Julie Jarnagin – Real life Romance – Part 2 of 3

The Proposal

             When Kevin and I were dating in college, our favorite spot was a local coffee shop. We spent hours sitting in a booth, getting to know each other. One of our favorite things to do over sugary coffee was taking turns coming up with questions, which we would both answer. “What is your favorite movie?” “What was the best vacation you’ve ever taken?”  “If you had gone to an out of state college, which one would you have chosen?” It was fun, and we laughed a lot.

            One night, it wasn’t unexpected when Kevin asked me to meet him at our regular spot. It was a nice, spring night, and when I arrived, he was sitting at a table outside waiting for me. Kevin said he had already ordered for us, but when I saw the barista carrying our coffee out to us, I told Kevin he shouldn’t have made her bring it out to us.

            He scrambled to the door to meet her, and before he could get to her, I saw a flash of light reflect off the top of the whipped cream, and I knew what was about to happen.

            The love of my life was about to propose to me at our place, the place where we had gotten to know each other and essentially fallen in love. I kicked myself for almost ruining the moment.

            I fought back the tears as he sat the drink in front of me. The diamond engagement ring was perched on top of the whipped cream.  The next thing I knew, a nervous Kevin bent down on one knee. In the process, his leg bumped the metal table, spilling the iced coffee, which poured down my arm and leg.

            The next few moments were a blur of laughter, tears and Kevin’s sweet proposal.

            A little sticky from the spilled coffee and with an engagement ring on my finger, I gave him a squeeze and a kiss.

            “I guess that means yes?” he asked.

            To this day, he still argues that I never actually said “yes.”

            I later found out that he had purchased the engagement ring that day and told my mom that he was going to wait a little while before popping the question. Kevin is not the most patient person, and by the end of the day, he had waited long enough.

In June, we celebrated our nine-year wedding anniversary, and over dinner, we found ourselves taking turn asking each other questions just like we used to do over coffee.

 Come back on the 25th for the final installment of Julie’s story and leave a comment to win a copy of White Roses.

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