating what you prepared, even if the preparing was taking it out of the package! Thanx for the giveaway! I loved how you tie in actual places from your life into your books. Great interview.

  • Sherry Kyle says:

    Hi Sheila! Yes, hugs are good! I know I like them. 🙂 What kind of special treats do you like to make?

    Melissa, sending cards is a gift! You are blessing a lot of people. That’s amazing. I bought a card for a friend, and unfortunately it’s still sitting in my desk drawer. Thanks for the reminder!

    Hey Jennifer! Dinnertime is my favorite time of day when my family is gathered around the table. Thanks for the encouragement. I enjoy writing about places I know.

  • Becky I. says:

    I like to send cards that I have decorated just for them with stickers, rubber stamps and glitter. I do the same to the envelope I send it in.

  • Sherry Kyle says:

    Wow, Becky! That’s wonderful.

  • Michele C. says:

    A coastal setting, that is quite like my own; how I met my boyfriend, living in central CA. Yes, finding that kind of love.. that being a treasure, with loved ones and in God, His Love. Your books surely inspire and bring true meaning of life to tweens and adults.

  • For my husband, I like to take him out for a steak dinner at his favorite restaurant. You know – the way to a man’s heart and all. He grills steak better than any restaurant, but taking him out for one is a treat. Sometimes, after rough days or hard work, he just needs a steak that he didn’t have to grill.

    For my parents, just spending time with them.

    For my son, riding his four wheeler with him. He loves that because I’m not an overly outdoorsy person. I like staying on the gravel road and he likes going off the beaten path, trails in the woods where there are ruts and spider webs. It’s a sacrifice for me to go with him because I’m uncomfortable with spiders and ruts, but I do it for him anyway. So it means a lot to him.

    For my friends, making a day of a meal and window shopping.

  • Cindy Huff says:

    My hubby and I have been inseparable for over 40 years. He rarely buys me flowers but when he does the laundry I get all warm inside.

  • Sherry Kyle says:

    Hi Michele, thanks for your kind words. Yes, treasuring your loved ones is what it’s all about!

    Shannon, yes, men love their steak! <3 Doing fun things and spending time with family and friends is what it's all about!

    Hi Cindy, who needs flowers when you have a husband who does laundry? Love it!

  • Terrill Rosado says:

    Time is what my husband and daughter want most from me. The job of mom can be all-encompassing. It is easy to let all that it entails rob you from spending quality time with others. When I step back and give my time to them, they notice and it changes their disposition. My son, on the other hand craves physical touch, as well as time. He’s 14, but loves getting a back rub at bedtime. It isn’t a daily ritual, which makes it special when I do spend that kind of time with him. I pray for his future wife regularly. 🙂

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