Regina Merrick – Real life Romance – Part 3 of 3

Romance by Candlelight

Merrick's happily-ever-after


How do you carry off a Kentucky wedding living in Indiana with the parents of the bride living in Wyoming?

No easy task, let me tell you.

The original plan was to plan an October wedding. I even had the date picked out. October 19. My birthday was on the 19th, his birthday was on the 19th. I knew we wouldn’t have trouble remembering THAT one!

When my parents decided to follow God’s leading to Wyoming, we knew it would be difficult for them to travel during the school year, since my sister was in 7th grade that year, and starting a new school at that. So, we decided on August 12. Since my fiancée was an aspiring teacher, this would get us married before school started, and we already had housing worked out – my parents’ home in Symsonia, KY, rent-free.

We helped my family move in May, and then I came home and started looking for a job, and worked on getting my house in order. My maternal grandmother helped me make pickles, freeze tomatoes, and dry apples, and my paternal grandmother let me use her car while she was at work. It was a great summer.

As time drew near to the wedding, the bridesmaids’ dresses were finished (the mothers of all the bridesmaids made them – and they were beautiful!), the wedding coordinator was on track, and a couple of weeks before the big day, my mom flew in from Wyoming to help with the last-minute details.

By the time my dad and sister drove in the week of the wedding, we were in a fine tizzy. Things were going too smoothly. Something was bound to go wrong. 

In order to pay for the wedding and reception, Dad decided to sell one of the cows. No problem. A couple of days before the wedding, we got out in the field to round it up. I was stationed at the gate by the road, where the truck was parked that would transport her to the cattle sale. She decided, at the last minute, when she saw the truck, to veer left. To where I was standing. When she came toward me, full speed, I dove for cover, right into a brush pile.


Crisis averted, the silly animal was loaded and sold, the proceeds of which paid for lovely flower arrangements and a delectable wedding cake complete with fountains.

We won’t even talk about the house-cleaning frenzy my mom went into on my wedding day. She was having company in her house/my house after the wedding.

The next thing I knew, I was dressed and ready for pictures. Of course, I didn’t see hubby before the wedding. When it finally came time, the candles were lit, and the lights were dimmed, the church was full. My veil went down over my face and everything took on an ethereal glow, as if the candles were actually stars come down to accompany me down the aisle to my future. 

And that is the main thing I remember about my wedding.

Afterward, since it was an evening wedding, we had the cake and punch reception, then left for our honeymoon. On the way, we discovered that we were starving, so after a stop at the carwash, we headed to Druther’s drive-through for a burger and coke. We arrived at the hotel on the lake that evening, then planned to head a little farther the next day—Nashville was as far as we could afford to go! 

The next morning we arrived at the parking lot to see an older couple laughing and pointing at our license plate. Confused, we walked up to see what was so funny.

Our license plate, instead of the generic number and letter combination that was supposed to be there, simply read, “HELP,” courtesy of my surprisingly artistic and prank-playing old friend and new brother-in-law. 

Thus began what will be 27 years of marriage this coming August 12. And yes, sometimes I have to struggle to remember if it’s August 12 or 13…The 19th would have been SO much easier…

I appreciate Regina for sharing her real life romance this week. Last day to leave a comment for a chance to win a copy of White Roses.

11 Responses to “Regina Merrick – Real life Romance – Part 3 of 3”

  • Maybe that charging heifer was a metaphor for your marriage … if you can avert a charging cow, you can avoid anything. Okay, a little corny, but I’m certain that in 27 years of marriage you’ve had more than that heifer challenging you. So, congratulations! Nowadays, sharing 27 years together is a major feat, one you should be proud of.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful story, Regina. And thanks, Shannon, for giving her the venue.

  • I think 27 years of ANYTHING is a challenge, but one I’m glad to accept. It’s been a good 27 years, “warts and all!” LOL Funny thing is, Todd grew up farming. We just had a few cows and chickens and gardens – no “crops” or “herds.” Now I’M the one who longs for farm life, while Todd kinda likes living in town!

  • I love the candlilit picture and kiss on the hand. So sweet. What a good Daddy willing to sell a cow. Too funny. Glad it turned out okay and I love your headline.

  • Kav says:

    Oh Regina, I had to catch up on two days but I LOVED it. Sniffle. So romantic. Your husband certainly sounds like a keeper — when next you see him give him a great big hug and tell him thanks for being a forever kind of guy. They all aren’t like that, you know.

  • Kav says:

    Ooooo, I didn’t realize you could click on the pictures and they’d get bigger. GORGEOUS. You are so photogenic. And also wanted to say what an example you are for your girls. I see that Emily posted a comment yesterday. Do they like it when Mom and Dad get all romantical?

  • Wow! I just tried it, too! I’ll have to go back and open up the car pic…. 🙂

    The girls kinda roll their eyes, but I think they like it. They know too many kids whose parents don’t show affection to them OR to each other. I hope they have as good a life as we’ve had. Can’t ask for more.

  • Thanks for sharing your story, Regina and for helping me give another book away. I appreciate everyone for stopping by. This week’s winner: Joan Allbaugh.

    Come back next week for the real life romance of one of Heartsong Presents newest authors, Julie Jarnigan. Since Julie’s book isn’t out yet, I’ll give away another copy of White Roses.

  • Hi Shannon –

    I popped over here from Facebook. What a neat idea to share a real life romance!

    Susan 🙂

  • Thanks Susan,

    I wanted to do something different and I love real romances. If you one to share, check out the guidelines under submissions. You don’t have to be an author to share your story.

  • kathy Taylor says:

    Help: that’s truly funny. Your photos epitomize romance.

  • Lynn Bucher says:

    What wonderful memories you have, Regina. Thanks for sharing them with all of us, especially the cow situation. And Todd is a smart guy. I used to want to llive on a farm, but not anymore. I can’t even take care of the small yard I have.


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