Brenda Anderson – Real life Romance – Part 3 of 3

Shannon here: Final installment of aspiring author, Brenda Anderson’s real life romance and my favorite, since I’m an avid animal lover. Also final chance to win a copy of White Roses. Leave a comment by August 14, 8:00 PM Central: Here’s Brenda

Earlier this week, my husband, Marvin, and I celebrated twenty-three years of marriage. And just how did we celebrate? Well, I attended a writer’s meeting and my husband stayed home and watched TV with the kids. Okay, we did go out to Texas Roadhouse earlier in the day, but then I had to go to my meeting. If you’re a writer, you understand.

 To be honest, neither of us is particularly romantic. In these 23 years, I can count on one hand how many times my husband’s given me flowers.

But that makes those times, when he does give me a gift that demonstrates his love, all the more memorable.

First, you need a little background. I love animals and grew up on a dairy farm that had umpteen cats and one massive dog. All outdoors, mind you. Animals were absolutely not allowed in the house. When we married, our jobs and our home were in the suburbs of Minneapolis. I missed having the pets around, but Marvin came from a family that hates cats, and he was no exception. Cats were simply a waste of good space. As for a dog, well, I wouldn’t settle for an ankle-biter. I wanted a German shepherd. My husband, a golden retriever. The problem was, I couldn’t bear to limit a big dog to our tiny yard. More so, in my farmer girl mindset, dogs belong outside.

I guess that put us at an impasse.

Then for my birthday, a little over nineteen years ago, Marvin invited me to go for ride with him, and he wasn’t saying where. That in itself was romantic. So he drove about fifteen minutes to a suburb south of our home, still mute about where we were headed.

Then he turned on his blinker and said “Happy Birthday” as he pulled into the Humane Society. My husband, the cat hater, was getting me a kitty. Now, that’s romantic.

So, we entered the building and walked past cages of cats of all ages. My husband proceeded to the adult cat cages and I followed him until I heard the teeniest little meow near my feet. I looked down and there, in a cage all by itself, was a shorthair tortoiseshell kitten. I knelt and pulled her from the cage and she curled and purred in my hand, fitting perfectly. My husband returned to find me, took one look at the kitten, then at my puppy dog face, and he knew the decision had been made.

We had Pepper for seventeen years and Marvin loved her just as much as I did.

Maybe Marvin and I don’t exchange flowers, but for me, his sacrificial gift was far more romantic and demonstrated what true love really is.

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