Martha Rogers – Real Life Romance & Recipe – Part 1 of 1

Shannon here: Historical romance author, Martha Rogers shares her husband’s romantic gesture and a recipe. Every time you comment on this post, your name goes in the drawing for your choice of two of her books – Winter Promise or Amelia’s Journey. Deadline: Dec 26th, 11:59 pm central time. Here’s Martha:

Romantic Christmas

I had been wearing an old Timex watch with a black leather band I’d had for years. I really wanted a new watch, but with our tight budget, asking for one the first Christmas after our October wedding would not be practical when we needed so many other things. I never said a word about it to my husband, but deep in my heart, I wished for a new one. I also wanted to get him something extra special, so I saved extra change and the money I’d normally spend on eating lunch out at work by taking a sandwich and fruit to work with me.

We planned a trip to Arkansas to see his parents for Christmas. They hadn’t been able to attend the wedding because of his mother’s health, so we wanted to spend the time with them. Since my husband had eight living brothers and sisters with all but the youngest brother married, a rather large crowd would be gathered.

the night before we were to leave, Rex took me out to dinner to my favorite restaurant. When we returned home, he handed me a box and told me it was my gift because he had decided he wanted to give it to me early with just the two of us and without all the chaos of his family. Inside was a beautiful white gold bracelet style watch. I cried and asked him how he knew I wanted a watch for Christmas. He said he’d notice how I’d look at my old one and decided I needed a new one. After 52 years of marriage, I still have that watch, and it still works although now I wear it only for special occasions when I really want to be “dressed up.”

I don’t even remember what I bought him that first year, but I’ll never forget how he knew just what I wanted without having to ask. He’s surprised me several times like that since then, but that first one was so very special and set the tone for the rest of our marriage.

Here’s my recipe for a Christmas candy I give to friends every year. It’s quick and easy to make.

Chocolate Pecan Clusters

1 large bag of chocolate chips (I used the special dark ones)

1 can sweetened condensed milk

1 ½ cups pecan pieces (can use halves)

Melt the chocolate chips in the top of a double boiler. Remove from heat and stir until smooth then stir in condensed milk and pecans. Drop by spoonfuls into miniature paper muffin cups and refrigerate until firm.

For gift giving, layer the clusters in their paper cups in a round or square tin using Saran wrap or waxed paper between layers.

About Martha: Martha’s book credits include the novella, Sugar and Grits and A River Walk Christmas, as well as the historical romance series, Winds Across the Prairie. She had also written seven Bible studies, contributed to various compilations and several anthologies including recently released Blissfully Blended, Devotionals for Step-moms from Barbour. Her latest series is Seasons of the Heart. Book 3, Winter Promise, will be released in January along with the prequel to Becoming Lucy. Martha sings in the choir at her church and is a co-leader for a First Place 4 Health group. She loves to scrapbook when she has the time. She is a retired teacher and lives in Houston with her husband, Rex where they enjoy spending time with their grandchildren and attending football, baseball, and basketball games when one of them is playing.

About Amelia’s Journey: Once childhood friends, Ben Haynes is taken with Amelia Carlyle when he runs into her at her sister’s wedding. Although he will be returning to Kansas and life on his father’s ranch, Ben calls on Amelia several times, and they find they have more in common than they first realized. As he leaves for Kansas, they promise to write.

Back in Kansas, Ben begins to save money toward a home for Amelia even though he has not made his intentions known. He’s relying on God to make a way. Meanwhile, Amelia is presented to society and has several young men vying for her attention.

Although Ben has captured Amelia’s heart, her parents make every effort to discourage the relationship, even forbidding Amelia to correspond with him. Amelia tells Ben that she will wait for him as long as it takes, but will the love and losses they experience along the way bring them closer or drive them apart forever?

About Winter Promise: Single, educated, and looking for a new start, Abigail Monroe decides to join her brother and his wife in Portersville, Texas. Near her twenty-fifth birthday and without a suitor, she fears she will become a spinster if she stays in Briar Ridge, Connecticut.

A sprained ankle sends Abigail to the new doctor in town, Elliot Jensen. He is smitten, but tragedy in his past has left him bitter, guilt ridden, and afraid to fall in love again.

When the town’s deputy sheriff rescues Abigail after a robbery, Elliot’s feelings for her get stronger. He is jealous of the attention Abigail is getting, but he fears he can’t compete with the handsome deputy sheriff and his heroic deeds.

Has he waited too long to share his feelings for her? Or will Christmas bring them both the gift they seek?

Set in the late 1800s, the Seasons of the Heart series follows the lives of four women and their families, weaving together their stories of faith, life, and love as they bond in friendship only God could orchestrate.

Come back Dec 21st for Rose McCauley.

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