Anne Greene – Real Life Romance – Part 1 of 3

Shannon here: Anne Greene shares how God blessed her with the perfect man–twice. Comment on any post dated March 7 – 12 for a chance to win a copy of her book: Masquerade Marriage. Deadline March 12, midnight central time. Here’s Anne:

     I turned seventeen in January, graduated from high school in June, and met the most incredible man in August.

      My girlfriend, Doris, and I were lying on our stomachs on the beach just outside Urbana, Ohio, where we lived. The sand was soft, the sun warm, the coconut scent of lotion strong, and we were turning a beautiful shade of tan. I was telling Doris about my latest boyfriend. She asked me, “Which one is he?”

      I couldn’t chide her for not knowing. Even I had trouble keeping the six men I dated apart. I had to stop and think which guy I went where with, and on what night. It was confusing. I thought of whittling down the number, but each guy did have a lot to offer.

     Suddenly, cool water sprinkled over my back and legs. I looked up and glimpsed the back of a perfect male body with a dark tan and blond hair. Suddenly shy, I buried my face in the beach towel.

     Doris laughed. “That’s Don Swonger. He’s a friend and he’s been asking me to introduce the two of you.

     That’s how it started. Soon, I was dating Don and the other guys faded into the background. We dated two years. I discovered his leadership qualities, his wonderful family, his love, his integrity, and oh, yes, the man did have a temper. We shared a similar life outlook, though he was a farm boy and I was a city girl. We were both Christians, and he was baptized in my Church. We married, followed the Lord together, had a beautiful daughter and a wonderful son.

     One day we were jogging together, he had a massive heart attack and died. I felt I had been split in two. Our marriage had been so sweet, but so short. But I will see him again. He will meet me at the heavenly gates when I go to be with the Lord.

      I thought my life ended, but God had other plans. Two years later, I entered a new Singles  Fellowship Class at a new Church and was immediately surrounded by a group of men. One man stood out. We started talking. He grew up near where my book, Trail of Tears, had occurred. He knew all about the things I had written. He was easy to talk with. He was good-looking, and I was immediately attracted. But he took two long months before he asked me out.

     Our first date he flew me in a little Cessna to a lodge on a lake and we had a romantic dinner. Impressed me! We went roller-skating and to art galleries and really fun places. He took my picture—a lot. That impressed me. He had so many good qualities and was a committed Christian. His two sons were loveable and well-behaved. And he didn’t have a temper. He could fix anything around my home—and did. We fell in love. When a hurricane struck the night of our wedding, I almost backed out. Did I mention, I almost backed out of my first marriage? Really cold feet both times.

     Second marriages, with children on both sides, require really difficult adjustments. But our God is good. Larry Greene and I learned together that we can do all things through Christ Who strengthens us. We have a truly romantic happily-ever-after.         

About Anne: ANNE delights in writing about wounded heroes and gutsy heroines. She writes both historical and suspense novels. After falling in love with several countries and their people, Anne set a number of her books in exotic locations. She and her hero husband, Army Special Forces Colonel Larry Greene, have visited twenty-five countries, including three communist countries. A visit to Scotland resulted in her newest book release, Masquerade Marriage, published by White Rose Publishing. When she’s not deployed with her husband, Anne makes her home in McKinney, Texas. Two of her four children live nearby. Tim LaHaye led her to the Lord when she was twenty-one and Chuck Swindoll is her Pastor. In 1990, Anne graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor’s degree in Literary Studies from the University of Texas, Dallas. Her highest hope is that her stories transport the reader to an awesome new world and touch hearts to seek a deeper spiritual relationship with the Lord Jesus. To learn more of Anne and to view pictures from her extensive travel, visit her at

Come back March 9 for Anne’s real life romantic interview.

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