Krista Phillips – Real Life Romance – Part 1 of 1

Shannon here: Romantic comedy author, Krista Phillips shares her first kiss from her husband, plus a chance to win a copy of her book, Sandwich with a Side of Romance. Comment on any post dated Sept 3rd – 8th to get your name in the drawing. Deadline: Sept 15th, 11:59 pm central time. Here’s Krista:


My husband and I met when I was 17.

While not the safest method, we met in an Internet chatroom. Still not sure what possessed my parents to be okay with it. I’m convinced it had to be a God thing because I can’t imagine letting my daughter “talk” to a strange man on the Internet!

I lived in Northern Minnesota at the time, and he lived in North Carolina. We “met” in July, and he arranged to fly up to meet me in person the week of Christmas.

Being the young, crazy couple we were, we planned out the week meticulously, down to whether or not we would “kiss.”

The plan was: IF everything went well, sparks flew in both directions, and we were “ready” to kiss that week… we wanted to wait until Christmas Eve for our first kiss. This was about four days after his arrival.

Looking back, I roll my eyes. But it sounded like a good plan at the time.

He arrived, and yeah. There were sparks. Lots of them.

I was head over heels in love, and for him, the feeling was mutual.

The days ticked by. We didn’t talk about kissing. Neither mentioned it. But we did a lot of hand holding. We did a lot of thinking about it.

The day before Christmas Eve arrived, and we were both anxious. That evening, after everyone else went to bed (Yes, he was staying at our house, sleeping in my little brother’s room who got relegated to the couch!) we sat out in the living room talking. On purpose. For a long time.

Long enough that the clock rolled around approaching midnight.

About 5 minutes till, Scott excused himself into the bathroom. I’m thinking, okay. This kinda kills the anticipatory romance of the situation!

Yeah, he went to go brush his teeth and get some mouth freshener. HA!

The clock struck midnight, and my sweet, wonderful man who I was convinced I would love forever took my face in his hands and claimed my lips, and thus my heart, for his own.

It was my first kiss.

We married less than a year later. I’m super happy to say that he’s the only man I’ve ever kissed. And of course, every day-before-Christmas-Eve, we stay up until midnight and recreate it!

About Krista: Krista Phillips writes inspirational romantic comedy. She believes a sprinkle of laughter (and a wee bit of chocolate) makes everything a little better! She blogs regularly about life as a wife, mother, follower of Jesus, and mother of a child with a rare congenital heart defect at Her debut novel, “Sandwich, With a Side of Romance,” releases in September, 2012 from Abingdon Press. Learn more:, and

About the book: Sandwich, with a Side of Romance

She moved to Sandwich, Illinois, in search of a new life, but ended up in a giant pickle.

Sandwich represents hope for twenty-year-old Maddie Buckner and Kyle, the eleven-year-old brother Maddie wants to spring out of foster care. Then she loses her new job after less than a day. It’s all Reuben-the-Jerk’s fault, and she’s determined to make him right the wrong.   

He does so, reluctantly, by giving her a job at his restaurant, The Sandwich Emporium. Then crazy things start happening at the restaurant, and Kyle’s foster parents apply to adopt him. To stop it all, Maddie must learn the art of humbling herself and accepting the help God has arranged, risking her heart to Reuben in the process.  

And she’d rather eat a million corned-beef on rye sandwiches than do that.

Come back Sept 5th for a post on my latest research trip and a chance to win my latest release, Rodeo Ashes. I actually have copies now!

7 Responses to “Krista Phillips – Real Life Romance – Part 1 of 1”

  • Sylvia M. says:

    Oh, that’s a beautiful story, Krista. 🙂 You must have been brave to start up a relationship online. I don’t think I could do that. It’s nice that you two took your first kiss seriously. Some people seem to throw kisses around with various people so much that it’s sad.

  • Illene Stewart says:

    I love the kiss story. So sweet.

  • angela chesnut says:

    Love the Title. Would love to win.

  • Shirley Blanchard says:

    i would love to win the book,Sandwich with a Side of Romance. i love reading your sweet story.

  • Thanks everyone for stopping by!

    Sylvia… I was 17 years old. It could be argued that I was more stupid than brave, HA! But God worked it out for good and I am truly thankful!

    And I agree, kisses are special and not ones to be given out to just anyone:-)

  • Deb Ragno says:

    What a sweet story! Your book sounds like it will be a fun read.

  • I have a winner. Shirley Blanchard won Krista’s book. I appreciate Krista for being here and everyone else for stopping by.

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