Shannon Taylor Vannatter – Real Life Romance – Part 1 of 2

The author I was supposed to host this week is in the hospital. For the second time that I know of. She was supposed to be on my blog in May and ended up in the hospital. I’m beginning to think I’m bad luck for her. I won’t mention her name because I don’t know her health details and I’m not sure she wants her health problems broadcast. But God knows her name, so please say a prayer for her.

In a pinch, you get me. Two books up for grabs this week, K Dawn Byrd’s latest Young adult mystery, A Case of Fatal Attraction in PDF download and winners’ choice of three of my paperbacks, White Doves, Rodeo Dust, or Rodeo Hero. Deadline: July 21st, 11:59 pm, central time.

For our 28th anniversary, my husband made me cry. Again. Last year, he reconfirmed our wedding vows in a surprise ceremony at our church. So I really wondered what he had up his sleeve for this year. I thought since he couldn’t possibly top last year, he probably wouldn’t do much. I was wrong. He and our son came home and told me not to come outside til they called me. I heard sweeping, so I knew it had something to do with our front porch.

After a few minutes they called me outside and told me not to look to the left. To my right, I saw an small round, iron table, with two padded chairs. I’ve wanted a set like that my whole life. Hubby said, “I thought a writer ought to have her own bistro.” Before it could really sink in, he told me to look to the left.

A red canvas folding chair, like you take to outdoor events. But this one has a hood over the top for shade. I fried this past summer during our son’s baseball games and repeatedly complained there was no shade at most ball parks we weathered. I hate being hot. I hate sweating. Working outside or working out and sweating is one thing. Sitting and sweating is another. My husband knows that. That’s what made me cry. That he didn’t think I’m a whiny wimp. He found a way to fix my problem. I now have my own portable shade.

And my own make believe bistro on my front porch. I look forward to sitting with my laptop and my own personal, very handsome barista/preacher. We work well together. His Bible study requires quiet and so does my writing. When it cools down, I forsee many happy hours spent there.

News: My books are being released in e-book format. Rodeo Dust and White Pearls are available so far. You can check it out here:

Come back July 11th for a visit to the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame in Fort Worth Texas and the latest on book 3 in my Texas rodeo series.

7 Responses to “Shannon Taylor Vannatter – Real Life Romance – Part 1 of 2”

  • Awwww . . . Shannon, I do believe he’s a keeper! 🙂 My porch is crying out for a bistro set, too . . . YOUR husband should talk to MY husband – our 29th is coming up in a few weeks!


    Shannon, You have the kind of husband,I pray God will bless me with someday. I would love to win the book giveaway.

  • Regina,
    I’ll put a bug in his ear if you’ll give me his number. I wouldn’t mind hearing his accent again.

    My best advice, find him in church. Maybe even try a large church you wouldn’t normally go to. The odds are better.

  • Your husband sounds so sweet. What a gift! Sorry to hear about your scheduled host being in the hospital. Praying for a speedy recovery.

    Love the giveaway idea.

  • Hey Beth,
    He’s the best. Thanks for the prayers.

  • Print copy of Rodeo Hero for me, please! Sign me up. On May 19th was our 28th anniversary. My little girl found him at church. He set up chairs for Children’s Church when she was in daycare. I found a little beaded safety pin friendship pin on a shirt collar after we were married. She had given it to him before we met.

  • Lane,
    Cool first meeting. Your daughter fell for him first.

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