Karla Akins – Romantic Real Life Interview – Part 2 of 2

Shannon here: Women’s fiction author Karla Akins shares a glimpse into her real life romance plus a chance to win an e-book copy of her latest release, The Pastor’s Wife Wears Biker Boots. Comment to get your name in the drawing. Deadline: Sept. 17th, 11:59 pm central time. Here’s Karla:

The Pastor's Wife Wears Biker Boots by Karla AkinsKarla Akins

  •  Where is the most romantic place you and your spouse have ever been?

We rode our motorcycles from Northeast Indiana to Mackinac Island and stayed at a hotel on the shore of Lake Huron across from the island in Mackinaw City. That might not seem very romantic to some, but to be alone together on that trip was wonderful.

  • Do you and your spouse have a favorite romantic vacation destination?

I’d say it’s up by Lake Michigan. Actually, we live with so many people, anywhere we can be ALONE is romantic! Sometimes we just go out to the car and sit in the driveway to be by ourselves! (We live with our adult kids with disabilities and his mother who has Alzheimer’s.)

  • How soon after meeting your spouse did you know he was the one?

Six days after we met we got engaged.

  •  How soon after meeting you did your spouse know you were the one?

Six days. It was a mutual thing. We just knew. I’d say we even knew the first night.

  •  Who is most romantic, you or your spouse?

I am definitely more romantic than he is. But he’s gotten better as he’s gotten older which proves to me how much he loves me. Plus, things I considered romantic when we were young are superficial to me now. Now romance comes in many forms.

  • What is the most caring thing your spouse has ever done for you?

Taking care of me when I was ill. Putting up with my chronic pain issues and not complaining about my limitations. It’s difficult to live with someone in pain. Also, he is the most amazing father. We have twins with autism, and he is so good with them and always has been. He’s also my greatest cheerleader, and I love hearing him talk about me to other people. It’s so precious.

  •  What is the most caring thing you’ve ever done for your spouse?

The same. Taking care of one another when we are ill. And also supporting him in his ministry wherever it has taken us. Being there when times are tough at the church to listen and support him and not allow him to get discouraged.

About Karla: Karla Akins is a pastor’s wife, mother of five, and grandma to five beautiful little girls. She lives in Northeast Indiana with her husband, twin teenage boys with autism, mother-in-law with Alzheimer’s and three rambunctious dogs. When she’s not writing she’s dreaming of riding her motorcycle through the mountains or finding treasure.

About the book – The Pastor’s Wife Wears Biker Boots: Pastor’s wife, Kirstie Donovan, lives life in a fishbowl, so when she hops on the back of a bright pink motorcycle, tongues start to wag at the conservative, century-old First Independent Christian Community Church of Eels Falls. Kirstie loves roaring down a road less traveled by most women over forty, but she’s not just riding her bike for the fun of it. Kirstie has a ministry.

However, certain church members have secrets to hide, and when God uses Kirstie’s ministry to fill the pews with leather-clad, tattooed bikers, those secrets could be exposed…and some will stop at nothing to hide the truth. Join Kirstie and her motorcycle “gang” – two church matrons and a mouthy, gum-smacking non-church member – as they discover that road-toughened bikers are quite capable of ministering to others, and faith is fortified in the most unexpected ways.

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