Grant Vannatter & Shannon Taylor Vannatter – Romantic Interview – Part 2 of 3

Hubby agreed to answer romantic interview questions for me today. I’m giving away a copy of White Roses. If you’ve never won any of my books, you’re eligible for my special drawing for a copy of White Roses and White Doves. Comment on any post dated Nov 8 – 12. Deadline Nov 13, 8:00 PM Central:



     1.     What’s the most romantic thing your spouse has ever done for you?

We used to live in an old two story house. One Saturday, he mowed the yard. Not long after starting, he came inside and dragged me to an upstairs window. He’d mowed—I  LOVE YOU—in the grass.

     2.     Do you and your spouse have a favorite romantic restaurant?

Whenever we have something to celebrate, birthday, anniversary, book contract, book release, we eat at Outback Steakhouse. (I was concerned because Grant picked a different restaurant, but he said Outback is so hard on the wallet, it steals the romance for him).

     3.     What’s the most romantic present your spouse ever bought for you?

For Christmas 2005, I wanted a laptop, but didn’t really think we should spend the money. I had one gift from my husband under the tree and I knew it wasn’t the right size. I’d resigned myself to not getting a laptop. On Christmas Eve, we opened our gifts like we always do. Mine was silverware, which I wanted and loved the pattern he picked.

Christmas morning, we opened gifts with my parents and there was one present left under the tree.

“Whose is that?” I asked.

“Yours,” my mom said, even though I’d already opened several nice gifts from them.

I opened it and it was my laptop. I started crying and went to hug my parents.

“It’s not from us,” they said.

It was from hubby and he’d hidden it at their house, so I’d be surprised.

     4.     Do you and your spouse have a favorite romantic vacation destination?

We went to Galveston once on the way to San Antonio to see my father-in-law. It was the only time I’ve ever been to the ocean and I’d love to go again.

     5.     What is the most caring thing you’ve ever done for your spouse?

A few weeks ago, I forced him to the hospital when he had a pain in his right side. It turned out to be his appendix.


  1. Where is the most romantic place you and your spouse have ever been?

There’s a park in Searcy, Arkansas that is always decorated with Christmas lights. One year, we went to see the lights and took a ride in a horse drawn handsom cab around the perimeter while it snowed.

      2.   Do you and your spouse have a favorite romantic restaurant?


      3.   Do you and your spouse have a favorite song?

It’s not really our song, but every time we hear the REO Speedwagon song, Time for Me to Fly, we look at each other and laugh. Once when we were dating, we had an argument. Straight-faced and with all the cool drama I could muster, I said, “I believe it’s time for me to fly,” and left.

     4.     Who is most romantic, you or your spouse?


     5.    Who said, “I love you” first, you or your spouse?

I did.

Come back Nov 12 for a romantic, never before released excerpt from White Roses.

4 Responses to “Grant Vannatter & Shannon Taylor Vannatter – Romantic Interview – Part 2 of 3”

  • Ruth Fricke says:

    I love reading about you two. Thanks to both of you for answering those questions and letting us know more about you. Did notice that Brother Grant’s answers were short and to the point but men are like that. We love you anyway Brother Grant. Shannon’s answers were longer but hey, she’s a writer. Looking forward to Part 3.

  • Hi Ruth,
    I’m glad you’re enjoying our tale. Women are much more wordy. I try to remember that when I’m writing dialogue in my books, but sometimes my men just keep talking.

  • Lorna says:

    Shannon, this was so much fun to read. I guess the next time you need a little extra inspiration for a book, you can give Grant a heads up.

  • Hey Lorna,

    He’s great inspiration. He’s more romantic, more caring, more attentive, and much sweeter than I am. I think he got the raw end of the deal, but he puts up with me anyway.

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