Darlene Franklin – Tour My Office – Part 1 of 1

Shannon here: Historical Romance author, Darlene Franklin guides a tour of her office in the nursing home where she lives. Comment or answer the question at the end of the post to enter the drawing for a copy of Valiant Hearts, a collection of nine historical romances, including Darlene’s contribution – Buttons for Birdie. Deadline: June 11th, 11:59 pm central time. Here’s Darlene:

Darlene FranklinValiant Hearts


I once had my dream office—one room completed dedicated to writing books: bookshelves (three), file cabinets (two), large desk with computer and printer station. It was perennially messy, but everything was within reach.

Then I moved into a nursing home. Now this is my office: 

Darlene Franklin Office

After three years of books in boxes, I again have a bookshelf: at last I get to show off all my books. Those are all books I’ve written, except for the Bibles, of course.

Darlene Franklin bookcase

What’s strange is, it’s almost better. Instead of everything within reach, I have everything at my fingertips. I enjoy my Kindle reader, but could read books on my computer if I had to.

I bet your office is a lot like mine:

  • Drink cup, for the ever present coke or coffee to keep my brain cells going
  • A datebook to keep track of deadlines and appointments
  • A bag for snacks and pens
  • A notebook for “to do” notes, shopping lists, contacts
  • Eyeglass holder, so they don’t fall on the ground and get crushed
  • My wireless internet connection
  • A prayer journal (the Bible’s on the Kindle)
  • A word search book for play
  • Computer
  • A Kindle reader for my latest reading pleasure (currently Valley of Amazement by Amy Tan)

I used to have a TV remote on my table until the television went on the fritz.

                All of that—in one somewhat tidy pile.

What inspires romance in my writing nook? I could point to the obvious—pictures of family and collages of my daughter’s poetry with photos. It also comes in the word search books—believe it or not, a single word search on state flowers led to a 50-novella collection from Forget Me Not Romance called American State Flowers. (Mine will be Colorado Columbine.) I may catch a headline on the computer or see a quote on Facebook. Sometimes it’s in my quiet time. Did you know the Bible talks about Zombies? “When the wicked, even mine enemies and my foes, came upon me to eat up my flesh. . .” (Psalm 27:2). That’s not romance, but if I were inclined to that kind of story . . . Just sayin’

I hope you’ve enjoyed your visit to my writing space today.

About Darlene:

Best-selling author Darlene Franklin’s greatest claim to fame is that she writes full-time from a nursing home. She is an active member of Oklahoma City Christian Fiction Writers, American Christian Fiction Writers, and the Christian Authors Network. She has written over fifty books and more than 250 devotionals.

Learn more and connect:            Darlene’s Website & Blog           Darlene’s Facebook       

Darlene’s Amazon Author Page                 Darlene’s Twitter

About the book – Buttons for Birdie, Darlene’s contribution to Valiant Hearts:

Birdie Landry, recently delivered from the life of a soiled dove, is determined to make it on her own without help from anyone—especially a man. She has found purpose in seeking to help others in the life to escape, but she lacks the funds to make it possible. How can storekeeper Ned Finnegan overcome her barriers and win her heart?

Question for Readers: What does your work space look like? Or your former workspace? Even your crafting space?

23 Responses to “Darlene Franklin – Tour My Office – Part 1 of 1”

  • Melanie Backus says:

    I love your book space, Darlene! You’ve got it all worked out and it is perfect for your creative juices to flow. Every space I have seems to be a mess. I need to get busy and organize but…… that will be for another day! Thank you for sharing your talent!

  • Darlene Franklin says:

    Hi Melanie, having the bookshelf is SO great. If your spaces are messy–then we’re kindred spirits. I have reduced and reduced so my things aren’t quite so full to overflowing but what I don’t leave messy, my aides put back in the wrong place, lol

  • Laura Cynthia Chambers says:

    A computer terminal at the local library. 🙂 I have a big boot box of lyrics I wrote in my closet. I live in Canada, so I hope sending me a paper copy if I win won’t be a problem.

  • Shelia Hall says:

    My workspace at work was very crowded. Had computer,books,shipping labels ,pens and yes the ever present drink cup

  • No matter how often I clean my desk it always looks cluttered! Mostly with mail and miscellaneous things from the house. Right now I have a stack of old bills that needs to be filed and a stack of new bills that need to get paid… sigh 🙂

  • My office is in part of the living room. At times, it looks really neat. But right now, I have craft supplies all over the place. I’m the craft lady for VBS, which is in two weeks. Once all the supplies get transported to the church, I hope to get neat again.

    I love seashells, so my office is beachy. About six months ago, I got a wild hair and painted it pale aqua green. But it kind of clashes with the rest of the living room and the dining room. I’m planning to repaint this summer, but I’m leaving my bookcases aqua. If my office is ever in an enclosed space, I’ll go green again 🙂

  • Deanne Patterson says:

    Goodness, my work space is cluttered with books and bills. I do have my book shelves with the books in alphabetical order though. I like to be able to find what I want. I have really enjoyed the novellas I’ve read of yours, Darlene. I have quite a few on my shelves. The cover of Valiant Hearts is so beautiful and I am looking forward to reading all the story collections.

  • Jan Hall says:

    My work space is pretty cluttered. My living room, kitchen and dining area & office desk are all one room. Right now the dining table is full and I have books and papers on the coffee table. My huge mug of water is next to me. A few hard candies are nearby. My laptop is in my lap. The desktop computer and printer are on the desk. I need to organize this chaos.

  • Darlene Franklin says:

    Laura, Shannon, do you have any idea what the cost is to send to Canada? I doubt it would be more than sending you an ebook instead.

  • Darlene Franklin says:

    Shelia, Anything special about your drink cup?

  • Darlene Franklin says:

    Heidi, oh, you sound just like me.

  • Darlene Franklin says:

    Shannon, do you leave near the beach?

  • Darlene Franklin says:

    Deanne, we didn’t get as far as alphabetizing the books. We put them in general categories (devotional/inspirational/nonfiction, Heartsong, collections, journals)

  • Darlene Franklin says:

    Jan, I keep hard candies too. I cough a lot – that’s my excuse.

  • I’ve mailed books to Canada. I don’t know if it depends on where in Canada or what, but sometimes, there’s not a lot of difference, but one time I mailed 2 books and it cost $8 for postage. Most authors tend to send e-books international. Maybe if a Canada reader wins, you could check postage, then do an e-book if it’s a lot.

    I live near a manmade beach. But I’m hopelessly landlocked in Arkansas. I’ve only been to the ocean once and I absolutely loved it. I’m planning to get there again one of these days.

  • Jeanie Dannheim says:

    What a great, organized space! Darlene, you must catch so many people’s stories of romance and adventure from other residents! One of the things I enjoyed when doing in-home caregiving, to learn about the lives of others.
    When I worked in construction, my desk was always a mess. But I knew where everything was, an organized chaos. Now my space is wherever I’m sitting at home, so I move whatever I need from room to room.
    God’s blessings to you as you continue your ministry of writing! What a great venue to share how to live as a Christian through historical fiction!

  • Janet Estridge says:

    My work space is the dinning room table. As for my books, they are all over the house.
    Thank goodness for an understanding husband.

  • Darlene Franklin says:

    Janet, that’s another advantage of the Kindle. As long as I have it with me, I have a book. I no longer need one book for the bathroom, the bedroom, my purse. . . .

  • Patty says:

    That’s a great workspace Darlene, it serves it’s purpose! Most of us I think have too much space and too much room for clutter. I know the work surface at the very large desk at our house it’s pretty much covered. In my defense I will say most of it belongs to my husband 😀

  • Darlene Franklin says:

    Patty, my desk was covered as well as my floor. This is much butter. Trash goes in the trash bag regularly. 🙂

  • KayM says:

    Darlene, I love your compact desk/work space. I think it is wonderful how you have been able to adapt, and yet have everything you actually need. After my husband passed away, I inherited his office. Since he was a pastor, I have tons of bookshelves, and also a wonderful, huge mission-style cabinet that he built. It contains office supplies and notebooks filed with necessary papers, which I often use instead of putting things in a file cabinet. I have a large, old-fashioned, oak desk. I use my desktop PC with double monitors, rather than a laptop. On my desk is my cup heater–for my tea, eye drops, lotion, tissue, and lip balm. I also have a small pile of pens and pencils, sticky notes and a tablet. I have a to-do pile that never goes away. My printer sits on one of the back corners.

  • Darlene Franklin says:

    Kay, Your desk sounds wonderfully organized.

  • stvannatter says:

    I have a winner! Jeanie Dannheim won the drawing. I appreciate Darlene for being my guest and everyone else for stopping by.

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