Eileen Hinkle Rife – Real Life Romance – Part 1 of 2

Shannon here: Inspirational romance author, Eileen Hinkle Rife shares how she met her husband and a chance to win an e-book copy of her Contemporary Women’s Fiction, Journey to Judah. Comment or answer the question at the end of any post dated February 23 – 25 to enter the drawing. Deadline: March 7th. Here’s Eileen:

Eileen Rife & husband

EileenRife[1]Journey to Judah by Eileen Hinkle Rife

  • How did you meet your spouse?

I sat in a wingback chair during a Freshman social. Only two days into college and in a strange city, I felt awkward and alone, even in a crowd. A young man sat at my feet in the crowded room, asking me more questions than I’d ever been asked in my life. Turns out that young man’s name was Chuck Rife, and the last question he asked me was, “Do you have a ride to church tonight?” He didn’t have a car, and I didn’t have a car, but he knew a couple who did. That first outing together resulted in a three-year friendship that culminated in a wedding the summer before our senior year. In the early fall, we moved into the married apartments then graduated together in the spring.

  • How did you tell your spouse your family was about to expand?

My hand shook as I lifted the receiver to call my husband at work. When a male voice answered, I plunged right in. “The bunny died!” Excitement revved my voice a couple notches. “Oh really,” the man on the other end teased. “Hmm, well, that’s wonderful, but you might want to tell this to your husband.” My face grew warm, and I smacked my forehead. “Good grief, is that you, Phil? I’m so embarrassed.” He simply laughed and said, “Hold on, I’ll locate the man you’re looking for.” When my husband Chuck came on the line, I told him what happened. He laughed then shared in my joy over our upcoming first baby.

About Eileen: “Healing words for hurting hearts,” is how Eileen Rife describes her books. Whether through fiction or nonfiction, Eileen wants readers to come away with love that extends beyond themselves, faith that can see the impossible, and hope that endures against all odds.

As a child, Eileen loved writing and telling stories. Walking to school every morning, she created characters then talked to them as she ambled down the road, which was often her way of dealing with grief and loss. After the death of her brother, Eileen learned to empathize with the underdog. Many of Eileen’s stories revolve around issues that many find difficult to talk about–death, homosexuality, sex trafficking. Through her characters, she offers readers an opportunity to draw close, peel back the layers of their own hearts, and examine what lies within.

And added to the mix—romance, always a romance around one corner or another!

An alumna of Christian Writers Guild and member of American Christian Fiction Writers, Eileen has published several nonfiction books, written newsletters, a marriage column, and over ten church dramas. Her byline has appeared in magazines, such as Discipleship Journal, Marriage Partnership, Mature Living, Christian Home & School, Drama Ministry, and ParentLife, as well as other print and online publications.

Her fiction works include Second Chance, Laughing with Lily, and the Born for India trilogy (Journey to Judah, Restored Hearts, and Chosen Ones). She is also a blogger with The Christian Post. She speaks to women’s groups, encouraging them to discover who they are in Christ and what part they play in His amazing story! She and her husband, Chuck, a licensed professional counselor and marriage/family therapist, also conduct marriage seminars for churches and organizations in the states and overseas. They have three married children and six grandchildren.

About the book – Journey to Judah:

One woman. One God. One passion. Into an exotic culture of 7.5 million people and 30 million gods, one woman resolves to follow her heart …

Could love await her, even in India?

Question: Did you go to college or trade school? If so, what kind? If not, do you regret not going?

Come back Feb 25th for how Eileen’s characters meet!

8 Responses to “Eileen Hinkle Rife – Real Life Romance – Part 1 of 2”

  • Eileen Rife says:

    Thanks for hosting me, Shannon! Look forward to reader response on the question you posed: Did you go to college or trade school? If so, what kind? If not, do you regret not going?

  • Paula Mowery says:

    Hey Eileen! Love the story of how you told your hubby you were expecting. Sounds like something I would do! LOL
    As to the question posed – I went to college an hour away from home and my boyfriend went to a college an hour away from home. But, they were an hour in the opposite direction. We talked on the phone and even wrote letters even though we came home every weekend to see each other. At my graduation, he proposed and we married 5 months later.
    I received my BA in sign language interpretation and later returned for my Master in Education.

  • Eileen Rife says:

    Fun to learn more about your journey, Paula!

  • KayM says:

    Love the introduction of a new-to-me author–at least by name. Perhaps I have read some of your many articles. Yes, I went to college right out of high school in the 1960’s–for one year. It was a Christian liberal arts college. I got married, had 3 daughters and went back to college–this time to a southern, state university. I got my teaching degree. Quite a few years later, in an effort to not dwell on the “empty nest”, I went back to the university again and got my master’s degree. I’m very glad that I didn’t quit my schooling after that first year of college.

  • Eileen Rife says:

    Sounds like we have some things in common, Kay. Three daughters, empty nest, multiple years of schooling. You’re one determined lady to keep going with your education. Good for you!

  • I went to cosmetology school and worked as a hairdresser for ten years. I’ve never regretted going to college. I hated school, hate studying and learning about things that don’t interest me. When I finished high school, I didn’t want to do school anymore. Cosmetology was different. I loved learning because it interested me.
    Same thing with writing, once I finally figured out what I wanted to be when I grew up, I loved going to conferences and workshops because writing interested me. If I’d gone to college, I probably would have gotten published sooner, but I’d have had to take a bunch of other classes I wouldn’t have cared two hoots about and hated every second of it. Plus, I didn’t know I wanted to be a writer back then.
    I’ve often thought kids shouldn’t have to decide what they want to be at 18. They often don’t know.

  • Eileen Rife says:

    I agree, Shannon. My youngest had the wisdom to take an overseas two-month teaching English trip to Thailand before starting college. Great experience and confirmed her calling.

  • Caryl McAdoo says:

    I love the title and cover to your book, Eileen and look forward to reading it. Thanks you for having Eileen visit, Shannon. I enjoyed the love story 🙂 Blessings!

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