Cherie Burbach – Real Life Romance – Part 1 of 1

Shannon here: Nonfiction writer, Cherie Burbach shares how she met her husband and a chance to win her book, Internet Dating is Not Like Ordering Pizza. Every time you comment on this post, your name goes in the drawing for Cherie’s book and a copy of Rodeo Dust. Two giveaways this week. Deadline: Dec 19th, 11:59 pm central time. Here’s Cherie:

Can You Really Meet Your Husband Online?

Yes you can! And I did. I didn’t plan it that way, it just happened. I started online dating just because I was busy and had no time to meet people. I went to work, stayed there ten or twelve hours, and went home. Not a lot of opportunity to meet someone that way!

  • It’s Not Scary

One of the most common questions I get about my experience is “Was it scary to online date?” No way! Anytime you meet someone new (no matter how you meet them) you need to be careful: take your own car, have money with you, and meet out at a central location. But that old perception that online dating had to be filled with freaks and weirdoes is wrong. At least, that was my experience. I met a lot of really nice guys who were like me: busy with work and school and just hadn’t met the right person yet.

  • 60 Coffee Dates in Six Months

I found that the easiest way to meet someone new was by having a coffee date, which was a one-hour date out at a coffee shop. I met the person there, chatted for about an hour, and then left. It was so easy to set things up this way. I let the guys know ahead of time that I could only meet for an hour, so it was easy after that time period was up to end the date. I think one thing people have a problem with is finding a polite way to say “I’d like to go home now!” on a first date. A coffee date is an easy way to do that.

Sometimes I’d schedule a couple coffee dates on a weekend day. It was easy and fun to do, and I enjoyed meeting my dates and finding out more about them. (Must be the writer in me!) All in all, I went on over 60 coffee dates in just six months.

  • When I Met My Future Husband

You might have thought that with 60-some coffee dates, I was getting discouraged. But it was just the opposite. I met so many interesting people, that I knew the right one for me would show up eventually. And he did. They say you “know” when you meet the right one, and while I didn’t know for sure that we’d end up married, I did know we could become really good friends. We talked about things easily and had so much in common. And remember my “one hour” rule? That totally went out the window during our coffee date. We stayed and chatted for three hours. (We’d have probably stayed even longer but the coffee shop was closing.)

Even today (almost nine years later), we still have great conversations and enjoy hanging out together. We became good friends on that first coffee date, and fell in love a few months after that. Both of us marvel at the fact that we met online, it seems like we’ve known each other for our entire lives. Not only that, but we hung out at the same places for years and didn’t meet until the Internet introduced us. I can’t help thinking that God had been working for years trying to get us to meet, and it wasn’t until we both went on the Internet that it happened. I can picture God saying, “Finally!”

About Cherie: Cherie Burbach writes about friendship, dating, family, and relationships at (NY Times) and Life Goes Strong (NBC/Universal). She has penned eleven books and ebooks, including Internet Dating Is Not Like Ordering a Pizza and 21 Ways to Promote Your Book on Twitter, and has published over 500 articles on the subjects of health, sports, and lifestyle. For more info, visit her website,

About the book: Have you become frustrated with Internet dating? If you’ve tried online dating and given up, or even if you thought the Internet wasn’t right for you, this book will give you the courage to try again, this time armed with specific illustrations on what really works – from the profile through the dating stage. Don’t waste another minute wondering why some people seem to have Internet dating success while you’re still waiting for a response to your online ad. Through dozens of concrete examples, dating expert Cherie Burbach will show you how to write an eye-catching profile, search for, and meet the right person online.

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