Marji Laine & Friends – Romantic Destination – Part 1 of 2

Shannon here: The authors of THE LOVE BOAT BACHELOR have gotten together to discuss some romantic topics. Today, Jerusha Agen, Julie Arduini, Fay Lamb, and Elizabeth Noyes share their thoughts about a romantic trip taken, one they’d like to take, or describe a romantic location they’ve heard about. Get your free e-book copy on Amazon. Any comments will go in the drawing for Friday’s giveaway. Deadline: Feb 28th, 1159 pm central time. Here’s Jerusha, Julie, Fay, and Elizabeth:

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Elizabeth NoyesThe Love Boat Bachelor

Elizabeth: The Italian Riviera! sounds wonderful, and it was, but we were poor, surviving on a Army Captain’s pay while he was stationed in Germany. We spent a week in France — in a pop-up camper! But wow, what an experience. Beautiful and romantic, but not physically very appealing. The Riviera “beach” is made up of fine pebbles, and the water was freezing! In July. I couldn’t make it past my ankles.

Jerusha: How neat to get a real-life description of what the Riviera is really like, Elizabeth. I’d never heard the details of the fine pebbles and freezing water. I can tell you’re a writer! I have to say, though, that description makes the Riviera sound a little less appealing than it appears in pictures.

Elizabeth: The interesting part was watching the women change from clothes to swimsuits while wrapped in a towel! My honey got lots of elbows to the ribs that week.

Jerusha: That’s a hilarious image. I’m glad they at least used a towel!

Elizabeth: We existed for the whole week on bologna sandwiches, potato chips, and local produce, and followed our Fodor Travel Guide for day trips to Spezia, San Remo, Monaco, and tons of other little villages whose names I can’t remember. The weather was gorgeous–warm with a constant sea breeze. We were young and in love, and this trip remains one of my favorites to this day.

Julie: I love these stories! Elizabeth, what a scene you gave us with the Rivera. I never would have thought about the pebbles or clothes changing! I have a couple of favorite romantic spots. When we were engaged, I booked a tour at a local Finger Lakes dinner cruise. Tom had been out of state for work and this was our reunion. It was a bit pricey for our practical selves, so I paid in advance and begged the guy not to announce it when we arrived. Sure enough, the man that checked us in announces the total and paid in full.

Tom, jaw on floor, said, “What, did you buy the boat?” It was still a romantic evening and to this day, 20 years later, when we go back to that town, he always asks that same question. Then, we had an Adirondack honeymoon in the very village I used as inspiration for my book, Entrusted. My dear friend from college first invited me to Speculator, New York, in the early 1990’s and it was love at first sight. When I told them I was getting married, they offered their home for the week. I can still smell the pine as the breeze came through the porch.

Fay: Marc and I prefer quiet little, out of the way places, too. Our favorite spot is Cedar Key. My favorite romantic moment with him was one in which we were not alone. We had a critter following us. An unusual sort. We’d spotted him the night before. He’d been out in the Gulf frolicking and kicking up waves when the 4th of July fireworks sparkled over him. The next day, he was content to meet up with us at a bridge on the old airport road where we were walking. He caught our attention by splashing the water a bit, and we looked over. He was magnificent. Marc and I stood on the bridge for a long time, Marc’s arm around me, and our new friend begging for our attention.

Cedar Key always feels like home to us. It’s as if the nature there calls us for a visit. It’s old Florida like it used to be around here when we grew up, and that frisky manna ray, always reminds me of the time that we forgot about everything else around us, and Marc and I enjoyed just being in the moment. I look for the old fellow every time we go back.

Julie: Yes, I’m like you. I like the out of the way places the tourists don’t know about.

Jerusha: What a great story, Fay! That is so neat that you encountered a manna ray in such an idyllic setting. I hope you took pictures. It sounds beautiful! I’ve long wanted to see Norway, the country of my ancestors. (Although as an average American, I’m actually a nice mix of many ethnicities.) I also adore snow and winter. I know, I’m strange! But once you wrap your mind around the unusual characteristic of loving snow and winter, you’ll understand why I think the snow-covered, gorgeous landscape of Norway in winter would be a highly romantic location. The country has stunning views and I’ve been told is just as gorgeous in person as it is in photographs.Perhaps even better than mountains, though, would be traversing the Norwegian land on cross-country skis.

I’ve never experienced anything more beautiful, peaceful, and romantic than the hushed moment in the woods or a snow-covered field, when you pause to take in the sight of the white wonderland before you. The white-tipped trees and delicate, sparkling crystals covering the ground, shimmering in the light, astound me like nothing else, leaving me in awe over the sheer beauty of God’s miraculous creation. Sharing that kind of experience with a significant other would be about as romantic as I could imagine!

Julie: I’d love to read a Nordic romance. I don’t think I ever have!

About the authors:

Jerusha Agen: A member of American Christian Fiction Writers, Jerusha is the author of the Sisters Redeemed Series, which includes the titles This Dance, This Shadow, and This Redeemer.

Julie Arduini is the author of the Entrusted, an Adirondack romance about surrendering fear. She is a contributing editor for Imaginate, a blogger for Christians Read, and a co author for The Love Boat Bachelor andA Walk in the Valley: Christian Encouragement for Your Journey through Infertility. She resides in Ohio with her husband and two children.

Fay Lamb is an editor, writing coach and author, whose emotionally charged stories remind the reader that God is always in the details.

Elizabeth Noyes is recently retired and resides in northeast Atlanta where she now writes full time. She is a world traveler and avid cruiser, and uses her experiences with other cultures to create the many “real” characters in her stories. She is a co-author of A Dozen Apologies and The Love Boat Bachelor, and published her first book, Imperfect Trust, in August 2014. The second book in the Imperfect Series, Imperfect Trust, is coming this summer.

All of these authors are collaborators in The Love Boat Bachelor, a novella that is available today for free on Amazon.

About the book – The Love Boat Bachelor: Romance is a joke.

After the love of Brent Teague’s life came back into his world only to marry someone else, Brent is through with women. He might be through with being a pastor, too.

Brent was so sure that God brought Mara Adkins home to him so they could marry and live happily ever after. Six months after her wedding to another man, that theory is obviously a dud. If Brent could be so wrong about that, who’s to say he’s not mistaken about God calling him to pastoral ministry?

Tired of watching Brent flounder for direction, Brent’s feisty older sister boots him out of Spartanburg and onto a cruise ship. Brent’s old college buddy manages the ship’s staff, and he’s thrilled to finagle Brent into the role of chaplain for the two-week cruise.

As the ship sets sail, Brent starts to relax. Maybe a cruise wasn’t such a bad idea after all. But there’s just one little thing no one told him. He’s not on any ordinary cruise. He’s on The Love Boat.
What’s a sworn bachelor to do on a Caribbean cruise full of romance and love? He’ll either have to jump ship or embrace the unforgettable romantic comedy headed his way.

Get your free copy:

Come back Feb 18th for part 2 with Teresa Anderson, Joan Deneve, Marji Laine, & Betty Owens!

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  • Marji Laine says:

    Thanks so much for hosting us, Shannon! This turned out so good! And I love the intriguing travel destinations!

  • I would love to go on a romantic getaway! We’re missionaries in Nicaragua and my husband is always reminding me that he took me out of the country and to eat out. I reply with – going to work in a poverty country and eating under the bridge doesn’t count!

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