Alison Stone – Real Life Romance – Part 2 of 2

Shannon here: Romantic suspense author, Alison Stone shares the most romantic thing her husband has ever done, plus a chance to win a copy of her e-book, Random Acts. Every time you comment on any post dated April 2 – 6, your name goes in the drawing. Deadline: April 14th, 11:59 pm central time. Here’s Alison:

My husband and I are practical people by nature, perhaps because of our engineering backgrounds. However, I always say he’s the true engineer. I’m happy to now claim writer as my profession. My husband is not inclined to buy flowers in some grand romantic gesture and—believe it or not—we often agree not to get gifts for each other on Christmas and St. Valentine’s Day. Some might think I’m crazy, but it works for us. Since we have four children, there are still plenty of gifts to be purchased. I am satisfied with the blessings in my life and I know if I really needed or wanted something, my husband would gladly buy it for me. And I’d do the same.

The most romantic thing my husband has ever done for me was to support my writing career. From the time our children were little, he’d make sure I had time to write. I had given up my full-time career as an engineer to become a stay-at-home mom. As a result, I had taken on more of the responsibilities at home. When I started writing, my husband would help with dishes, baths and bedtime even after a long day at the office. This afforded me more time to write. His support has always meant so much to me.

I also find it very romantic that he has—on more than one occasion—taken the kids to the store so they could buy me notebooks, pens and sticky-notes for my birthday and Mother’s Day. I love that my whole family cheers me on.

The children are growing up quickly. College is on the horizon for the oldest. When I suggested to my husband that maybe it’s time for me to find an engineering job, he’ll look at me and say, “You have a job. Writing.” He genuinely wants me to succeed. He’s had faith in me when my own faith faltered. In honor of that, I dedicated my first to book to him. 

To my husband, Scott, who never lost faith in me. Love you forever and always.  

            ~ Dedication in Random Acts

While flowers are nice and I’d certainly never turn away chocolates, the most romantic thing my husband has done for me is to support my dreams.

About Alison: Alison Stone graduated with a degree in industrial engineering from Georgia Tech. After working in Corporate America for a number of years, she retired to raise her young family. Soon the writing bug bit. After years of conferences, critique groups and writing, Alison sold two manuscripts that will be released in 2012. She claims it was easier to earn her engineering degree. Random Acts is her debut novel. To learn more about Alison Stone please visit

About the book: Second chances can have a terrible sense of timing.

As a child, watching her mother always pick the wrong man left Danielle Carson wary of opening her heart to anyone—except Patrick Kingsley. But circumstances came between them and left Danielle with a broken heart. Now she buries the pain of what might have been by channeling all her energy into her career. When a family crisis brings her back to her hometown, she is forced to face the past—and the disturbing fact that her sister’s car accident was staged to mask a brutal beating.

A police officer and widower, Patrick guards his heart as fiercely as he guards his beloved daughter. Seeing Danielle again unexpectedly reignites their old flame, but no way will he introduce a woman into his daughter’s life. Certainly not one whose values on faith and family are so different from his own.

Despite their best intentions, they are drawn together—until Danielle learns Patrick had a hand in putting her sister in harm’s way. Her fragile trust is crushed, but Patrick is the only man who can help her stop the villain before everything they both love is destroyed. Faith, family…and their second chance at forever.

Publication Date: April 24, 2012    

Available for Pre-order NOW: Amazon ~, Barnes and Noble:

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8 Responses to “Alison Stone – Real Life Romance – Part 2 of 2”

  • So awesome!!!!!!! That is so so important!! We tend not to buy each other gifts much too…we’d rather go out to dine read movie alone than buy each other physical presents. Or we’ll get something we need for the house or something.

    My husband is supportive, but being supportive stresses him out sometimes. His paycheck only goes so far. 🙁

  • Rrrrr….this new computer has autocorrect…that shoulda been “dinner and a movie”. LOL!

  • Helen says:

    I don’t think any of us could do this without the support of our husbands and/or family. I love that they all get bummed out when I get a rejection, or that they understand what it means to get a revise and resubmit and celebrate with me. I love that no one complains about take out again, or a house that gets cleaned whenever because I need the time to write.That is romantic. As for l romantic gestures I had a friend tell me once that the best flowers she gets are the ones for no reason. love that.
    congrats again on the release!

  • Alison Stone says:

    Dinner and a movie are great gifts! I’m glad your husband is supportive, too. I have high hopes that your career will take off very soon ~ easing the stress on your hubby when you’re bringing in the big bucks. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by Stephanie.

  • Congratulations, Alison, on your new releases.
    I love it when my hubby introduces me as ‘my wife who writes books, but I’m happy about chocolates too. ‘

  • Alison Stone says:

    Hi Helen and Janis!

    Thanks for stopping by! It seems we all scored in the hubby department!


  • Congratulations, Alison!! Sounds like we have more in common than just writing…must be the engineering mind, my husband sounds a lot like yours. 🙂 Truly blessed!

  • Alison Stone says:

    Hi Sandra,

    Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I do feel blessed. Maybe we can meet someday soon since you’re “just across the border.” 🙂 Can’t wait to hear more about your news.


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