Connie Almony – Real Life Romance – Part 1 of 3

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Connie Almony Rick and TyConnie AlmonyAt the Edge of the Dark Forest by Connie Almony

I Married Mr. Darcy

I married Mr. Darcy. You know, the guy from Pride and Prejudice almost every girl in the world has read about and swooned over—that guy. I married him.

What’s more, my man has read the book, watched the A&E version and considers Mr. Darcy his hero … especially the scene where, while trying to propose to Elizabeth Bennett, he insults her family and position in society instead. Like my hubby. He once told me he married me because I had large (of course I translated this to mean “fat”) thighs. He wanted children with strong legs, like his golfing hero Jack Nicklaus, so they’d have better stability swinging a club. How does a girl respond to such a compliment?

Let’s just say my tongue grew dry!

Think about this for a minute ladies … Why is it we love Mr. Darcy, anyway? He’s arrogant, prideful, and let’s face it—insulting. Though I can’t speak for every woman in the world, I can tell you why I married my own version of him.
I grew up in the Washington, DC area amongst the world of politics. I saw this arena, not only through the media, but from the inside. I saw how individuals smiled in front of a person and sneered behind that same person’s back. I watched political adversaries lie and the media distort. It’s made me a lover of truth—even if sometimes that truth is not tidy.

I also am the youngest of four daughters. My older sisters were very attractive and much sought after by prospective boyfriends. I saw flatterers and connivers wiggle their way into our lives, bearing flowers and gifts, just to get a date, only to hurt my sisters in the end.

So I’m a little jaded 😉

On the other hand, my husband insulted me three times on our first night out together, and yet asked for another before it was over. I was certain by his comments he wasn’t interested so it puzzled me when he showed up at my door again and again. Slowly, I saw how different he was from all those flatterers who told the girls what they wanted to hear, only to reveal their preferences later when they could no longer keep up the pretense of liking everything about them. There was a freedom in that. I didn’t have to guess at what was wrong in our relationship. We’d talk about it. And then we could address it or decide to part.

We didn’t part.

You could imagine what it might have been like for Mr. Darcy, much sought after because of his wealth. You could imagine how the idea of Elizabeth Bennett appealed to him in that she spoke her mind also. If he were to be certain of a woman’s love, it would have to come from a woman who valued truth. There is a line in Pride and Prejudice that resonates this idea. Mr. Darcy asks Lizzy what she thinks of his estate and she wonders why her thoughts matter. He says, “Your good opinion is rarely bestowed and therefore more worth the earning.” He knew it wouldn’t be empty praise or flattery to gain his affection, and he valued that in her.

Elizabeth understands this about Mr. Darcy eventually, as she comes to know him in his more familiar surroundings (just like I did when I saw my husband’s warmth with his family). She comes to understand his hesitancy to accept shallow social graces, and the depth of character that led him to act on her family’s behalf. She grows to love him for all of who he is because she has a better grasp of what that entails.

And so I love my own Mr. Darcy as well—warts and all.

In case you’re wondering, my husband is well aware that I tell the world of his ways. In fact, he laughs at my stories about him. One of his greatest assets is his self-deprecating sense of humor. You see, he even loves the untidy truth about himself. It gives us great fodder for humor in our household. None of us is perfect and we’re okay with that.

About Connie: Connie Almony is trained as a mental health therapist and likes to mix a little fun with the serious stuff of life. She was a 2012 semi-finalist in the Genesis Contest for Women’s Fiction and was awarded an Honorable Mention in the Winter 2012 WOW Flash Fiction Contest. Her newest release, At the Edge of a Dark Forest, is a modern-day re-telling of Beauty and the Beast about a war-vet, amputee struggling with PTSD.

You can find Connie on the web, writing book reviews for Jesus Freak Hideout, and hosting the following blogs: and You can also meet her on the following social media outlets:  Twitter                Facebook                 Pinterest

About the book – At the Edge of a Dark Forest:
Cole Harrison, an Iraq war veteran, wears his disfigurement like a barrier to those who might love him, shielding them from the ugliness inside. He agrees to try and potentially invest in, a prototype prosthetic with the goal of saving a hopeless man’s dreams.

Carly Rose contracts to live with Cole and train him to use his new limbs, only to discover the darkness that wars against the man he could become.

At the Edge of a Dark Forest is a modern-day retelling of Beauty and the Beast. Only it is not her love that will make him whole.

On sale now for 99 cents!

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Have you seen Pride & Prejudice? Which version? Do you love Mr. Darcy?

Come back August 20th for Connie’s Story Behind the Story!

9 Responses to “Connie Almony – Real Life Romance – Part 1 of 3”

  • Shannon, Thanks for having me on today. My family had a lot of fun reading the above.

  • shelia hall says:

    I haven’t saw the movie but have read the book and I love Mr. Darcy!!!!

  • Sally Davison says:

    I enjoyed reading the blog and I look forward to reading her books.

  • Ah, Connie, that was awesome! And you’ve given me an even deeper appreciation for P&P. Hadn’t thought through why he fell for Elizabeth eventually.

    Now you have to turn your story into a book!

  • Actually, Sally, At the Edge of a Dark Forest has a bit of that story in there. Just a bit.

  • Great post! I love real-life romance stories like this. And that makes so much sense why you were attracted to your honest man! I do see that a bit in At the Edge of a Dark Forest–like when he calls her “Beauty”–at first it’s kind of mocking but as the story progresses, you see he realizes it’s true. Anyway–hope I didn’t need a spoiler alert on that! Great post!

  • Sylvia M. says:

    Connie, I love your story and the way you told it too. Pride and Prejudice is one of my favorite novels. Sigh. I have seen all four versions that are available, plus a couple that are modern, loosely-based retellings. The 1995 BBC/A&E version is hands-down my favorite. I do have a soft spot for the 1980 version though. As for Mr. Darcy. Of course I love him. He does have some pride, but he’s also an introvert (not shy).

    Your book sounds great! I love Beauty and the Beast and look forward to reading this take on it.

  • Heather, No you didn’t give away too much. I often hint at that part when I talk about it myself. To me, real “beauty” goes very deep and that’s what I wanted to show in the story.

    Sylvia, the 1995 BBC/A&E version is by far my favorite as well. Colin Firth did a marvelous job of showing the introvert side of Darcy in that he seemed in a small way uncomfortable in the large gatherings. And NO ONE can beat his performance in the first proposal scene. My kids and I would watch it regularly, and my husband would always come into the room for that scene alone–he loved it!!!

  • I try to stay in the background and let my guest authors shine on my blog. But since I started posting questions, I really want to answer too.

    I have never read Pride and Prejudice nor seen any of the movies. I know–that apparently makes me very odd. But it’s just not something that appeals to me. I don’t enjoy historicals, so it’s just not my thing. I’m a contemporary gal. So if they ever did a contemporary version, I’d check into it.

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