Laura V. Hilton – Romantic Excerpt – Part 3 of 3

Shannon here: Amish romance author, Laura V. Hilton shares an excerpt from her latest release, Surrendered Love, plus a chance to win a copy. Comment on any post dated April 29 – May 3 to get your name in the drawing. Deadline: May 11th, 11:59 pm central time. Here’s Laura:

Surrendered Love by Laura V. HiltonLaura V. Hilton

Excerpt from Surrendered Love by Laura V. Hilton:

Chapter 1

The police officer sorting though the Gala apples reminded Janna Kauffman of Hiram Troyer, but this Englischer couldn’t be her teenage crush. With a sigh, she focused at the display in front of her. Cabbage. She picked up a head. Homemade coleslaw sounded good to go with the hamburgers and baked beans she planned for supper. She put the cabbage in the cart, but couldn’t keep from glancing at the gut-looking officer again. Dark blond hair, cut in a fancy hairstyle, a trim build…Ach, she shouldn’t be noticing things like that about an Englischer.

Janna looked away but not before he glanced at her. She did a double take. She thought his eyes were blue, like Hiram’s, but she didn’t get a good view before he turned his back and walked away. Probably headed for the doughnuts. She smiled and turned her attention to her shopping list. Ten five-pound bags of carrots…

When she put the carrots in her cart, the hair on the back of her neck tingled as if someone were watching her. She turned, and caught the policeman’s glance just before it slid away. A thrill shot through her, that an Englischer might be attracted to her, an Amish woman, but she stifled it. His interest was a moot point. Of course, he might have just been curious about why she’d loaded so many carrots into the shopping cart.

He disappeared around the corner of an aisle. She turned her attention back to her list. A bag of oranges for Emma Brunstettler. Emma believed an orange a day kept sickness away. It seemed to work for her. Janna selected ten ripe ones and put them in Emma’s mesh bag. The hair on the back of her neck rose again along with her pulse. Her breath hitched.

She wouldn’t look. Instead, she turned to put the oranges in the cart, but missed the edge, and they went rolling all over the floor.

“Klutz.” A woman carrying a hand basket stepped over them and hurried away.

As Janna bent to pick up the first of the escaped fruit, she noticed a man wearing blue pants approaching. She hoped it wasn’t the store manager coming to yell at her. Or even worse, it might be the police officer witnessing her klutzy humiliation. She didn’t know which would be worse. She dared a glance up as he crouched and helped her pick up the oranges. The police officer. He grinned as he handed her the ones he’d collected. She stretched out a shaking hand for the fruit while trying to keep her burning face averted as she stuffed the fruit back into the bag.

His smile would have made her weak in the knees, if she weren’t already squatting. Even so, she put one hand on the floor to keep her balance. He stood, picked up his few grocery items from the edge of a display, and turned to go.

She found her voice. “Danki.”

He glanced back at her and winked. “Careful with those oranges. They’ll get you every time.”

About Laura: Award winning author, Laura Hilton, her husband, Steve, and their five children make their home in Horseshoe Bend, Arkansas. She is a pastor’s wife, a stay-at-home mom and home-schools three of her children. Her two oldest children are homeschool graduates and are in college. Laura is also a breast cancer survivor.

Her publishing credits include three books in the Amish of Seymour series from Whitaker House: Patchwork Dreams, A Harvest of Hearts, and Promised to Another. And the Amish of Webster County series, Healing Love. Surrendered Love releases April 2013, and the third book will release September 2013. A nonAmish book The Appalachian Ballad Quilt will release November 2014 from Abingdon Press. Laura is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers. Laura is a professional book reviewer for the Christian market, with over a thousand book reviews published at various online review sites. Learn more and connect:, Twitter: Laura_V_Hilton, Blogs: or or

About the book – Surrendered Love: Janna Kauffman loves grocery shopping for the homebound in her Amish community. When Janna’s sister washes her hands of her rebellious daughter, Meghan, and sends her to live with her Amish relatives, Janna is spending less time shopping and more time explaining Meghan’s actions to police officer Hiram “Troy” Troyer. Formerly Amish Troy becomes a regular part of Janna and Meghan’s lives as Meghan continues to act out due to her Englisch mother’s rejection. Could God tame a headstrong teenager and help Janna and Troy find love in the midst of it all?

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