Angie Brashear – Character Interview – Part 3 of 3

Shannon here: Christian Fantasy author, Angie Brashear shares insight into her characters’ romance from her debut novel, Of the Persecuted. Comment on any post dated June 23 – 27 to enter the drawing for a copy. Choice of print or e-book for U.S. E-book for international. Deadline: July 5th, 11:59 pm central time. Here’s Angie:

Angie Brashear coverAngie Brashear

  • What’s the most romantic thing your hero ever did for your heroine?

Through Lars’s consistent belief in Laila’s ability to contribute to the crusade to rid the Woodlands Region of evil, he guides her to recognize that her true worth lies in her faith in the Maker. While his support is not isolated to one specific moment, but rather takes place throughout the various stages of their relationship, Laila views his faith in the Maker and his faith in her as his most romantic act.

  • Where is the most romantic place your hero and heroine have ever been?

Lars and Laila love to spend time under the Promise Tree, a gigantic tree located in Tuveil, a magical village in the Woodlands Region. To the Faithful of Tuveil, the Promise Tree represents hope in the Maker’s plans to rid evil from the Woodlands. It is the place Lars and Laila seek guidance from the Maker in all things, including their relationship. It is the place they feel most comfortable sharing their dreams and fears.

  • What’s the most romantic present your hero ever bought your heroine?

Lars carves a white gemstone ring for Laila, as a promise of their future together. The gift is a complete surprise to Laila, especially when Lars confesses he actually carved the ring many weeks before they’d ever confessed their love for one another. So, all the while she attempts to convince herself she needs to let go of her feelings for him, he plans for their future together.

  • What simple gesture does your hero do that melts your heroine every time?

Laila absolutely melts whenever Lars smiles, for the subtle freckles on his cheeks dance and his dimples reflect his softer side, even as he attempts to lead the Faithful out of the persecution implemented by the Rendow Clan.

  • How soon after meeting the hero did the heroine know he was the one?

From the first moment she gazes into his eyes while bound and facing death by hanging at the gallows. Laila actually struggles with her feelings for Lars because, while she believes in love at first sight, she also believes it is inappropriate to desire him in the wake of tragedy.

  • Who is most romantic, your hero or your heroine?

Because he is more confident in the Maker’s purpose for his life, Lars is much more comfortable with romance. In fact, he finds joy in teasing Laila a bit, for while she prefers to fade into the background, he believes she possesses the strength to lead alongside him. Since Laila battles insecurity, as most teenage girls do, she constantly analyzes the various possible meanings Lars’s every word and expression, and tries to avoid close, personal contact.

  • Who said, “I love you” first, your hero or your heroine?

As the author of Lars and Laila’s story, this should be an easy question for me to answer, but it’s a bit complicated. In the Woodlands Region, the Faithful refer to their soul mates as their one true matches. Just when Laila convinces herself that Lars can’t possibly fall in love with a weak woman, such as her, he acknowledges her as his one true match. However, Laila is actually the first to say, “I love you.”

About Angie: When Angie Brashear isn’t working or taking care of her family, she writes. Usually at night after her kids fall asleep. She’s a fan of speculative fiction and an avid runner, both of which perplex her nonfiction-reading, football-loving husband. Saved in her early twenties, Angie is grateful for the Lord’s presence in all aspects of her life. She is originally from Rockland, Maine and currently resides in Cameron, Texas with her husband and three children. Follow her at,, and

About the book – Of the Persecuted: Laila Pennedy awaits death by hanging. For the Rendow Clan rules the Woodlands Region, aiming to slaughter the Faithful. And she deserves to die. But Lars Landre, the man destined to lead the Faithful out of persecution, has other plans hidden behind his rare and mysterious blue eyes. Rescue.
Following the daring escape, Laila seeks the path of a warrior and vows revenge against the Rendow Clan. She embarks on a dangerous journey with Lars, one in which they endeavor to reach the promised safety of a magical village, to train for battle, and to ultimately assure freedom for those with faith in the Maker.
Clashes of weapons and souls. Brutal loss of lives. Unrequited love. How in all the Woodlands will Laila survive?

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