Kelly Klepfer – Recipe for Romance – Part 2 of 2

Shannon here: Kelly Klepfer shares a yummy sounding dessert recipe plus a chance to win her Cozy Romantic Mystery title, Out of the Frying Pan. Comment or answer the question at the end of any post dated Nov 17 – 20 to enter the drawing. Deadline: Nov 26th, 11:59 pm central time. Here’s Kelly:

Out of the Frying Pan by Kelly KlepferKelly Klepfer



Peanut Butter Fudge Pie


15-20 double stuff Oreos with middle included

Pulverize these into crumbs. The middle should make these crumbs stick together. If not go ahead and dump in a TBSP of butter or coconut oil.

Press into a 7 x 11 or large pie pan and chill. If you have enough crumbs and want to reserve some to sprinkle over the top do so.

Ganache Fluff

1 package chocolate chips (12 ounce) (you can use milk chocolate if desired)

1 Cup creamy peanut butter

1 10 ounce package of marshmallows

3/4 Cup of milk or coconut milk if you are a fan of coconut

8 – 12 ounce container of cool whip

Melt all together. Stirring constantly. When smooth set aside to cool. When cool to the touch whip with the mixer attachment until creamy and fluffier, then fold the cool whip carefully into the chocolate mixture. Scoop into pan. Sprinkle with reserved crumbs if you saved any.

The picture shows a 7 x 13 bar that was only chilled a few hours. The longer you chill the better so make the night before for best results. A pie pan will give thicker results.

So. If you want it to be a Smore’s pie. Make the crust graham cracker and skip the peanut butter in the filling. I’d use the 16 ounce cool whip container though.

About Kelly: Kelly Klepfer had ambitions to graduate from the school of life quite awhile ago, but alas . . . she still attends and is tested regularly. Her co-authored cozy/quirky mystery, Out of the Frying Pan, is the culmination of several of the failed/passed tests. Kelly, though she lives with her husband, two Beagles and two hedgehogs in Iowa, can be found at Novel Rocket, Novel Reviews, Scrambled Dregs, Modern Day Mishaps, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Goodreads and Twitter with flashes of brilliance (usually quotes), randomocities, and learned life lessons. Zula and Fern Hopkins and their shenanigans can be found at Zu-fer where you always get more than you bargained for.

About the book – Out of the Frying Pan: When the chef of Sunset Paradise Retirement Village ends up dead, life for sisters Fern and Zula Hopkins is whipped into a froth. Their zany attempts to track down the killer land them in hot water with Detective Jared Flynn. Should he be concerned about their safety or the criminal’s?

But there are deadly ingredients none of them expect. Drugs. Extortion. International cartels. And worst of all…broken hearts–especially when the Hopkins sisters’ niece KC arrives on the scene.

Before the snooping pair gain any headway with the case, it becomes crystal clear that the sisters discover a mysterious secret that takes life from the frying pan and into the line of fire.

Question for Readers: What is your favorite dessert flavor?

Come back Nov 24th for Bonnie Leon!


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