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Do you swoon over a good love story?

The Inkslinger (Shannon’s blog) shares love stories of real people just like you and fictional love stories of romantic characters. Send me your stories.


Inspirational books only. All books must have a romantic thread. It goes without saying, this is a Christian blog: No off-color, cursing, or crude content. If you write edgy and want me to post an excerpt, please remember that I don’t want to offend any conservative readers. Send me something nice and tame.

I will consider inspirational books without a romantic thread as a bonus giveaway if the author is willing to write a real life romantic post.

  1. Must be clean or I’ll hit delete.
  1. If God is part of the real life love story, please include that angle.
  1. 800 words or less for each post.
  1. Book excerpts: Inspirational fiction only – must be H/H meeting or romantic scene. Contracted or published books only.
  1. If you include Bible verses in your post, please use the King James Bible.


  1. The story of how you and your spouse met.
  1. The story of your first date with your spouse.
  1. The story of your first kiss with your spouse.
  1. The story of the most romantic thing your spouse ever did for you.
  1. The story of a romantic gesture your spouse did for you.
  1. The story of something your spouse did that made you cry.
  1. A funny story on the way to romance.
  1. The proposal story.
  1. The wedding story.
  1. The story of how you told your spouse or your spouse told you that your family would be expanding.
  1. A vignette out of your routine daily life that shows the romance is still alive.
  1. Option 1-11 featuring a family member or friend (with their permission). You don’t have to be a writer to share your story.
  1. For single authors, one question: How do your hero and heroine meet? May include excerpt of their meeting.
  1. For single, prepubbed writers or nonwriters: Interview for singles.
  1. For married authors, two questions: How did you meet your spouse? How do your hero and heroine meet? May include book excerpt. Married authors, please include couple or wedding picture if you like.
  1. 10 question interview – all about your hero and heroine for single authors. Or 5 questions and include a romantic excerpt.
  1. 10 question interview – for married authors: half about you and spouse, half about your hero and heroine. Can include excerpt.

(If you choose any of the interview questions, e-mail me and I’ll send the interview)

  1. Romantic location article. Somewhere perfect for a wedding or honeymoon or the setting for your book.
  1. Recipe for Romance. Share a recipe your hero or heroine cooks and/or eats in your book. Or a recipe you and your spouse enjoy on special occasions. Include picture of dish if possible.
  1. The story behind the story. Why you wrote this book—with a focus on the romance.
  1. Tour of your office. Show readers where you write and what inspires the romance in your writing nook.
  1. A day in the life of a romance author. Share with readers, your schedule, writing process, and how your family or spouse fits into your day.
  1. Take any one interview question about you and your spouse or your characters and expand it into a story.
  2. Truth or Fiction – Share how a character in your book is like or unlike you.

Mix up the options however you choose for one or two posts.


I blog on Tuesdays and Fridays.

  1. One week feature. One blogger per week. I’ll need 2 out of the 24 options.
  1. One day feature. Choose 1 out of the 24 options. I’ll feature one or two different bloggers in a week.

If you share a real life romance, be sure to tell us how long you or your featured couple have been married and include a couple or wedding picture if you like. You don’t have to be a writer to share your story.

Writers and aspiring writers: please include your bio, an author pic and/or couple pic, book cover, links and let me know if you want to participate in a book giveaway.

Please send all pictures as JPG or PNG – not in the body of a Word Document.

I’ll schedule stories, interviews, excerpts, articles, and recipes on a first come, first serve basis and remind you the month before your story will be featured.

I have weekly inspirational book giveaways. If the featured blogger doesn’t have a book to give away, I’ll give away one of mine. Readers love when the author takes time to join in on the comments.

Here’s your chance to immortalize your favorite romance: Yours, Grandma and Grandpa’s, or your fictional characters. Come join the fun. Come on, send me your story.

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