Connie Stevens – Fictional Romantic Interview – Part 1 of 1

Shannon here: Historical Romance author Connie Stevens shares insight into her fictional characters romance. Comment on any post dated June 6th – 8th for a chance to win a copy of Connie’s latest release, Heart of Honor. Deadline: June 16, 11:59 pm central time. Here’s Connie:

  • What’s the most romantic thing your hero ever did for your heroine?

At the beginning of the story, romance between my hero and heroine was not even on the horizon for them. In fact, the only thing between them was annoyance toward each other. My hero, Nathaniel, forms a pre-conceived opinion about the heroine, Abby. When Nathaniel learns the reason for Abby’s despair, his heart is softened and he changes his mind about her. Romance can take on so many angles and forms that it can be demonstrated in unexpected ways, and Nathaniel chooses a selfless, compassionate way—going to great lengths and putting himself at risk–to show how his heart has grown tender toward her.

  •  Where is the most romantic place your hero and heroine have ever been?

Nathaniel and Abby meet just before embarking on a grueling journey (through the mountains by wagon) in which he is guiding Abby and her traveling companion. The trip doesn’t start out to be romantic, but God has a way of controlling the circumstances. A tiny community in the mountains of northern Georgia becomes a place where Nathaniel’s and Abby’s heart are drawn together.

  •  What’s the most romantic gift your hero ever given your heroine?

Abby has four treasures—items that belonged to her mother who died when Abby was very young. When they are lost, Abby is heartbroken. The desire of Nathaniel’s heart is to see her smile and see her eyes glow again—if he can just place those items in her hands once more.

  •  How soon after meeting the hero did the heroine know he was the one?

A couple of weeks into their journey, disaster strikes. As Abby nurses Nathaniel’s injuries, she realizes what he did to save her life. She begins to pray for him, and the flutters she experiences are more than gratitude. Later, another man pays Abby some attention, and when Nathaniel reacts like an angry guard dog, Abby realizes he is jealous. But when they stand in the middle of the road one day, arguing, and Nathaniel effectively halts her argument by kissing her, she is swept away.

  •  What is the most caring thing your hero has ever done for your heroine?

At first, Abby thinks Nathaniel is simply doing his duty. He had sworn to get Abby to her destination safely. Nathaniel keeps telling her she is his responsibility. He fusses at her for going off into the woods alone and watches her intently when unwelcomed visitors show up. Abby is eventually touched by his constant vigilance, but he goes “above and beyond the call of duty” when he searches for her treasures.

  •  If your hero and heroine end up married, where will they go on their honeymoon?

Only the wealthy went on wedding trips in the early 19th century, so Nathaniel and Abby don’t go on a honeymoon. But as they fall in love with each other, they also fall in love with the mountains of northern Georgia and the little community in which they found themselves stranded after the accident. The mountains are most conducive for helping love to blossom and grow.

  •  Who said, “I love you” first, your hero or your heroine?

There are many ways to say “I love you.” Nathaniel doesn’t say it, but he thinks it. An hour later, he takes Abby’s hand and asks her father if he can court Abby. The next day, Abby tells Nathaniel she knew how she felt about him the day he kissed her in the middle of the road.

About Connie: Connie Stevens lives in north Georgia with her husband of thirty-nine years. She and John are active in a variety of capacities at their church. One cantankerous kitty—misnamed Sweet Pea—allows them to live in her home. Some of Connie’s favorite pastimes include reading, crafting, collecting teddy bears, and gardening. One of her favorite ways to get inspiration for story ideas is by browsing antique shops. Visit her website at and her Facebook page at

In case you missed it, here’s Connie’s Real Life interview & recipe:

About the book: Abigail Locke resents having to leave the fort at New Echota and travel to Raleigh , but she has no choice in the matter. Her father, an army colonel says the tensions associated with the Cherokee relocation necessitate his daughter leaving the area, and nothing will change his mind. Then Abby learns a dishonorably discharged officer is to be her guide and the situation leaves Abby uncertain whether to trust a dishonored soldier. As the journey progresses, she is even less sure of the man’s ability to lead her and her traveling companion to their destination. 

From the start, Nathaniel Danfield knows the journey ahead will be rocky. If dealing with the stigma of a tarnished name weren’t enough, now he must deal with Miss Locke’s constant stream of complaints and criticism, too.Can Abby discern the truth from what she’s been told about Nathaniel? Will Nathaniel be able to show Abby the kind of man he truly is before the dangerous journey tears them apart?

Purchase Link: or call 1-800-873-8635.

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    would love to win.

  • Connie’s book sounds very inviting. I love historical romances….as I am not only a romantic at heart, but love to read about the various places these stories take place. I love traveling….and especially love the mountains. I hope I win this book. Best wishes to Connie.

  • stvannatter says:

    I have a winner. Congrats goes to Linda Niemeir–winner of Heart of Honor. I appreciate Connie for being here and everyone else for stopping by.

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