Leeann Betts – Character Interview – Part 1 of 1

Shannon here: Inspirational author, Leeann Betts shares insight into her characters’ romance from her contemporary suspense title, No Accounting for Murder. Comment or answer the question at the end of the post to enter the drawing for a copy. Deadline: Oct 1st, 11:59 pm central time. Here’s Leeann:

Leeann BettsNo Accounting for Murder by Leeann Betts

  • What’s the most romantic thing your hero ever did for your heroine?

Mike bought her fluffy cat slippers at the Albuquerque Airport.

  • Do your hero and heroine have as favorite romantic restaurant?

Mike’s idea of a romantic restaurant would be one where a violin player goes around between the tables. Carly thinks anywhere is romantic so long as Mike is with her.

  • Do your hero and heroine have a favorite song?

Stand By Your Man sung by Tammy Wynette. Carly is kind of old-fashioned that way. She and Mike dance to it every time it plays on the radio.

  • What’s the most romantic present your heroine ever bought your hero?

Because Carly understands Mike’s definition of romantic, she bought him a stud finder for Christmas, then followed him around the house, pressing the TEST button, so it kept going off, indicating a stud was near – him.

  • What is your hero’s favorite romantic vacation destination?

Mike, being a computer programmer, likes to look at vacation the same way he looks at life: can it serve more than one purpose? For him, a great vacation would be a working vacation on a dude ranch, as in There Was a Crooked Man,  or a college reunion, as in Five and Twenty Blackbirds.

  • What is your heroine’s favorite romantic vacation destination?

Carly’s idea of a great vacation is not having to cook and being able to solve a mystery, so a cruise would fit the bill perfectly because of all the food, and with so many people confined in one area, there is bound to be someone ending up dead.

About Leeann: Leeann Betts writes contemporary suspense, while her real-life persona, Donna Schlachter, pens historical suspense. She has released four titles in her By the Numbers series, with Broke, Busted, and Disgusted due for release November 2016. In addition, Leeann has written a devotional for accountants, bookkeepers, and financial folk, Counting the Days, and with her real-life persona, Donna Schlachter, has published a book on writing, Nuggets of Writing Gold, a compilation of essays, articles, and exercises on the craft. She publishes a free quarterly newsletter that includes a book review and articles on writing and books of interest to readers and writers. You can subscribe at www.LeeannBetts.com or follow Leeann at www.AllBettsAreOff.wordpress.com All books are available on Amazon.com in digital and print. Learn more and connect: Leeann’s Facebook          Leeann’s Twitter

About the book – No Accounting for Murder: Carly Turnquist, forensic accountant, has a nose for mysteries. When a less-than-desirable business has their building permit approved under the table, Carly gets suspicious. But when money is embezzled and her daughter is suspected, her hackles are raised. Will Carly solve both mysteries–or will she end up as dead as the mayor?

Question for Readers: Do you wear houseshoes or slippers? If so, year round or only in the winter? What do they look like?

Come back Sept 26th for Elizabeth Maddrey!


7 Responses to “Leeann Betts – Character Interview – Part 1 of 1”

  • Leeann Betts says:

    Hi Shannon: Thanks for letting me stop by and spend time with your readers.Looking forward to sending a lucky winner a free book! And I wear slippers. Grey fuzzy ones. Wish I had a pair of cat slippers 🙂

  • angela says:

    I wear houseshoes year around. They look like house shoes and are pink. I used to have house shoes that looked like cats.

  • For the majority of the year, I’m barefoot when in my house. But when it gets cold, I love houseshoes. I have a pair that are black booties that go up to a few inches below my knee. I love them. In the winter, my feet get really cold, but these keep me toasty.

    When I was a kid, I had those huge, puffy, fuzzy pink houseshoes. We had a poodle and she’d bite at them when I walked. It made me so frustrated for her to constantly nip at my houseshoes, but she loved them as much as I did. Just for different reasons.

  • Shelia Hall says:

    terrycloth slippers in summer and fuzzy houseshoes in winter

  • Linda Moffitt says:

    In the summer I usually wear Crocs and in the winter slippers, not fancy, just plain black. But I would wear silly & fun ones. I just usually buy the cheap, on sale ones and they are usually just plain. Thanks for sharing your book looks great.

  • Leeann Betts says:

    These are great. Love the story, Shannon, about the poodle. And I’m with you, Linda. If they aren’t on sale, I don’t buy them. Usually end up waiting for hubby to get me some for Christmas, after I leave about 20 suggestions 🙂

  • I have a winner! Angela Chesnut won the drawing. I appreciate Leeann for being my guest and everyone else for stopping by.

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