Lorna Seilstad – Real life Romance – Part 2 of 3

Shannon here: Revell debut author, Lorna Seilstad shares another glimpse into her real life romance. Leave a comment on any post dated Aug. 30 – Sept 4  for a chance to win her historical romance, Making Waves. Deadline Sept 4, 8:00 PM Central. New Rules: I’ll post the winner’s name in the comments on Sept 4. If you find your name, go to the contact page on the website and send me your address. Here’s Lorna:

As I said, I knew I was going to marry David the day I met him, but our dating time was far from smooth sailing. David knew all about wooing a woman, but hadn’t been friends with a woman on a long term basis. I had been friends with a lot of guys, but I wasn’t used to handling the overwhelming feelings. David also wasn’t sure he wanted to be in love with me or anyone else. He wasn’t ready to give up his single life. We’d break up, but we couldn’t stay apart long. It seemed that we’d take two steps forward and one step back on a regular basis.

I began to grow weary and doubt my first feelings. After all, how long could I wait for David to make up his mind? Truthfully, I wanted to give up. This relationship thing was just too hard. 

One night, I began to pray, begging God for direction. I’d been reading about Gideon laying out a fleece in Judges 6, and decided to lay out one of my own. I said, “God, if you want me to stay with David, just give me a flat tire on my car tomorrow.” Almost immediately, I took it back and told God to forget it.

The next morning, I hurried to get ready to go to work. I stepped onto the porch and stopped cold. There, in the driveway, was my car with a flat tire. My whole body shook.

When my dad took the tire in, there was no hole, and they couldn’t explain why it went flat.

I could.

Two and half, sometimes rocky years later we were married. The words from that letter came true. “When you are ready, I’ll surprise you with a love far more wonderful than any you would ever dream.”

I think God knew I needed the flat tire and the original feelings to stick with this relationship. David is a man who gives 110% to everything he does. That included marriage. The reason he’d been reluctant to commit was he understood how significant that commitment was. I had to learn about resting in God’s timing and a lot of other things.

God brought us together from across the world. He worked out the five year age difference and kept us exclusively for each other. He answered my prayers for a man of God, for a man I could easily respect, and for a man I could serve the Lord beside.

I didn’t expect him to come in a 6’6” package, but I’m sure glad he did!

Come back Sept. 3 for a glimpse into the fictional romance of Lorna’s characters and an excerpt from Making Waves.


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  • Dawn Ford says:

    It always surprises me how young you two look in your wedding pictures. It may have been a rocky road, but it stuck and it stuck right. It’s a message all of our kids should take to heart.

  • Sometimes that fleece is the only thing that makes any sense, isn’t it? Thanks for sharing this, Lorna. God is amazing, isn’t He?

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  • Stephanie Smith says:

    I love the flat tire part. Wow, God was obvious in that one!! 🙂

  • I’m enjoying your beautiful story about you and your husband. It reminds me of all the trials my husband of 29 yrs. and I had before and after we were married. But our faith has been strong and the Lord knew what he was doing when he sent me him. I thank him every day for all he does. Yes, God is amazing!

    I’m sorry, but I don’t have a blog yet…someday maybe. I do so enjoy all the Christian book blogs as well as others. Thank you for the entry in your giveaway. Making Waves looks like a really good read, and the cover is beautiful.

    Blessings to all,


  • JoAnne says:

    Incredible!!! It is a wonderful & loving God we serve!! I love this Lorna! May you both have many years to come! God bless!

  • Barb Shelton says:

    How courageous to lay out the fleece! That was no coincidence…I might call it a Godincidence. What a beautiful show of faith and trust in the Lord, Lorna. Did you tell David right away about that? I wouldn’t have known whether to laugh or cry. That’s a wonderful story to hand down thru generations. I want to read your book and thank you for adding it for a giveaway. Thank you, Shannon for the chance.

    Grace & Peace in Christ,
    Barb Shelton
    barbjan10 at tx dot rr dot com

  • Thank you all for sharing my story!

    Dawn, are you saying I look old? Hmmmm. I thought we were friends.

    Regina, yes, God is truly amazing.

    Stephanie, I think you know a little about God bringing you to the love of your life on the long road.

    Sandy, I think that rocky dating times often make the first year of marriage easier because you’ve already worked out some of the kinks. What do you think?

  • JoAnne, thank you! I hope God blesses me with many more years by David’s side.

    Hi Barb. I’m trying to remember when I told David about the flat tire. Maybe after we were engaged. Just thinking about it still gives me chills.

    Ann, thank you for stopping by.

  • Julia says:

    What a beautiful story. I am teary-eyed. And I love that you called yourself a professional “wiper.” As a homeschool mom to 2 young kids that’s my stage right now so its so encouraging.

  • Julia, bless you. I know how hard those days can be and how important they are to your 2 children. You have the most important job in the world. Enjoy every minute.

  • Sylvia M. says:

    Oh, I just read this story and about cried. It shows that God does still work out His plan in people’s lives for who they will marry. It is a great encouragement to all of us single people! 🙂

    This book sounds great! I read somewhere that you used to belong to a forum and would write fan fiction on there. Was that the Cheney Duvall, M.D. forum? I love that series and the follow-up series. I wish there would be a continuation.

  • I appreciate Lorna sharing her story this week. Sylvia won the drawing for Making Waves! Contact me and we’ll make arrangements to collect your book.

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