Brenda Anderson – Recipe for Romance – Turkey in the Ground

Shannon here: For Thanksgiving week on the Inkslinger, things will be a bit different. A few of my writer friends and I are sharing recipes, some traditional fare, some quite different. The recipes are for food in my book, White Doves, but since I’ve never made turkey or dressing, I had to get some help. I’m posting Mon, Tues, Weds, & Thurs in case anyone needs recipes before Thanksgiving. The book giveaways are different too. This week, I have three different books for three different winners: Lorna Seilstad’s Making Waves, a copy of White Doves, and Linda Fulkerson’s nonfiction book, The Prodigal Daughter. Comment on any blog post dated Nov 22 – 25 by midnight Nov 27 Central time for a chance to win. Today my awesome critique partner, Brenda Anderson shares a unique turkey recipe. This is how Hayden, from White Doves would cook a turkey. Here’s Brenda:

Turkey in the Ground Recipe   

A cousin who once participated with a wilderness youth group brought this delectable recipe to us. It’s a lot of work and the process takes several hours, but I’ve never tasted a more tender or flavorful turkey.

  • First you have to dig a large hole in the ground, at least 16 inches deep and three feet across. We use a garden for this.
  • Burn a large stack of wood, enough to burn two to three hours as you want to create a tremendous amount of heat. Burn the wood pile down into coals.
  • Now, it’s turkey time.
  • Fill the turkey’s cavity with a stick of butter and ice cubes. As the turkey cooks, the water and butter soak through the meat. That’s what makes it so moist and tender.
  • Wrap the turkey with several sheets of tin foil and secure a six to eight foot length wire around the meat.  It needs to be long enough to wrap the turkey plus extend from the ground. (The wire is used to pull the turkey out of the ground.)
  • Dig an opening in the coals and rest the turkey in the hole. Cocoon the meat with coals and dirt. Make sure you have a good length of wire sticking out of the ground so you can pull the meat out once cooked.
  • Bake for eight hours.
  • Pull from the ground and enjoy!

About Brenda: Brenda Anderson is a full-time mom who, five years ago, finally answered God’s call for her to write. Since then she’s completed four novels and can’t wait to write more. She has a passion for stories that showcase messy lives as she loves to see the miracles God can perform through broken people.

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Come back Nov 23 for Lorna Seilstad’s Brine-soaked Turkey recipe.

5 Responses to “Brenda Anderson – Recipe for Romance – Turkey in the Ground”

  • gabixler says:

    Oh my…that sounds like a strange turkey day…what about the dressing? LOL

    Actually, It sounds quite interesting…do you use wild turkeys? I have a few on my property you can come for…

  • GABixler – It does sound odd, doesn’t it? But you can’t beat the flavor. And I think it would be the perfect way to bake a wild turkey.


  • Hey Glenda,
    The dressing recipe will up Weds.

  • Rosemary says:

    That sounds like the old fashion way to cook a turkey. My mom used to cook some meats like that when I was a young girl and we were out camping. Believe it or not, They are very moist and juicy that way. Brings back memories. lol. Sure would like to win the books as well.
    And Shannon, im glad you have more drawings going on. God Bless you all.. and Happy Thanksgiving!!

  • Rosemary – you’re right. This is an excellent way to cook any meat. Talk about having a feast while camping.

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