Carla Olson Gade – Romantic Character Interview & Excerpt – part 1 of 1

Shannon here: Historical romance author, Carla Olson Gade shares insight into her characters’ romance and an excerpt from her latest Christmas novella: ‘Tis the Season. ‘Tis the Season is included in the 4 in 1 novella collection, Mistletoe Memories. Comment on this post to enter the drawing for a copy of the collection. Deadline: Dec 21st, 11:59 pm central time. Here’s Carla:

Carla Olson GadeMistletoe Memories

  • Where is the most romantic place your hero and heroine have ever been?

Under the mistletoe in the woods on Schooley’s Mountain.

  • What is the most caring thing your heroine has ever done for your hero?

She believes in him.

  • Who said, “I love you” first, your hero or your heroine?

Stephan confesses his love to Annaliese under an evening snowfall in the mountain woods and she replies in kind.

  •  What’s the most romantic present your hero ever bought your heroine?

Some of the best gifts are not purchased. Stephen carves and paints a tiny pair of Dutch shoes as a Christmas ornament for their first Christmas tree together in their new home. . .the home he built for her by Christmas!

Excerpt: ’Tis the Season from Mistletoe Memories by Carla Olson Gade

   Annaliese was taking deep breaths, trying to regain her senses, when the handsome rescuer squatted down in front of her, taking deep breaths of his own. His green eyes, brightened by his ruddy face, gazed at her intently. “Miss Braun, it is good to meet you at last,” he said, a subtle inflection of Dutch upon his tongue.

            Annaliese blinked. It really was he, and she was not dreaming, after all. The man she’d longed to meet, had continued to avoid all summer, took her by the hands and gently pulled her to her feet. She rose, finding herself in such proximity to him that there was nothing else she could say but, “Why, Mr. Yost, how do you do?”

            “Stephan, if you please, miss,” the Heath House resident carpenter said, taking a few steps back from her. “It is what I am accustomed to.” His eyes roamed the top of her head with curiosity. “To answer your question, I believe I fare better than you this day.”

            From the corner of her eye, Annaliese noted her plaid chin ribbon dangling somewhere in the vicinity of her temple. She winced. “I must be quite a sight.” She lifted her hands and felt the disheveled state of her bonnet.

            A crooked grin rose above Stephan’s cleft chin.

            Annaliese withdrew her bonnet of braided straw and gathered taffeta, and her thick plait plopped onto her shoulder. She often wove her unruly locks into a neat coif surrounding the crown of her head, but the pins from the back must have come undone, as had her pride.

About Carla:  Carla Olson Gade writes adventures of the heart with historical roots. A multi-published author of inspirational historical romance, her books include Pattern for Romance, The Shadow Catcher’s Daughter, Colonial Courtships, Mistletoe Memories, and A Cup of Christmas Cheer. Carla writes from her home in rural Maine where she resides with her family. Learn more and connect: Website:, Blog:, Facebook:, Twitter:  @ carlagade, Pinterest:

About the novella – ‘Tis the Season: In 1820, Stephan Yost, resident carpenter of Schooley’s Mountain, New Jersey’s fashionable resort, spends off-season working on repairs, renovations, and constructing new buildings. When he is hired to build a permanent home for the resort’s physician and his spirited daughter, Annaliese Braun, in time for Christmas, Stephan finds himself enamored by the precocious spinster. But will he be able to compete for her affections against the advances of a manipulative iron baron?

About the collection – Mistletoe Memories is a Christmas novella collection from Barbour. One of America’s earliest summer resorts began atop the majestically wooded Schooley’s Mountain where the mecca of chalybeate springs (or “magic water”) drew visitors from near and far. Eventually the magic water disappeared, but the memories remained. The four stories in MISTLETOE MEMORIES cover the almost 200 years after the house was built and center around a house that became a refuge … that became an orphanage … that became a home.

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