Miralee Ferrell – Romantic Excerpt – Part 2 of 2

Shannon here: Historical romance author, Miralee Ferrell shares a romantic excerpt from her latest release, Love Finds You in Sundance, Wyoming and a chance to win a copy. Comment on any post dated Sept 7 -9 to get in the drawing. Deadline: Sept 10, 11:59 pm central time. Here’s Miralee:

How My Hero and Heroine Met

Angel Ramirez isn’t your typical girl, in fact, Travis Morgan doesn’t know she IS a girl when he hires her as his new varmint tracker. She’s been working on ranches disguised as a boy for three years, and she’s finally decided it’s time to quit living a lie. Travis has just hired her and told her she has to live in the bunkhouse with the men (he doesn’t know she’s a woman). Here’s an excerpt of ‘the meeting’ between the two. Nate is Travis’s foreman, and the reference to ‘two strong-willed some’ includes his widowed sister Libby who lives with him.


            Travis gazed into the dust-smudged visage of what must surely be a woman. He noted the long black curls and the wide brown eyes. The perfectly formed lips and her now obvious curves contradicted her attire, not to mention the gun strapped to her hip. His gaze strayed downward almost without his permission and flew back to her face, his own burning with shame. He’d never gawked at a woman’s figure before, and he’d have to repent for that later. Yes, he could definitely attest that this was a woman.

Nate cleared his throat. “Guess I’d best check on the men and horses, Boss.” He removed his hat and nodded. “Ma’am.” Just as quickly as he’d arrived, he turned tail and ran—like a scared jackrabbit fleeing from a hawk. The least he could’ve done was stay and help Travis dig out of this hole. Travis shoved his hat to the back of his head.

He faced the girl again. Large eyes stared up into his. He’d thought his sister’s pretty, but these dark pools left him feeling short of breath. “Who are you?” His words came out rough, and he noted the sharp intake of the girl’s breath.

“Angel Ramirez.” She withdrew the sombrero from under her arm and shoved it back onto her black curls.

He waited, sorting through his memory.

She lifted one shoulder and sighed. “Angel de Luca Ramirez.” She paused another moment. “Angelo de Luca. The tracker and horseman you sent for.”

Travis felt as though he’d been bucked from a bronco and the wind knocked from him. He couldn’t believe it—wouldn’t believe it. Women didn’t work for a living and pass themselves off as men. What he’d give to only have Libby’s expectations to deal with. He groaned. Now there were two strong-willed women on the ranch, and he didn’t feel equipped to deal with either.

About the book: Angel Ramirez is tired of living a lie. But can she learn to live like a lady?

On the run from a dangerous outlaw, Angel works her way across several states disguised as a boy and working as a varmint tracker and horse wrangler. After taking a job on a Wyoming ranch owned by a bachelor and his widowed sister, she finally reveals
her true identity and must fight to prove her worth as a ranch hand while somehow discovering her role as woman.

Hiring a woman doesn’t sit well with Travis Morgan, and the dark-haired beauty is causing a
ruckus among his cowboys. Just as Angel decides she’ll never be able to please her boss, an
unexpected surprise arrives from across the ocean and makes trouble on the ranch. Will Angel leave with the person who’s come so far to claim her?

About Miralee: Miralee and her husband Allen have been married 39 yrs. They live on 11 acres in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge in southern Washington State. Miralee enjoys riding her horse on the wooded trails near their home with her grown daughter who lives nearby. She’s an avid reader and has six inspirational books in print, two contemporary women’s fiction and four historical romances. She speaks at women’s groups, libraries, and churches about her writing journey. Learn more at Facebook:   www.facebook.com/miralee, Web site:    www.miraleeferrell.com   (you can find pictures of our research trips to the historical locations, my journey into writing, family pics and info about my books here), and Blog: www.miraleesdesk.blogspot.com.

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