Rose McCauley – Romantic Destination- Part 1 of 3

Shannon here: Contemporary romance author, Rose McCauley shares a romantic destination and a chance to win a copy of her anthology, Christmas Belle’s of Georgia. Every time you comment, your name goes in the drawing for a copy. Deadline: Dec 12th, 11:59 pm central time. Here’s Rose:

Romantic Getaway by Rose Allen McCauley 

For our 41st anniversary, my husband and I did something I never would have dreamed we would get to do when we first married—ride in a gondola in Venice, Italy! 

I studied Italian in high school, and love the language and Italian songs. I love to read books set in Italy, and love to eat Italian food like spaghetti and lasagna and eggplant parmesan. But, I still never thought I would get to eat Italian food in Italy someday! 

In 2009, some friends of ours who had been married 25 years started talking about taking a special trip for their special anniversary later on that summer. They asked us to go with them, and when we discussed places to go, Italy was one of them, but we decided we would let them decide since it was their idea. They choose Italy! 

Then we tried to come up with a date around their anniversary, but it didn’t suit my husband’s schedule or theirs, so the date we finally all agreed on was May 8-15. Since our anniversary was May 11th, it turned out that we were in Venice on our actual anniversary, so got to ride in a gondola that very day! (we are the couple in the front of the picture, and our friends are in the back closer to the gondolier!) 

Italy is a very romantic place for a vacation. The language and songs sound so romantic. And the food is even romantic—especially the gelato which we both fell in love with and ate at least once a day while there. I thank the Lord for the opportunity to spend my 41st anniversary with the love of my life in such a romantic place!

About Rose: Rose has been writing for over ten years and has been published in several non-fiction anthologies and devotionals. She is happy for this to be her first fiction anthology because Christmas books are her favorites. A retired schoolteacher who has been happily married to her college sweetheart for 43 years, she is also mother to three grown children and their spouses and grandmother to three lovely, lively kids with one more on the way! You can reach her through her website or blogsite at

About the book: Surprised by Life—and Love—at Christmas 

Four letters are mailed from Monticello, a small antebellum town in Georgia. Sisters once, now heirs to a historic plantation, each young woman must come to terms with the circumstances of her birth. . . . 

When she learns in a letter she’s adopted, Holly feels betrayed by her parents—and she books a flight out of Missouri immediately. Will she ever be able to love again? 

Raised in a wealthy, loveless home, Carol rushes to Monticello from college in Atlanta when she receives her letter. She’s searching for family, but finds instead a boy she once mistreated. Will he remember her? . . .forgive her? 

In one year, Starr has lost her parents, boyfriend, and job, so she’s sure her letter is more bad news. When the attorney flies to California to offer proof, Starr takes a second look—at the message and the man. 

Noelle always knew she was adopted—and she’s always loved the foreman on her father’s Texas ranch too. But he’s so distant. . .perhaps a trip to Georgia is the break in life she needs.

Will the sisters receive a traditional Christmas gift. . .of love?

Come back for more of Rose’s real life romance on Dec 7th.


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