Darlene Franklin – Fictional Romantic Interview – Part 2 of 2

Shannon here: Historical romance author, Darlene Franklin shares insight into her characters’ romance from her latest release, A Bride’s Rogue in Roma, Texas. Comment on any post dated Sept 24 – 26 to get your name in the drawing for a copy. Deadline: Oct 6, 11:59 pm central time. Here’s Darlene:


  • Where is the most romantic place your hero and heroine have ever been?

 They live in one of the most romantic places on earth, a steamboat! 

  • Do your hero and heroine have a favorite song? 

There is the (fictional) song, Build Me a Boat, Noah! Their performance of a musical rendition of Noah’s story leads my hero to faith in Christ. 

In terms of real music, It Is Well With my Soul becomes their favorite hymn as they live through a hurricane-like storm and discover their love for each other. 

  • What is your heroine’s favorite romantic vacation destination? 

My heroine is surprised to discover she loves the water. As soon as she arrives on the Cordelia, she develops a desire to earn her pilot’s license. If not on the Rio Grande, she probably would love to go on a cruise through the Caribbean. 

  • Who is most romantic, your hero or your heroine?

Therein lies the story! My hero is that romantic character, a riverboat gambler. My heroine is very unconventional, the most unromantic person you can imagine. The longer she stays on the riverboat, the more she discovers the free spirit God created her to be. 

  • Who said, “I love you” first, your hero or your heroine?

My hero

About Darlene: Award-winning author and speaker Darlene Franklin lives in Oklahoma near her son’s family.

Darlene loves music, needlework, reading, and reality TV. She has published several titles with Barbour Publishing, including her two latest releases, A Bride’s Rogue in Roma, Texas, and Merry Christmas, With Love, in Postmark: Christmas. She has also written two books in the Texas Trails series with RiverNorth Fiction, Lone Star Trail and A Ranger’s Trail. She’s a member of Oklahoma City Christian Fiction Writers. 

About the book – A Bride’s Rogue in Roma, Texas:

Love and faith collide in a RIVER OF DOUBT.  

Penniless and brokenhearted following her mother’s death, Blanche Lamar is surprised to receive a mysterious summons from a father she’s never met. Then ship purser Ike Gallagher informs her that her father, Captain J.O. Lamar, has died and left her the steamboat Cordelia as her inheritance. 

In spite of her reservations about life aboard a steamboat and without other resources, Blanche agrees to travel downriver from Roma, Texas, and talk with her father’s lawyers. She soon discovers a different side to her father as she’s befriended by the curmudgeonly pilot, Old Obie. As Obie teaches her to pilot the steamboat, he also encourages her to trust her growing feelings toward Ike, something she’s resisting. 

But as circumstances conspire to tear Blanche and Ike apart, they must act on faith or sink an possibility of a future together.

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