Marji Laine – Real Life Romance – Part 1 of 1

Shannon here: Marji Laine shares how she met her husband and how their friendship turned into romance. Grime Family is #4 of the Grime Fighter series. Comment just to let Marji know you enjoyed her story, then use the link at the end to get a free e-copy of book #1 in her Grime Fighter series. Here’s Marji:

Marji Laine & hubbyGrime Family by Marji Laine (Book 4 in series)

I know love isn’t supposed to envy. Nevertheless, jealousy is what opened my eyes so that my best friend could become something more. My experience with Sweet Hubby showed me that God can even use my weaknesses to open my eyes to His purposes.

We met our sophomore year in college. He, his best friend from high school, and I became something of the Three Musketeers that year. The two of them would weekly come to my apartment for lunch between classes, and some afternoons we’d all go fishing together. We also attended Bible studies together and had long conversations about the Lord and His Word.

That summer, I went away to work at a youth camp, and Sweet Hubby wrote often. He even drove me out to camp one weekend when my car broke down. On another day off, he came to visit me at the camp.

At the end of the summer, a large group of us drove out to a retreat center for a week-long student conference. Sweet Hubby had been tasked with driving the pickup truck that pulled the trailer to the camp. No problem. I hoisted my backpack stuffed with a pillow and blanket for the 10-hour trip and headed for his passenger seat.

Then I noticed another girl climbing into it.


But he was my friend. Why didn’t I know about this other girl? Yeah, that was when a little streak of green cropped up. Looking back, I’m sure my facial expressions told the whole story to the entire van-full of students.

Five hours later, we took our first stop. Sweet Hubby and I sat and talked. Yes, I got the scoop on this girl. He told me that he’d been bored, and they had gone to a couple of movies during the summer. Seemed she was always around when he was on campus.

No, they weren’t an item. In fact, she’d been hinting about being exclusive. He wanted none of it but couldn’t figure out what to do.

I could have given him some advice in the matter, but I held my tongue for a change. Not so much later, when the girl asked me for advice. She wanted him to make a commitment. Since I knew him better than anyone else, I was the best person to ask, right?

Um… wait…

“What would you do, if you were in my place, Marji?”

What to say… what to say??? Can you just see the little angel and devil sitting on my shoulders whispering in my ears?

Honestly, I avoided her question, but she asked again. I told her, “If I were you, I wouldn’t be asking me.” But she did, yet again.

Her exact words, “I really want to know your opinion of what I should do.”

She wanted my opinion? Fine. “Dump him.”

I’m not proud of giving into my jealousy. And I’m not proud for eventually causing pain to this girl. But I am pleased to say that she took my advice.

Sweet Hubby and I enjoyed our first date the very next day on an excursion into a local city. We were engaged four months later and are celebrating thirty years this December.

About Marji: Marji Laine writes what she loves to read—mysteries, suspense, and romance with characters relying on an authentic faith in God to carry them through treachery, betrayal, and impossible circumstances.

A home-schooling mom of four, she has two seniors left in the nest. She coordinates high school subjects at a large co-op while teaching government and Bible classes. She also manages the co-op’s website, directs a children’s choir at her church, and is the senior reviewer at Suspense Sisters.

When not writing, she loves game night with the family, crocheting in front of a NASCAR race or Texas Ranger baseball game, or scrapbooking along with a Hallmark movie and her black Labrador mix at her feet.  

She prefers cocoa to coffee, winter to summer, dogs to cats, fiction to non-fiction, and Tex-Mex to any other cuisine. One thing she has never done but would love to do is ride in the passenger seat of a NASCAR with a professional driver, because he’ll go faster than she would. Connect & Learn More:

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About the bookGrime Family:

Dani and Jay’s romance is beginning to take off in this 4th book of the Grime Fighter series. So much so, that Jay wants her to visit with his family. But for Dani, a crime scene cleaner also in witness protection, meeting the parents can be… well, murder. Literally.

When her curious nature turns up some uncomfortable secrets, how will Jay’s parents ever forgive her?

Grime Beat by Marji Laine (Book #1 in series)

Here is the link to pick up a free e-copy of GRIME BEAT, Book 1 of the Grime Fighter Series.



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