James L. Rubart – Real Life Romance – Part 1 of 3

Shannon here: Romantic Suspense author, James L. Rubart shares his first kiss with his future wife story. Comment on any post dated August 19 – 23 to get your name in the drawing for a copy of his latest release, Memory’s Door. Deadline: August 31st, 11:59 pm central time. Here’s James:

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Delayed First Kiss

“ … I would fall on my heels over a woman like Darci.” 

I wrote those words in my journal on April 24th, 1984 after bumping into Darci for the second time. Yes, it was love at second-sight. Actually it was love at first sight. I’d heard about her from friends of mine from high school who were going to college with her an hour and a half north of my school, the University of Washington. 

The first meeting took place in late fall of ’83. My friends and I had just finished a game of pick-up basketball when we met Darci and a few of her friends on the sidewalk back to my friend’s dorm room. 

“You’re the Jim I’ve heard about. Good to meet you.” 

“Yeah, and you’re the Darci these guys have talked about. You too.” 

That was the extent of the conversation. But I didn’t forget the red ribbon in her hair or the way she smiled. I’d always had an idea in mind of what my dream girl would be like, and Darci fit the image perfectly. The way she talked, looked, smiled … all of it. 

We started dating in the fall of ’84 and I was so in love with her I didn’t want anything to spoil the relationship. In the past I’d had girlfriends where the physical part of the relationship went further than I wanted it to, so I was determined to not let that happen with Darci. I committed to putting the friendship first. Which meant I would wait until the time was right for our first kiss. 

October came and went. No kiss. Then November. No kiss. Then most of December. A few days after Christmas we were sitting on a couch in her parent’s house when she stared at me with an intense look in her eyes. 

“Do you think I’m pretty?” 

My eyes probably widened a bit. “Yes. I think you’re gorgeous!”

“Well then …” She paused. “Do you think you’re ever going to kiss me?” 

I smiled wide. “Yeah, I mean I want to, I just want it be right, you know?”

“When do you think it’s going to be right?” 

I stumbled my way through trying to explain how she meant so much to me I didn’t want to do anything wrong or too soon. 

She smiled, nodded and sat back and I tried to look cool, while inside I’m thinking, “She wants me to kiss her! YES!” 

It finally happened on January 27th 1985 in Bellingham overlooking Puget Sound.(Now before you say, “What! It took you another almost four weeks?” let me remind you that we lived an hour and a half apart and that was the first time I’d seen her since her question about me kissing her.) 

 It was a cloudy day (which 99% of them are in the Northwest that time of year) but I kid you not, after we kissed the clouds parted and the sun poked its brilliant rays through the clouds and lit us up. 

So of course to celebrate that beauty, we had to kiss again. And again. And again.  

About James: James L. Rubart is the best-selling and Christy award winning author of, ROOMS, BOOK OF DAYS, THE CHAIR, SOUL’S GATE, and MEMORY’S DOOR. During the day he runs Barefoot Marketing which helps businesses and authors make more coin of the realm. In his free time he dirt bikes, hikes, golfs, takes photos, and occasionally does sleight of hand. No, he doesn’t sleep much. He lives with his amazing wife and teenage sons in the Pacific Northwest and still thinks he’s young enough to water ski like a madman. More at www.jameslrubart.com. Connect: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JamesLRubart and Twitter: @jameslrubart.

About the book – Memory’s Door:  

The prophecy brought them together. But the Wolf has risen, and now their greatest battle begins. 

The four members of Warriors Riding have learned to wage war in the supernatural, to send their spirits inside people’s souls, to battle demonic forces, and to bring deep healing to those around them.

But their leader Reece is struggling with the loss of his sight. Brandon is being stalked at his concerts by a man in the shadows. Dana’s career is threatening to bury her. And Marcus questions his sanity as he seems to be slipping in and out of alternate realities.

And now the second part of the prophecy has come true. The Wolf is hunting them and has set his trap. He circles, feeding on his supernatural hate of all they stand for. And he won’t stop until he brings utter destruction to their bodies . . . and their souls.

Come back August 21st for an excerpt James’ book!

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