Lynette Sowell – Real Life Romantic Interview & Fictional Romantic Interview

Shannon here: Barbour author, Lynette Sowell shares her real life romantic interview and a fictional romantic interview featuring her hero and heroine from A Riverwalk Christmas. Comment on any blog post dated Nov 15 – Nov 19. Deadline Nov 20, 8:00 PM Central. Here’s Lynette:

      1.   Do you and your spouse have a favorite song?

I think our favorite song is probably Tracy Bird’s “Keeper of the Stars.” When we were planning our wedding, that song was a country hit, and the words meant a lot to us, that God had a hand in us coming together, “long before we ever knew.” So we chose that as one of our songs for the wedding. A close second would be “The Broken Road” by Rascal Flatts.

       2.   What’s the most romantic present your spouse ever bought for you?

An Alphasmart. Really! Years ago, back before we could afford a laptop, C.J. researched and tracked down how to order an Alphasmart for me. He’s pretty good online now, but back then it was a challenge for him to navigate everything. I was so surprised and happy that he listened and got me something I could really use. Not another foot massager or food processor, but a tool I needed.  I found that incredibly romantic.

      3.   Do you and your spouse have a favorite romantic vacation destination?

We love getting away to Port Aransas, Texas. When our kids were younger, it was our family vacation destination. But now that the kids are grown, we enjoy heading for the beach, just us. There’s nothing more romantic than watching the sun sink and hear the Gulf of Mexico to your back, and see the palm trees waving in the breeze.

      4.    What is the most caring thing your spouse has ever done for you?

One of the most caring things C.J. does is the way he shares. If there’s one slice of pie left, for example, he’ll ask me if I want it. Or else he’ll split it with me. Men love their food, and I find it incredibly sweet that he doesn’t just dive in and eat without thinking of me. Some guys think of their own bellies first and what they want first. But C.J. is very unselfish. Little things like that do mean a lot.

     5.    Where did you and your spouse go for your honeymoon?

We spent four days and three nights at the Heart Cottage in Clifton, Texas. Clifton is a cozy Texas town about an hour from us. At the time, C.J.’s kids were three and five, so we treasured this time away from everyone before we jumped right into family life after the honeymoon.

Hero & Heroine Interview 

     1.    How soon after meeting the hero did the heroine know he was the one?

Gabriela used to think of Miguel as her brother’s friend. Then around age 20, she started having feelings for him. But he was bad news and she tossed him away like forbidden fruit, especially after his actions were partly responsible for putting her brother in a wheelchair. She knew he could be the one, but she wasn’t going to wait around for him to shape up his life. Then when he comes back, she starts to change her mind about him, little by little.

     2.    How soon after meeting the heroine did the hero know she was the one?

Miguel has pretty much always loved Gabriela and knew she was the one for him. But he wanted to live large and do what he wanted, and not be tied down. He saw Gabriela as the one on the straight and narrow. When Miguel was at his lowest, he never imagined him and Gabriela together. Once his life was turned around, the hardest part was convincing himself that he deserved her.

     3.    Who is most romantic, your hero or your heroine?

They are both very romantic, but I think that Gabriela beats Miguel by just a hair. Miguel’s had a rough life, some of it his own making, so he’s a bit jaded. However, that doesn’t mean he isn’t sensitive or is uncaring. He just has a few things to learn. Gabriela is more the hopeless romantic type, but her history with Miguel has shown her that people you love can let you down.

     4.    Who says I love you first?

Gabriela does, much to her dismay! She tries so hard to hold off from saying those three little words. Proclaiming your love is a risky thing, especially to someone who’s hurt you. I think it happened sooner than she planned.

     5.    If you hero and heroine get married, what is their honeymoon destination?

They’ll go to Puerto Morelos, south of Cancun on the Mexican Riviera. It’s a smallish town, similar to Port Aransas where C.J. and I like to go. They’ll bask in the sun, take trips to town and get fresh fish, and travel inland to visit some of the Mayan ruins.

Come back Nov 19 when Lynette takes us on a tour of romantic San Antonio, Texas’ Riverwalk, the setting for her book.

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  • Barb Shelton says:

    Enjoyed the interview with Lynette. So far, Lynette is not a familiar author to me, and I hope that isn’t the case for long. “A Riverwalk Christmas” is a very appealing read, especially those that know San Antonio and the beautiful, fun Riverwalk. Gabriela and Miiguel’s story sounds different, where Miguel has hurt her family – and it must be difficult for Miguel to hope that her family accept him. Good story material and I’d enjoy reading it. Thanks for the giveaway and the chance to win this sweet story that will put us in the Christmas spirit. I hope I win!!

    Merry Christmas,
    Barb Shelton
    barbjan10 at tx dot rr dot com

  • Hey Barb,
    My father-in-law lived in San Antonio and several summers ago, we went to the Riverwalk. It was gorgeous. We even rode one of those little boats down the river.

  • I think one of the reasons that people have enjoyed this book is that it brings them back to San Antonio and the fun and romantic memories of the Riverwalk. That’s one of my goals as a writer, to help people take a trip in their imaginations, if only for a little while! Thanks for stopping by….

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