Edie Melson – Real Life Romance – Part 2 of 3

Shannon here: Nonfiction author, Edie Melson shares part 2 of her real life romance plus a chance to win her e-book, Winning the War at Home: Fighting Fear When Your Soldier Leaves for Battle. Comment on any post dated Jan 28th – Feb 2nd to get your name in the drawing. Comments will also go in the drawing for my latest release, Rodeo Ashes. Deadline: Feb 9th, 11:59 pm central time. Here’s Edie:

My Real-Life Love Story From My Husband’s POV: Possibilities 

It had snowed a few inches the night before, but I still wanted to be in church in case I saw her again.  On the way to the service, I stopped to pick up my brother who lived just around the corner. It had been four weeks since I’d seen that beautiful girl, and I’d almost given up hope. 

Once more we found seats down front and this Sunday, when the choir processed in, she was there.  Our eyes immediately met and my grin was answered by a smile of her own. My brother turned to me. “Is that her?” 

All I could do was nod. My mind was already on my next step. This time I wouldn’t miss an opportunity to meet her. Today would be perfect, if it worked out. There was a potluck dinner in the fellowship hall following the service. It would give us a chance to meet without the pressure of a formal date. 

After the service I rushed to the choir room. She hadn’t even had a chance to hang up her choir robe before I introduced myself. When I asked if she could stay for the lunch, she turned to the tall man beside her. I gulped. I hadn’t realized he was her father. But he just smiled, shook my hand, and gave us permission. 

I introduced her to my brother who had come up to wait in the hallway outside the choir room. I had a moment’s hesitation when I realized he would have to join us since I’d been his ride to church. He knew immediately what I was thinking. “I don’t think I’ll stay for lunch,” he announced. “The sun’s come out and the snow’s melting. I’m gonna walk home.”  I felt bad, but he insisted since it was only about three blocks to his house. 

We shared the meal in the middle of a long table with other church members, but I think we were both oblivious to anyone else in the room. I know I was. All too soon it was time to take her home. As I walked her to the door, I knew I’d do everything in my power to make certain this wasn’t our last date. She’d given me hope and encouragement, and for now that was enough.

About Edie: 

Edie Melson is a leading professional in the writing industry. She’s a sought after writing instructor; and her heart to help others define and reach their dreams has connected her with writers all over the country. She’s the co-director of the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference, as well as a popular faculty member at numerous others.

She’s a prolific writer, publishing thousands of articles over the years, and has a popular writing blog, The Write Conversation. Edie is a regular contributor on the popular Novel Rocket and Inspire a Fire websites, as well as social media columnist for Southern Writers Magazine. 

In keeping up with the leading edge of all things digital Edie has become known as one of the go-to experts on Twitter, Facebook, and social media for writers wanting to learn how to plug in. Her bestselling eBook on this subject, has been updated and expanded for re-release in late January 2013. Look for Connections: Social Media and Networking Techniques for Writers in the My Book Therapy Bookstore. 

Fighting Fear, Winning the War at Home, released in 2011. This devotional book for those with family members in the military shares Edie’s story of how she dealt with a son at war, as well as stories from others who’ve faced this heart-rending issue. 

She’s a member of numerous professional writing organizations, including the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association, The Christian Pen and American Christian Fiction Writers. She’s also the Social Media Coach for the My Book Therapy Core Team, and the Assistant Acquisitions Editor for www.ChristianDevotions.us. Learn more: www.EdieMelson.com.

Come back Feb 2nd for the final installment of Edie Melson’s real life romance!

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