Jennifer Slattery – Real Life Romance – Part 1 of 1

Shannon here: Jennifer Satterly shares her husband’s romantic gesture.  All comments go in a drawing for a copy of my latest release, Rodeo Hero. Deadline: June 15th, 11:59 pm central time. Plus here’s an opportunity to win a $10 Mary Kay gift card, a free makeover and raise money for two orphan ministries through Mary Kay.

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I’ve heard it said, “Real men can wear an apron without breaking a sweat.” Others say real men know how to cry. I say the true measure of a man is how well he handles himself at a Mary Kay make-over party. Fighting over the tube of lipstick is definitely out, but following us gals around with a video camera and loads of compliments? Now that’s my kind of hero.

In March, a friend of mine invited me to participate in a Mary Kay charity event, and I managed to talk my poor, unsuspecting husband into joining the affair. As a photographer, mind you. Had he gone for the catalog I would have been slightly concerned. Unless, of course, he was shopping for Mother’s Day.

It was a blast! A handful of ladies and I gathered in my kitchen for a good-old-make-up party. It kind of reminded me of junior high slumber parties, only this time we had permission to slather on the cream and gloss. I loaded the kitchen and coffee tables with popcorn, chocolate, and nail polish, and my friend spread out the make-up. My daughter joined us, which made the moment extra special. (Minus her “can you buy me” list.) My neighbor brought her daughter as well. In all, we had six ladies, seven counting our consultant. That’s seven females … in one house … elbow deep in glimmer and glam.

My poor, ESPN-loving, railroader husband!

So here he was, surrounded by giggling, chattering ladies. Instead of lounging in his easy chair, eating potato chips and watching the basketball game, he followed us around with a video camera in hand. Maybe you’re different than me, but get a camera in my vicinity, and I have a tendency to turn cantankerous.

“Don’t get so close. You’ll zoom in on my wrinkles. Maybe if we dimmed the lights … Shadows? What shadows? Oh, those are under eye circles. Try shooting from an angle. Wait, step back a little. No, closer.”

Luckily the other ladies weren’t quite so finicky, but that didn’t prevent my husband from having to move from room to room, patiently awaiting that “perfect shot.” Of course, once he got the tri-pod set up, I’d get distracted by a lip gloss color or a conversation on purses. But it was for a good cause.

You’ve gotta love those patient husbands able to stand their own amidst a household of ladies! We’ve been married for sixteen, soon to be seventeen. Sixteen years of shoe shopping, ballets, and Mary Kay make-overs. It’s probably time we hit a ball game or two.

About Jennifer: Jennifer Slattery lives in the Midwest with her husband and daughter. She writes for Christ to the World Ministries, the ACFW Journal, Internet Café Devotions, and Jewels of Encouragement. You can connect with her online at her devotional blog at or via Facebook at

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