Donna Winters – Romantic Excerpt – Part 1 of 1

Shannon here: Donna Winters shares a romantic excerpt from her latest Contemporary Fiction, Saving Mossy Point. Follow Donna’s instructions at the end of the post to enter the drawing for an e-book copy. Deadline: March 21st, 11:59 pm central time. Here’s Donna:

Donna WintersSaving Mossy Point by Donna Winters

Excerpt from Saving Mossy Point by Donna Winters:

“How about taking a break?” Lee asked. “We’ve got another couple of hours before you have to come back and lock up. We could go over to the falls for a little while.”

Betty nodded. “Good idea. I haven’t been over there yet this spring.” . . .

He drove through the campground and out the opposite end, following the gravel road to the falls. A minute later, he pulled off to the side and walked Betty to the viewing platform, a wooden structure with safety railings and benches. She leaned against the barrier, Lee beside her. White water tumbled over the hundred-foot sandstone drop. The splash-song soothed her nerves and resurrected memories.

“Harry and I used to love coming over here. So did Mom and Dad. They brought us kids up to the park from Detroit almost every summer. We’d camp here for a week or two, hike all the trails, fish in the lake, visit these falls. When it came time to pick out a college, I was determined to attend one in the U.P.” She gazed up at Lee. “Sorry for rambling on. You knew all that already.”

He grinned. “I like hearing it again.”

Betty focused once more on the falls. “This place reminds me how important it is to keep the park open. Other families should have the same opportunity mine did. But I’m plumb out of ideas for making the folk school succeed.”

“Maybe Angie will think of something.” He reached for her hand, enfolding it in his own. “Let’s sit for a while and reminisce about the good old days. It will help you unwind.” He led her to a bench and sat close beside her, his arm about her shoulders.

She relaxed against him and told the familiar story of how Harry proposed to her here, bringing sandwiches and fries from the Beef Palace, a bottle of Boone’s Farm wine, and a diamond ring. “No dinner in a fancy restaurant for us.”

“Still, it was better than his first idea—taking you hunting and proposing while you were sitting in the blind. Joan told him in no uncertain terms that he needed a better plan.” Lee referred to his late wife.

Betty cocked her brow. “I never knew that.”

Lee’s cheeks flushed. “I’m sorry. I figured Joan had probably mentioned it years ago. I should’ve kept my mouth shut.” He got up, returned to the barrier, and rested his elbows on the rail, head bowed.

Betty approached him and placed her hand on his arm. “What is it, Lee?”

He let out a sigh. “Harry was my best friend. The last thing I wanted to do was to tarnish his memory.”

“You haven’t tarnished his memory. You’ve just given me a new one—one that tickles me inside. Let’s face it. We all knew Harry wasn’t the most romantic fellow to walk the earth. And we all knew he was passionate about deer hunting. Just ask Zeb!”

Lee glanced out of the corner of his eye. A hint of a smile appeared.

She tugged on his sleeve. “Come, sit with me again. I want to hear the story of your proposal to Joan at the Allumette.”

He sat beside Betty, his arm about her shoulders as before, and described his evening with Joan at the fanciest restaurant in Superior Bay. They dined on sirloin-for-two. At the end of the meal, a server rolled the dessert cart to their table. It contained a variety of choices including a prominently displayed chocolate fudge cupcake with a diamond ring on top. “Joan took a close look at the cupcake, said, ‘Isn’t that interesting?’ and with a twinkle in her eye, chose the New York cheesecake instead.”

Betty smiled. “Joan always was a big tease.” She let a silent moment lapse before offering an observation. “I have a feeling both Harry and Joan would approve of you and I growing closer.”

Lee kissed her cheek and then her ear, sending shivers through her. She turned to him. His lips met hers, gently at first and then more insistent. Heat darted through her and her pulse quickened. When the kiss came to an end, she nestled in his arms, her head against his shoulder.

Moments slipped by free of conversation until Lee spoke. “Have you ever considered remarrying?”

Her pulse quickened. “I . . . I suppose the thought has crossed my mind.”

“Mine, too.”

About Donna: Donna adopted Michigan as her home state in 1971 when she moved from a small town outside of Rochester, New York. She began penning novels in 1982 while working full time for an electronics firm in Grand Rapids.

She resigned from her job in 1984 following a contract offer for her first book. Since then, Thomas Nelson Publishers, Zondervan Publishing House, Guideposts, and Bigwater Publishing have published her novels. Several are available in the Great Lakes Romances© series.

Her husband, Fred, a retired teacher, shares her enthusiasm for all things “Great Lakes.” Together, they visit lake ports purchasing books and reference materials for use in Donna’s research.

Donna has lived all of her life in states bordering on the Great Lakes. Her familiarity and fascination with these remarkable inland waters and her residence in the heart of Great Lakes Country make her the perfect candidate for writing her newest novel, Saving Mossy Point In the Fifty-First State of Superior.

About the book – Saving Mossy Point:
When retired schoolteacher and widow Betty Hanson learns that the 51st State of Superior is about to close Mossy Point State Park, she expresses her concern to Ray Engstrom, the head of the General Land Office. But Mr. Engstrom reveals a discouraging fact: Mossy Point State Park has never paid its own way since it opened back in 1959. And according to him, it “has the same chance of running in the black as a turtle has of flying.”

Determined to prove Mr. Engstrom wrong, Betty gathers help from friends and neighbors. A plan emerges and work begins to put Mossy Point State Park on solid fiscal ground. But not everyone is on board with the plan. At times, Betty almost finds herself side-tracked by dealing with her estranged daughter and grandson who suddenly appear back in her life, and then there is her close friend Lee who seems to want more than friendship. The State itself seems to have alternative plans for the park, and when an accident threatens to destroy both Betty’s and the park’s finances, all of her plans could fall apart. What can possibly turn their fortunes around and make a turtle fly?

Purchase Link:

To Enter: Donna will give away a Kindle copy of Saving Mossy Point to one person who leaves a comment telling about her/his favorite state park. Please include your email address.

Come back March 13th for Ann Lee Miller!

12 Responses to “Donna Winters – Romantic Excerpt – Part 1 of 1”

  • Shannon,
    Thanks for letting your followers know about my story!
    God bless!

  • My favorite state park is Fort Wilkins, in Copper Harbor Harbor, MI! I never tire of touring the fort, visiting the area lighthouse or canoeing on Lake Fanny Hooe. That area has it all, especially with nearby Brockway Mt. thrown into the mix.

    Your book looks great, Donna!

  • Donna Simons says:

    I love Fort Wilkins and McLain State Park, probably because both of them are located in the Copper Country. Fort Wilkins is great for history buffs and McLain has great views of Lake Superior. I’m so glad you have a new book out, Donna. Congratulations!

  • Becky, thanks for your park pick. We have been to Fort Wilkins several times and always enjoy the history and the beauty of the area.

  • Donna Simons, so glad you stopped by to name your favorite parks, and in the Copper Country, no less! We haven’t been to McLain yet, sounds like we ought to make a trip there!

  • In Georgia, where I spent several years as a kid, Stone Mountain. I loved all the plantation houses and the tour guides with the big old Scarlet O’Hara dresses. But I got stuck on top of the mountain once in the glass observation room in a lightning storm. Pretty scary.

    In Arkansas, where I live now. Blanchard Springs Caverns. It’s fun going through the caves and seeing all the formations.

  • Selina Balko says:

    I look forward to reading your new book as I have loved all of your books. Fayette is my favorite, lol, and not because that is where you live. I have been there countless times as a child and as an adult. Have camped in the campground and it always feels so peaceful there. Is nice to explore the grounds and imagine what life was like there “back in the day”.

  • I love all of the parks in Arkansas. I suppose my favorite is Petit Jean. Located on a beautiful mountain top, with all sorts of activities for the family, and a built in legend that centers around a gravesite!

  • Thank you Shannon, Selina, and Jenny for giving us a glimpse of your favorite parks. I have not been to the parks in Georgia or Arkansas, so I am pleased to learn a little about their beauty and attractions. Selina, I can’t agree more with your assessment of Fayette. This is serene and beautiful, and so historic you can almost hear the horses’ hooves, the blacksmith hammer, and the saw at the mill.

  • Teri Hook says:

    Silver Falls State Park in Oregon…it has 7 falls that you can walk to in a loop. Each of the falls are very different and some you can walk behind. The used to have log cabins there and that’s were we got married 29 yrs ago come April. It’s usually peaceful, cool, and wet (it is Or) .

  • Teri,
    Silver Falls sounds like a fabulous place to visit! Thanks for sharing! Even though the Upper Peninsula has several waterfall locations, we don’t have seven within walking distance of each other. Neat!

  • stvannatter says:

    I have a winner! Teri Hook won the drawing. I appreciate Donna for being my guest and everyone else for stopping by.

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