Lynette Sowell – Romantic Destination – Part 3 of 3

Shannon here: Barbour author, Lynette Sowell shares a romantic destination, San Antonio’s Riverwalk, which just happens to be the setting for her book. Comment on any blog post dated Nov 15 – 19 for a chance to win a copy of A Riverwalk Christmas. Deadline – Nov 20, 8:00 PM Central. Here’s Lynette:

            One super-romantic spot is the setting for my novella, San Antonio’s famous Riverwalk. It winds below the street level of San Antonio. The restaurants aren’t cheap, but there’s no shortage of atmosphere. Travel tip: The Lone Star Café has a good lunch menu and seating at the water’s edge.

            At Christmas time, the Riverwalk is especially romantic. Trees line the waterway, and every year the city hangs strings of lights from the branches. In the evenings, the river taxis carry string quartets or five-piece bands that travel along the water.

            You don’t  have to spend a lot of money on the Riverwalk, although there’s plenty of shopping and the Rivercenter Mall, steps from the Alamo. A couple can walk along and stop for hot chocolate or ice cream (depending on the weather). Beautiful stone arch bridges cross the river at different points, perfect spots for photos.

            Another neat little spot on the Riverwalk is a tiny patch of grass called Marriage Island. And yes, it’s been the location for plenty of weddings, over 360 each year, with room enough for the minister, the couple, and a small wedding party looking on.

            One of my favorite San Antonio Riverwalk memories is one of our anniversary trips. That Saturday, C.J. and I checked into the O’Brien Hotel, a small converted office building two blocks from the Riverwalk entrance. We strolled the street level after supper and the streets were mobbed. That April weekend it was Fiesta in San Antonio. We wanted to take a river taxi tour, but the crowds definitely didn’t make it romantic at all.

            The next morning, though, we got to the Riverwalk after breakfast. We shared a river taxi tour with a handful of Japanese tourists and one older couple. As we traveled the river, it was as if the Riverwalk were waking up for the morning and we were there to see it. Shopkeepers were sweeping the stone pathways. Restaurant workers busily set the tables before opening for the day. It felt like a romantic, backstage tour for just us.

About Lynette: Lynette Sowell is the award-winning author of nine books with over 200,000 copies sold. She’s written five novellas, inspirational romance, as well as a three-book cozy mystery series and historical romance for Barbour Publishing. From the time she was old enough to play Let’s Pretend and own her first library card, she’s loved making up stories, reading late into the night, and has spent the past twelve years writing fiction. Lynette was born a Massachusetts Yankee, but arrived in Central Texas “as soon as she could,” where she lives with her husband and five cats that have their humans well-trained.


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7 Responses to “Lynette Sowell – Romantic Destination – Part 3 of 3”

  • Kim Ferland says:

    I went to the Riverwalk once, when my son graduated from air force basic training. What a beautiful place – the ride on the river was so much fun – I agree – very romantic place!

  • Marianne Barkman says:

    i don’t believe i have heard of your books before Lynette – will see if i can find one at the bookstore! They sound great, and my 84 year old Mother LOVES those 4 in 1 romances.

  • Thanks again for stopping by! I started writing novellas because when I worked in an office, I was a big fan of them because I could usually get through most of one novella over two lunch hours. 🙂 Next year’s Christmas novella is part of a collection set in Vermont–Christmas At Barncastle Inn–and my story is based on the movie “White Christmas.”

  • Joyce Alber says:

    I also was able to go to a pastor’s conference in San Antonio and took an extra day for sightseeing. We were able to walk the Riverwalk and even take a boat tour and yes, it is very romantic.
    I enjoyed reading all 3 parts of your interview.

  • Rosemary says:

    Hope i’m not too late for the drawing to win a copy of your book.

  • stvannatter says:

    I enjoyed hearing all the things I’d forgotten about the Riverwalk. We’ll definitely have to go there again next Texas trek we take. I married a Texan.

  • Sorry I’m late on drawing again. Linda Long won Lynette’s book. I appreciate everyone for commenting. Next week: Thanksgiving recipes for romance.

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