Shannon Taylor Vannatter – Real Life Romance – part 1 of 3

Shannon here: I’m excited to celebrate the release of my 10th book, Rodeo Song. This is the 6th title in my Texas rodeo series. Comment for a chance to win a copy on any post dated April 7 – 11. Deadine: April 19th, 11:59 pm central time.

Grant & MePal

Our church has an annual Valentine’s Dinner. It’s not so much about the romantic worldly holiday, but more about love, family, and church family. The kids aren’t allowed, so the adults can relax. The men cook and serve the food. We play fun games and fellowship. Even our single members come. And each family gets their picture taken. That’s our picture from 2014. We had one widow this year and we talked her into getting her picture taken with all the men surrounding her.

Two years ago, our awesome event coordinator, Jackie Eason, gave us each a PAL – the little bear above. That’s not our PAL because I can’t find him right now, but there’s a good reason for that. Grant hid him from me. Which is the point of PAL. On his little red ribbon, there was a note. Since I can’t find him – I’ll have to paraphrase what the note said – but it basically told us to take turns hiding PAL from each other. When the finder finds PAL, it’s a reminder that the hider loves the finder.

I hid PAL in a place where Grant would find him the night we brought him home. When Grant found PAL, he hid him in a place I would find him. We’ve been taking turns hiding and finding PAL ever since. I’ve found PAL in my dresser drawer, in my shoe, and recently on my treadmill. I’ve hid PAL in Grant’s desk, in his sock, and in his suit pocket. I especially love hiding PAL where Grant will find him on Sunday morning before preaching. Being a pastor is a high pressure, stressful thing and no one realizes that until they live with one. I like to let Grant know I love him especially on Sunday morning.

When I find PAL, it makes me feel warm and loved. If Grant is home, I immediately go hug him. If he’s not home, I hug him when he walks in. I try to do that anyway. Sometimes, we hide PAL in easy places, sometimes a little harder. It adds to the fun and anticipation when PAL is hidden a little better sometimes, like now. I even called Grant and told him I needed to find PAL, so I could take a picture of him. He claims he doesn’t remember where he hid him. It could be he didn’t want to interrupt our game. Or he may really not remember, so it may take a while to find PAL this time.

I don’t know if Jackie bought PAL with the note or if she’d seen it somewhere and made the note herself. I’ll have to ask her. But we’re thankful for PAL. We’ve enjoyed finding new creative places to hide PAL, the anticipation of finding him, and the little reminder that we are loved.

About Shannon: Shannon Taylor Vannatter is a stay-at-home mom/pastor’s wife/award winning author. She lives in rural central Arkansas in a town with a population of around 100, if you count a few cows. Shannon writes inspirational contemporary romance and it took her nine years to get published in the traditional market.

Shannon hopes to entertain Christian women and plant seeds in the non-believer’s heart as her characters struggle with real-life issues. Their journeys, from ordinary lives to extraordinary romance through Christ-centered relationships, demonstrate that love doesn’t conquer all—Jesus does. In her spare time, she loves spending time with her family and doing craft projects. Learn more and connect: Website:, Facebook:, Goodreads:, Pinterest:, Twitter:

About the book – Rodeo Song (Book 6 Texas Rodeo series):

Rodeo Song by Shannon Taylor VannatterJENNA WENTWORTH FOUND THE MAN OF HER DREAMS 

But when silken-voiced Garrett Steele set out for stardom, he left Jenna—and his cowboy past—far behind. A chance encounter at one of his concerts propels him back into Jenna’s life. But, once burned by love, Jenna must guard her heart against the captivating singer.  Once upon a time, Garrett vowed he’d be a success, no matter what. But that path shattered his soul. His reunion with Jenna makes him long for things he once took for granted. Now he must show her that he’s found what he was looking for all along…right here in his hometown.

Purchase Links: Mardel            Deeper Shopping            Amazon            Christian Book          Harlequin

Come back April 9th for the Story Behind the Story – my inspiration for writing Rodeo Song!

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18 Responses to “Shannon Taylor Vannatter – Real Life Romance – part 1 of 3”

  • Robin Driscoll says:

    That is such an awesome story. I haven’t heard of that being done before. I find it very important to let my husband know how much I love him every day. Sometimes I would put notes on his napkin that I put in his lunch bag. We always hug and verbally express our love for each other and express how blessed we are that God brought us together. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  • Hey Robin,
    I still haven’t found PAL. I like the note idea. Everybody needs to be reminded they’re loved and nothing beats a hug.

  • Shannon, I think PAL is a great idea! I’m sure the two of you have a lot of fun hiding and finding him. It’s a subtle thing, but it shows how much you have to know each other to hide it where they’ll find it.

    I think your readers are going to love Rodeo Song. I know I sure did.

  • Lorna, it gets challenging after two years too. We have to be creative in thinking of places to hide PAL. Grant has hidden him really well this time and I really don’t think he knows where PAL is.

  • Jane Dysput says:

    That is a wonderful idea. Maybe I can use it to keep our love alive. After 40 years it is becoming kind of stale because the love changes as we age and we are both kind of ill and almost 60 and around each other 24/7. I cant wait to read Rodeo Song please put me in the contest. Thganks

  • Jane, we’re going on 30 years. So, far we’re still in good health and we have a 12 year old to keep us young. When I find PAL, I post what his tag says so you can make your own PAL.

  • KayM says:

    What a cool idea and a fun “game” to share!

  • We have fun with PAL, Kay. It really does make me feel loved when I find him because I know my husband took time out of his schedule to hide PAL.

  • I love that PAL idea! How fun! And I love the picture of you & Grant. 🙂 It’s adorable.

    And I ditto what Lorna said, your readers are going to LOVE Rodeo Song! It’s a fabulous story!

  • Sharon Timmer says:

    Can’t wait to read Rodeo Song – hope I can win a copy 🙂

  • Hey Brenda,
    Our Valentine’s celebration is a great way to get a new picture of us every year. I was pretty impressed with this one. Usually, he has his mouth open in some weird position because he’s talking and my eyes are half-closed because I’m blinking, but I look drunk 🙂 Thanks for the compliment on the book.

    I’m glad you’re excited about reading it. It was really fun to write.

  • shelia hall says:

    love your books! You are a awesome writer who knows how to touch the heart of your readers! Love to win this book!!!!!

  • Shelia,
    You made my day once again. Sincerely, you don’t know what it means to writer to know there are readers who love the books we write.

  • I would like a copy of Rodeo Song to join my copies of Rodeo Dust and Rodeo Regrets. Hope I win. ProtectAlwaysLove may be on the rafters in the garage! Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House

  • Lane,
    You’ve heard of PAL. Do you have one? Do you know what his tag says. We don’t have a garage and he hides him somewhere he knows I’ll eventually find him. But he’s convinced me he really doesn’t know where.

  • Melanie Backus says:

    I love the idea of Pal and I love that you hug your husband when he walks in the door. I know he has a real gem of a wife and I am sure he thinks so too.

    melback at cebridge dot net

  • Melanie,
    I still have not found PAL. We may have to find another one. He’s a gem of a husband or I wouldn’t bother with hugging him.

  • Update: I found PAL! My husband had hidden him in a pair of my capris that were too small. Until I lost 14 pounds. So, I washed the pants since it had been a while since I’d been able to wear them and found PAL in the washing machine. He’s none the worse for wear, but his tag is gone so now I’ll never remember what it said.
    Game on!

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