June Foster – Character Interview – Part 2 of 2

Shannon here: Inspirational author, June Foster shares insight into her characters’ romance from her September release, Christmas at Raccoon Creek. Comment or answer the question at the end of any post dated July 18 – 21. Winner will receive the book in Sept. Deadline: July 30th, 11:59 pm central time. Here’s June:

Christmas at Raccoon Creek by June FosterJune Foster

  • Where is the most romantic place your hero and heroine have ever been?

Emily Eason and Lance Hardwicke’s story is inspirational romance but different than any I’ve ever written since my other books are contemporary. Shh, don’t tell, but my novella, Christmas in Raccoon Creek, is a time-travel story. Though Emily lives in present day Alabama, the most romantic place she finds herself, literally, is in a unique, nineteen-fifties soda fountain drinking a “white cow” with handsome pharmacist, Lance Hardwicke. The soda fountain is the most romantic place for Lance as well, but for a different reason. The sight of the otherworldly, intriguing Emily makes him dizzy.

  • What’s the most romantic present your hero ever bought your heroine?

Since Lance owns Hardwicke’s Drugs and Gifts and the year is 1953, he’s sure Emily will love the curved bottle of Shalimar Perfume with the ornate, glass top.

  • What’s the most romantic present your heroine ever bought your hero?

Emily’s an expert at knitting so she makes Lance a warm, wooly scarf in Auburn University’s colors, blue and orange. Since Lance went to pharmacy school there, he loves it, and since it’s a cold, snowy winter in Alabama, the scarf warms his neck. But a scarf isn’t generally considered  the most romantic of gifts. Let’s just say, the reader will discover at the end of the story why it’s special and not just any old scarf.

  •  What is the most caring thing your hero has ever done for your heroine?

Lance rescues Emily from freezing to death in the Alabama woods when she can’t find her way back to Raccoon Creek.

  •  How soon after meeting the hero did the heroine know he was the one?

Fifty years and one week later. Now don’t be confused by this answer. Remember, I mentioned on the first question that Christmas in Raccoon Creek was a time travel novel.

  • Who said, “I love you” first, your hero or your heroine?

The heroine. Though Emily is not ordinarily forward, she confessed she loved Lance in a vulnerable moment when she realized Lance was the kindest, most loving guy she’d ever met.

About June: An award-winning author, June Foster is a retired teacher with a BA in education and MA in counseling. June has written four novels for Desert Breeze Publishing. The Bellewood Series, Give Us This Day, As We Forgive, and Deliver Us, and Hometown Fourth of JulyRyan’s Father is available from WhiteFire Publishing. Red and the Wolf, a modern day retelling of Little Red Riding Hood and The Almond Tree Series, For All Eternity, Echoes From the Past, and What God Knew are available from Amazon.com. Misty Hollow and A New Family are published by Helping Hands Press and available at Amazon. June enjoys writing stories about characters who overcome the circumstances in their lives by the power of God and His Word. Learn more and connect: June’s Website.

About the book – Christmas at Raccoon Creek:

When love spans the decades

Emily Eason wants to distance herself from her parents’ opulent lifestyle in Birmingham, Alabama, and enjoy life in the rural village of Raccoon Creek and her fifties-style home. But after gazing into the little snow globe she purchased from Hardwicke’s Drugs and Gifts, she finds herself transported to another time—her grandmother’s era.

Lance Hardwicke is the pharmacist and owner of Hardwicke’s Drugs. Four years of pharmacy school didn’t allow for much of a social life. Gorgeous Emily Eason, nurse and resident of Raccoon Creek, has captured his attention. The next time she comes in the store, he’s determined to ask her out. Maybe take her to Birmingham to see the Christmas lights in his brand new orange and white ’53 Pontiac Pathfinder.

Can love span the fifty-year gap standing between them?

Question for Readers: What is your favorite Christmas decoration?

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