Kathleen Fuller – Romantic Real Life Interview – Part 1 of 1

Shannon here: Amish Fiction author, Kathleen Fuller shares a glimpse into her real life romance and a chance to win a copy of her book: Treasuring Emma. Comment on this post only for a chance to win. Deadline: July 13, 11:59 pm central time. Here’s Kathleen:

1. What’s the most romantic thing your spouse has ever done for you?

I don’t find the typical romantic gestures as romantic as the everyday gestures or things he does for me. This may sound un-romantic, but how James has stood by my side for every surgery, procedure, and doctor appointment he was able to during my battle with thyroid cancer has shown how much he loves me. In my opinion, there’s nothing more romantic than that.

2. What’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done for your spouse?

He might say the time I helped him build the chicken coop. See? We’re not the most romantic pair ever. 😉

3. Where is the most romantic place you and your spouse have ever been?

It has to be a tie between Petit Jean Mountain in Arkansas and St. Petersburg in Florida. Two totally different places, but they both have special meaning to us. We went hiking in Petit Jean when we were dating and had our honeymoon in St. Petersburg. I’d love to go back to both places.

4. Do you and your spouse have a favorite romantic restaurant? 

We both like the Old Mill Winery in Geneva, OH. It has a tavern like atmosphere that we enjoy. We can relax there and not have to worry about which fork to use. 😉

5. Do you and your spouse have a favorite song?

 Our tastes are so different, but we both like the James Bond theme. I’m not even kidding.

6. What’s the most romantic present your spouse ever bought for you?

My engagement ring. It’s unique and beautiful—a round diamond with baguettes (sp? that sounds like bread instead of jewels) on either side. I’ve been married 18 years and I still get compliments on the ring. It will never look dated, and he chose it himself.

7. What’s the most romantic present you ever bought your spouse?

Massages. He loves them.

8. Do you and your spouse have a favorite romantic vacation destination?

We love going to Amish country—Holmes county in particular. I don’t go there for research anymore, just to enjoy the peacefulness there. He likes it because he’s a farmer at heart, and enjoys driving around and looking at the farmland.

9. What simple gesture does your spouse do that melts you every time?

When he tells me “We’ll make it, no matter what.”

10. How soon after meeting your spouse did you know he/she was the one?

Um, two days?

11. How soon after meeting you did your spouse know you were the one?

It took him a little longer, about two months.

12. Who is most romantic, you or your spouse?

He is. I write romance, but I’m the most unromantic person on the planet.

13. What is the most caring thing your spouse has ever done for you?

Too many to count. When you’ve been married as long as we have, there’s so many caring moments and gestures throughout our marriage. We don’t keep track or score.

14. What is the most caring thing you’ve ever done for your spouse?

You’d have to ask him!

15. Who said, “I love you” first, you or your spouse?

I did. I also asked him out first. I’m not exactly old-fashioned.

16. Where did you and your spouse go for your honeymoon?

St. Petersburg, Florida. We spent two weeks and it was wonderful!

About Kathleen: Kathleen Fuller is the best-selling author of the Hearts of Middlefield series. She’s written over twenty books and is also published in non-fiction. She and her husband James have three teenaged children and live in Geneva, OH.

About the Book: Emma was Adam’s first love but circumstances made them both choose different paths in life. Emma’s heart breaks all over again when Adam returns to the Amish community of Middlefield, Ohio, years later. With Adam’s return come feelings Emma’s long buried. They’re older and life hasn’t turned out the way they thought it would. Adam’s feelings for Emma are stronger than ever, but will he be able to convince her to put others aside and give their love a chance?

Come back July 8  for Historical Romance author, Elizabeth Camden.

17 Responses to “Kathleen Fuller – Romantic Real Life Interview – Part 1 of 1”

  • Sheila Deeth says:

    Now I have the James Bond theme (loved by me and my husband too) running round in my head. Nice interview–nice to meet you, and I’ll look out for your book. I like the title and the cover.

  • Kim F says:

    What a fun interview – I love that they see the every day interactions with each other as romantic – just how it should be! I also find riding around the amish countryside relaxing and calming

  • Judy K Burgi says:

    I loved the interview. Kathleen is such a down home person just like me! No frills, no pretense, be who God intended you to be! I love your books Kathleen and I have read every single one of them!!

    Praying you are recovering fully from your thyroid cancer!

  • sadie crandle says:

    As always, a great interview. I love your books, but have never had a signed one … so can I have this one, please? 🙂 Hope the painting goes well …

  • I would love to win a copy of this book.

  • Carolyn Jefferson says:

    A great interview. I’d love to win a copy of the book.
    Love reading all your books.

  • Arlene Kirk says:

    Kathy, how I loved your answers and the truthfulness you shared in your interview. I especially like the everyday things that each one does for the other that has built and kept your marriage love life healthy! Words will not express how much I enjoy your books you have written. Thank you for sharing your talent! (Oh, yes, I will read this book whether I win it or not)!

  • Hi , I really enjoyed reading your romantic real life interview with Kathleen Fuller–Part 1. She is such a talented and gifted writer. Seeing a glimpse of her “romantic life” is such a privilege to us all. She is such a down to earth human being who has so much to offer in life. From this interview, you can see what an incredible relationship she has with her husband–so simple, so beautiful, so dedicated. Her love for her husband shines through. In a way, I feel like I have so much in common with her. My husband is not the gushy, mushy romantic type, but from his actions , his support, and his amazing dedication to me and our family…I know how much he loves me.
    Of course, I would love to win a copy of Kathy’s book, Treasuring Emma. But, regardless if I win a copy of her novel or not, I will definetly read her book.

  • Enjoyed the interview. I would love to win a copy of Kathy’s book.

  • Karen Gervais says:

    What a nice interview!! I enjoy reading Kathleen Fuller’s books and would love a chance to win Treasuring Emma. Thank you.

  • Sandra Kaczanowcke says:

    I’ve read quite a few of Kathy’s books and have even been lucky enough to win some and have them autographed. Kathy is a wonderful and caring lady. She specifically autographed books especially for my mother when she knew I was going to give them to her. I really enjoy being FB friends with her and I’m so glad she is recovering from her thyroid cancer. I haven’t read Treasuring Emma yet, so would certainly be glad to win a copy.
    Thanks for interviewing Kathy and giving us a chance to win Treasuring Emma.

  • Ola Norman says:

    I enjoyed learning about Kathleen and her writing. Treasuring Emma sounds like a great read.

  • Julie Bish says:

    I can’t wait to read Treasuring Emma.

  • Julie Bish says:

    I can’t wait to read Treasuring Emma!

  • Sandy Barnes says:

    Was so surprised to see the Middlefield Series! Living in Wayne County, the Amish are neighbors, no matter where you go. My husband used to work for Trusco, here in Doylestown, and made trips to the Middlefield plant, where many Amish were employed. Enjoying the reading,….it makes life good!

  • Wow, lots of comments. Glad everyone’s enjoying the interview.

  • stvannatter says:

    Oops! Forgot to announce: Kristin Jager won the drawing for Kathleen’s book. I appreciate everyone who stopped by.

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