Lisa J. Lickel – Romantic Fictional Interview – Part 2 of 3

Shannon here: Black Lyon Publishing author, Lisa J. Lickel shares a romantic interview with her hero and heroine from her book, Meander Scar. Comment on any post dated Nov 1 -5 for a chance to win a copy. Deadline: Nov 6, 8:00 PM, Central. Here’s Lisa:

Blurb for Meander Scar:

Ann Ballard’s husband, Gene, has to be dead. After seven years of no word, no clues, she is more than ready to get her stagnant life flowing again in a positive direction. When former neighbor Mark Roth, now a respected attorney, shows up and wants to help with the legal aspects, she wonders if she can accept his attractive offer.

Mark has loved Ann forever. She was the only one who supported him when his own family was unavailable. Through gentle wooing, Mark convinces Ann that his dream of happiness for them can come true. Together they face disapproving family members and the legal maneuverings of Gene’s elite family. In a bizarre twist of fate, Ann learns what happened to her husband. How can she tell the truth when it may ruin more lives–hers included?

Just when Ann and Mark overcome the last hurdle, their lives hit the hardest rock of all. Now it’s Mark’s turn to be truthful to Ann, himself, and the faith he professes.

      1.    What’s the most romantic thing your heroine ever did for your hero?

On Mark and Ann’s first Christmas as a couple, Ann bought a book of love sonnets and embroidered a bookmark for him. They’d only been together for a few weeks, and while Mark was completely committed to Ann and told her repeatedly how much he loved her, she had some difficulty returning the favor. But when she could finally tell him she loved him, too, it was as permanent and lovingly uniquely crafted as her stitches.

      2.    Where is the most romantic place your hero and heroine have ever been?

Mark proposed to Ann on the bridge by Apple Orchard Falls at George Washington National Park in Virginia. It was beautiful, long overdue, and video recorded by Japanese tourists who clapped afterward.

      3.     What’s the most romantic present your hero ever bought your heroine?

Mark knew he wanted to marry Ann, so for their first Christmas he gave her part of a set of jewelry that he purchased – the diamond and rose-carved onyx earrings that went with the ring he would eventually give her when he proposed, and a necklace he planned to give her as a wedding gift. When Ann unwrapped that little box, she was a bit unnerved, even after she opened it and realized how expensive they were.

      4.    What simple gesture does your hero do that melts your heroine every time?

He drives in. Whenever Ann knows he’s coming, she stands by her door and watches for him.

      5.    What is the most caring thing your heroine has ever done for your hero?

This sounds a little odd, but Ann is ready to commit perjury to keep from hurting Mark or other members of her family. Ann’s husband had disappeared many years before Mark showed up in her adult life. He offers to help her fight her mother in law to put her husband’s estate to rest. When she falls for this impossibly romantic, young, idealistic man, but later discovers the truth of her husband’s disappearance, she has a choice: let the matter rest, or tell the truth and destroy their happiness.

Come back Nov 5 for a romantic excerpt from Lisa’s book, Meander Scar.

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  • Laura Frantz says:

    Wonderful to see Lisa here. Great questions ~ and answers! The cover is so lovely and intriguing. Will be back to read the excerpt! Bless you both, Shannon and Lisa!

  • Hi Laura,
    Thanks for stopping by. I loved the cover too and that wonder title. I just love the word meander anyway and putting it with scar is so interesting.

    Hi Rebecca,
    Glad you figured out how to comment.

  • Lisa Lickel says:

    Thank you, Shannon and Laura, I’m honored – I so loved your frontier stories, and Rebecca. It’s nice to be here. I confess I’m always surprised by my covers, but that’s okay. The colors are pretty cool, and who doesn’t want to see forty-somethings with great slim hips in jeans?

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