Joi Copeland – The Story Behind the Story – Part 2 of 2

Shannon here: Inspirational fiction author, Joi Copeland shares her story behind her latest release, Letters of Love. Comment on any post dated March 11 – 15 to get your name in the drawing for a Kindle download. Deadline: March 23rd, 11:59 pm central time. Here’s Joi:

            “What do you want from my house?” My nana asked me years ago.

            Without hesitation, I answered, “The trunk Papa sent you from China.”

            Much to my sadness, the trunk was already spoken for by my cousin. My grandmother didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings and for a year or two, didn’t let us know who would get it. I didn’t want to have a family feud over this trunk that held so many memories for me, so I took back my request.

            I must have shocked my Nana. Within a few weeks, she offered me something of more value, to me at least. She offered me her letters my grandfather wrote while he was stationed in Ceylon and China during World War II. After reading a few of these letters, I knew I had to write a book.

            Letters of Love has the real letters Papa wrote to Nana. I used those and built a storyline. One of the greatest moments was when I asked her about the proposal.

            Daniel Tozier Snell loved June Marie Miles. The war was destined to tear them apart, but not before he could make her his wife. And so, without reservation, he called her on the phone. He asked her to marry him. Her response? “No.”

            Ah, but my grandfather wasn’t a quitter! No sir! He was bound and determined to make her his bride. He sat down not too long after and penned a letter, requesting her hand in marriage. To which she replied, “No!”

            Papa’s a patient man. This time, he decided to honor her request, and on bended knee, begged for my grandmother’s hand in marriage. Her answer? “Yes!”

            I laughed the first time I heard this story. Why would she make him ask three times? My Nana loved Papa with all of her heart, but for some reason, she held out for a romantic, down on one knee proposal. And he gave it to her.

            My grandparents are amazing people. They’ve been married for almost seventy years. Their love knows no limits when it comes to each other. I can only hope my husband and I can have a long marriage like these two!

About Joi: Joi Copeland is married to a wonderful man, Chris, and has three amazing boys, Garrison, Gage, and Gavin. She is living the dream in beautiful Denver, Colorado. Joi loves being a wife and mom! She enjoys spending time with her sister Steffanne, and loves to sit and have a cup of coffee or tea with friends! She’s been a Christian for over twenty years. Following Jesus has been the best decision she has ever made. Joi’s other books are Hope for Tomorrow, Hope for the Journey, Christmas Rayne, and Sheriff Bride Rob’s Story. Learn more:,!/BooksByJoiCopeland,

About the book – Letters of Love: Two men fighting for their country. Two women dealing with tragedy alone. Two different stories, two different eras, one common thread. 

Sophia Philips, a wife and mom, finds herself missing the two most important people in her life. One ripped from her because of war, the other by death. 

Sophia’s grandmother, Lucia Snell, gives her an early inheritance; letters written to her by her husband while stationed in China during World War II. Lucia believes these letters will help her granddaughter heal from the heart-wrenching tragedy she faces. 

Will Sophia carry the anger, bitterness, and guilt within her or go to the only One who can heal her from the pain? Will she find the strength to carry on and the will to survive through her grandparents’ Letters of Love?

Come back March 15th for Pam Hillman!

8 Responses to “Joi Copeland – The Story Behind the Story – Part 2 of 2”

  • Shirley Blanchard says:

    I would very much love to win a copy of your book, thanks for the chance

  • Joi Copeland says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Shirley!

  • What a story to look forward to!

  • This story is so good. But sad for Sophia. Those letters would be a treasure. I love re-reading old letters that I have saved. I can hardly wait to see how things end. Wonderful for her grandparents. 70 years is a long marriage. God has blessed them with so many years together. My oldest brother who was in world War ll, will celebrate their 69th anni.

  • Janet Estridge says:

    I would love to win this book so that I may give it to the Church Library.
    Thanks for the opportunity to do so.

  • shelia hall says:

    your story sounds so interesting! Thanks for sharing!

  • Joi Copeland says:

    Thank you, Melody!
    Maxie, I love reading these letters! It really opens my eyes to my grandparents. My mom actually called me while reading this book and asked me if I manipulated these letters. I told her no, and she was shocked my grandfather wrote such sweet things to my grandma. Congrats on your brother’s 69th anniversary! That’s great!
    Wow, Janet! What a neat reason to want to win this book!
    And Sheila, thank you for reading the blog! 🙂

  • I have a winner! Maxie Anderson won the drawing for Joi’s book. I appreciate Joi for being here and everyone else for stopping by.

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