Miralee Ferrell – Character Interview – Part 1 of 1

Shannon here: Historical romance author shares insight into her characters’ romance plus a chance to win her latest release, Blowing on Dandelions. Comment on this post to get your name in the drawing for a copy. Deadline: June 29th, 11:59 pm central time. Here’s Miralee:

Miralee FerrellBlowing on Dandelions by Miralee Ferrell

Interview with Katherine Galloway, heroine of Blowing on Dandelions

  •  Are you open to your own romance?

I might be, but since I’m a widow with two children at home and run a very busy boardinghouse, it’s hard to spend much time dreaming about it. But I’ll admit that I occasionally do have day dreams about a kind man coming into my life. (sorry, I’m blushing, as this isn’t something I typically discuss with strangers).

  •  What’s the number one quality you’d require in a mate?

Someone who is willing to learn to love my children. I would never consider remarrying if the man only tolerated them, no matter how strongly I might be attracted to him. Amanda and Lucy come first in my life, and I hope any man will understand that and respect it.

  •  What’s the number two quality you’d require in a mate?

Kindness mixed with understanding. I didn’t get a lot of that from my mother growing up, and I long for it from a man. 

  •  Where is the best place you can think of to find a mate?

I’d like to say at church, but it’s also possible I might meet him here at my boardinghouse, as there aren’t a lot of places for newcomers to BakerCity to live. It’s a booming mining town and lodging is scarce. But he must be a man who has a tender heart toward the Lord, so I tend to think I might meet him in church.

  •  Where is the worst place you can think of to find a mate?

Oh my, that’s easy! The saloon, of course! Although I truly don’t want a man who works in the mines, either. It’s so dangerous, and that’s where I lost my first husband. I can’t go through that kind of pain again.

  •  What type of character traits are you attracted to?

A solid inner strength is very important to me…a man of strong moral character who knows what he believes and is willing to stand up for the people he cares for. 

  • What’s the one habit or lifestyle that would make you run the other way?

I could not tolerate a man who drinks. He must be a God-fearing man who is sober and hardworking.

  •  What would be a reason to end a potential romance for you?

A couple of things come to mind….first, I would end it if the man in question were to belittle me or my children in any way. I had enough of that growing up and will not subject my children to it from anyone. I’m very protective of my girls. He needs to respect me, as well, and show approval. If his actions or words become harsh or disrespectful, I think I’d have to walk away.

  •  Where do you dream of getting married?

Since I live in a small town not far from the Oregon Trail, we don’t have a lot of choices. It’s too much work to travel to any other town, and I love our little church here in BakerCity. I have a wonderful group of ladies who meet together to quilt once a month or so, and I’d love to have them help me prepare our church. Something simple, as I’ve been married before, and don’t care for a lot of fuss and bother.

  •  Where do you dream of spending your honeymoon?

That makes me giggle, as no one thinks too much of honeymoons out here where we live. I suppose it might be nice to ride the steamboat up the Columbia River to Portland and spend a few days, but more than likely I’d stay closer to home so I don’t have to leave my girls for too long.

About Miralee: Miralee and her husband, Allen, live on 11 acres in the Columbia River Gorge. They have two grown children and recently their son and his wife presented them with a beautiful new granddaughter. Miralee has been writing since 2005, and her first book was published in 2007. Since then, she’s had 7 books published, both in women’s contemporary fiction and historical fiction, with another 6 under contract. Her western romance, Love Finds You in Sundance, WY, was awarded the Will Rogers Medallion for Excellence in Western Fiction and her newest release, Blowing on Dandelions, is the first in a three book series set in Oregon. Miralee loves interacting with people, ministering at her church, riding her horse and playing with her dogs. She also speaks at various women’s functions and has taught at conferences. You can find her at: www.miraleeferrell.comwww.miraleesdesk.blogspot.comwww.facebook.com/miraleeferrellwww.twitter.com/miraleeferrell  

About the book: Do Dandelion Wishes Actually Come True?

Katherine Galloway knew this moment of calm wouldn’t last, blown away like the dandelion seeds she scattered as a girl. In 1880, three years after her husband’s death, she struggles to run an Oregon boardinghouse and raise two girls alone. Things don’t get easier when her critical, domineering mother moves in. Katherine must make the situation work, but standing up for herself and her family while honoring her mother isn’t easy. And with a daughter entering the teenage years, the pressure on Katherine becomes close to overwhelming. Then she crosses paths with Micah Jacobs, a widower who could reignite her heart, but she fears a relationship with him might send things over the edge. She must find the strength, wisdom, hope, and faith to remake her life, for everything is about to change.

In Blowing on Dandelions, Miralee speaks to women’s heartfelt struggles—from family dysfunction to single parenthood—-while offering them the faith-filled hope they need, all wrapped in an uplifting, true-to-life romance.

Come back June  19th for Teresa Pollard!

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  • angela chesnut says:

    would love to win.

  • Shirley Blanchard says:

    i would love to win this book, i keep seeing it and it sounds like a good read

  • Carol Wong says:

    This story shows a woman faced with a lot of challenges, family and outside. Would love to win this one.


  • Hi Angela, thanks so much for stopping by!! I hope you get a chance to read my book.

    Hi Shirley, I’m so glad you’ve heard about my book. I hope you get a copy!

    Hi Carol, You nailed it! This is a book about a strong woman who handles challenges in a Godly way, while finding romance in her own life. There are several story threads that are woven together in this book which I think you’ll enjoy.

  • Would love to read another Miralee title!!

  • Lisa Nelson says:

    I really like this story!!
    I enjoy reading books by Mrs. Miralee Ferrell!!

  • bonnie says:

    Would love to read this book – several subjects I am familiar with: dysfunctional families, single parenthood, & I have a son named Micah (a not-so-common name). Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  • Andrea, it’s so nice to see you here, thanks for stopping and leaving a comment about my books.

    Lisa, thank you for the sweet comment about liking my books!

    Bonnie, I truly think this is a book you’d love, based on your comments. If you don’t win a copy, it’s being offered on all eReader formats (Nook, Kindle, KOBO, iTunes,CBD, etc) all of June for under $3.00…75% off. I hope you’ll have a chance to read it even if you don’t win.

    Thanks, gals!

  • Judy Cook says:

    I love this interview and can also relate. The Lord brought my husband into ‘our’ lives just over 30 years ago. I had 2 young children. He courted the 3 of us for several months before we married. To this day my now grown children and I are still amazed how this all came about and so thankful.

  • Thanks for stopping by, Judy. What a blessing to find a man who loved you AND your children!!

  • I have a winner! Judy Cook won the drawing for Miralee’s book. I appreciate Miralee for being my guest and everyone else for stopping by.

  • Yay!! Thanks for entering, everyone! Judy, my marketing director will get a book out to you this week.

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