Erica Vetsch – Real life Romance – Part 2 of 3

Shannon here: Heartsong Presents author, Erica Vetsch shares her husband’s proposal, plus a chance to win her book, Bartered Brides. Comment on any post dated Jan 31 – Feb 4 for a chance to win. Deadline: Midnight Central time Feb 5. Here’s Erica:

The Brookville Hotel - proposal site

Peter’s proposal came as a surprise to me. He had once said that he wouldn’t like to have a long engagement, not more than six months. Since we were both in school, where they had a rule that students couldn’t get married during the school year, I did some math. Since Peter would be a mid-year graduate, the earliest he might propose would be June, since the soonest we could get married would be December. Therefore, when we headed to my parents’ home in March of 1989 to celebrate my 20th birthday, I didn’t suspect anything.

He took me to The Brookville Hotel in Brookville, Kansas, a historic sight and restaurant that serves amazing home style chicken dinners. (The hotel has since moved to Abilene, much to my sadness. The original hotel had such great history and atmosphere.) Before we went into the restaurant, I told him I was sure I’d be able to eat better if I knew what was in that birthday present on the back seat of the car. He’d wrapped up a box about the size of a shoebox, and my curiosity was in high-gear. Though he was skeptical, he handed me the box, and I tore into the wrapping paper. When I opened it, there was another box inside. This one said Kodak Camera, and I said something like, “Oh, a camera! What a great gift.”

Peter just rolled his eyes and said to keep going. Mystified, I opened the camera box and a jeweler’s box fell out. It contained a lovely solitaire diamond on a gold band. Peter asked me to be his wife, and I joyfully said yes!

I was so excited I could hardly eat that great chicken dinner. He still upon occasion calls my engagement ring a genuine Kodak, and he still teases me about paying for a dinner I didn’t eat. The ring was way better than any camera, and being engaged to the love of my life was way better than any meal.

About Erica: ERICA VETSCH is married to Peter and keeps the company books for the family lumber business. A home-school mom, Erica loves history, romance, and storytelling. Her ideal vacation is taking her family to out-of-the-way history museums and chatting to curators about local history. She has a Bachelor’s degree from Calvary Bible College in Secondary Education: Social Studies. You can find her on the web at 

Come back Feb 4 for Erica Vetsch’s wedding story.

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